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Finish Classic 110 Tabs - Lemon $16.99 + Shipping @ 1-day via The Warehouse


About once a year I find the best deal I can and buy in bulk. It's a great way to avoid hassle. It's that time again, so here's what I found today.


  • Classic dishwasher tablets, with lemon sparkle
  • Pack of 110 tablets
  • Superior cleaning, load after load
  • Get great results even in short or eco-wash cycles
  • Individually wrapped to protect tablets from moisture
  • Recommended by leading dishwasher manufacturers
  • Suitable for septic tanks
  • Contains protease

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  • +5

    Mitre 10 have this for $29.99.

    Using their 15% Price Guarantee you can get it for $14.44

    • You bet me by 7 seconds!

      • Actually, I think it was the other way around - you beat me.
        Same idea anyway.

    • Nice. I did find that one but forgot about price guarantee! Does require a little effort tho while this I could just click order :P

    • Might have to hope that they don't notice that it's an online only offer.

  • +2

    I have a similar approach, but I use a 'strike price' instead being 12.5c per tablet.

    If I see them at that price or less, I stock up to six boxes (taking into account what we already have in the garage).

    For us, that has meant I've never run out, and never paid more than 12.5c per table so far.

    Eventually, I'll have to increase the price of course, but up to now it has worked at that level.

    • Yes, this is the (ideal) way.

    • What is Strike Price? Is that a website?

      • +2

        No - its my personal decision on the price I want to pay for dishwasher tablets.

        I have chosen 12.5c, but you might want to choose a higher or lower amount. If you go higher, you will get more opportunities to purchase at your own 'strike-price', so you won't need to hold as many in stock. If you go lower, you will get less opportunities to purchaser at that price, so you'll probably need to hold more in stock to avoid running out and having to purchase at a much higher price.

        I can't recall the last time I bought at 12.5c - would be sometime in 2022, and maybe I will never get that price again, but we haven't run out yet and will be good for a few months still. If I got down to the last box, and saw, say, 13.5c, I'd probably go for it, but we'll see….

        • What do you use to monitor prices? Do you have alerts set up or something?

          • @Amosbosshogdog: No - I just keep an eye open for deals, including here of course :-)

            It's likely I miss some, but it hasn't mattered up to now.

            You'll probably see loads of 'deals' advertised around the 17c mark but that's way more than I want to pay.

            I seem to recall maybe a year ago or so, getting them for 8.9c per tablet, but never seen that price again. It was probably from a post on this site somewhere, but not sure.

  • +5

    I thought you only did flight deals

    • +11

      I have a life with requirements outside of flights ;)

      • +1

        LOL. This so much reminds me of The Simpsons when Disco Stu did something other than disco.

      • +3

        I have a life with requirements outside of flights ;)


      • LOL

      • -1

        please create a new user to post other types of deals. thanks.

        • I believe that violates the T&Cs ;)

  • Nice one. Thank you. I'm now on the bulk buying dishwasher tablets train :-).

  • +6

    Alternatively, sign up to The Market via the referral system, sign up to MarketClub via the free trial, buy six boxes (from the same store, 1-day) and use the $20 off voucher.

    $81.94 / $13.65 per box.

  • Are these as good as the ones that have the little red bit in the middle? I haven't used these particular ones before.

    • +1

      There's no difference. The Shiny red ball is just for marketing purposes.

    • I have used both, and there is absolutely no difference in outcome - clean dishes both ways.

      The little red ball is to allow them to differentiate consumers, by giving the appearance of one product being somehow better, so that they can capture more of the consumer surplus from people whose parents told them the old fallacy that 'you get what you pay for', and hence think higher price and higher quality are always related.

      It's pretty much literally marketing 101.

      • Good to know, ordered a few boxes. I used to always by bullk if the powerball version. I got a couple boxes of the active tablets when mitre 10 had that good sale, they've been pretty good too.

    • +1

      FWIW unless your dishwasher is designed only for tablets, which is not common, powder will give you a much better performance over tablets.
      You want your detergent to dissolve as fast as possible in the dishwasher and compressing powder into a tablet only slows it down.

      • +1

        Also, many dishwashers come with 2 powder dispensers. A smaller one to release some powder for the initial rinse cycle. Then a larger one for the main cycle.

        The tablet are marketed as being able to release some in the rinse cycle and some in the main cycle but as above you want it all to dissolve straight away when required (in 2 lots) and so a block is going to struggle to do that well.

        Powder is a better and cheaper option. And its not like it takes much more effort than a tablet (the exception being people who might have dexterity/mobility issues and struggle with pouring a large bottle of powder into a small compartment.)

        • Even if you don't have the smaller one you can just toss powder right onto the door, the rinse cycle occurs straight away so it's the same thing.

          • @apieceofpie: Yup! I've got a double dishdrawer which are a bit of a PITA to pour into so I tend to just YOLO it and anything that misses is for the rinse haha.

      • Consumer has a different opinion. "Our testing has consistently found tablets and capsules perform better than powders."


        • I would question their methodology on this because if you look at the ingredients across the same brand, the ingredients will be exactly the same for both tablets and powder, and there's no possible mechanism that would make it have better performance.

          "Over and under dosing is easy" is also not really a downside considering with tablets there's literally no way to vary the dosage with tablets, which means you can't adjust it based on how hard or soft your water is like with powder.

        • Have a look at their testing methodology page: https://www.consumer.org.nz/products/dishwasher-detergents/h…

          They test in a lab environment using pre-stained plates. They don't test anything else like plastic, pots, glass, cultery etc.
          They base results on the clean 'reflectance' post-wash.
          They also fail to mention the type of water used, as many people have very hard or very soft water which makes a huge difference to the dosage you should be using (the same as how you should be using a different doseage of laundry powder based on your water hardness.

      • I've always had better results with tablets but to be fair I have never tried powder in my current machine, might be worth a shot.

  • Only wish these weren't wrapped in throw-away plastic. Seems like such a waste.
    Then again, I drive a 10L/100km car and find it too expensive to change to something more efficient…so go figure.

    • I wonder if they are quite absorbent, so without the plastic wrap, they might crumble and / or go soggy, but not really sure.

  • $20 at Mitre 10

    • My cupboard is still full from the last one!

      • Same here. Bit dumb that they're individually wrapped, otherwise pretty happy with em.

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