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Lindt Lindor Orange Milk Chocolate Pouch 123g $0.99 @ PAK’n SAVE, Kilbirnie (+ Pricematch at The Warehouse)


Perfect for Easter gifts (or for yourself!)

Usually $7+ so really great special :)

Link to The Warehouse for pricematching!

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    Also Paknsave Kapiti has Lindt Caramel Squares Milk Chocolate for $2.49 if you want even more choccy!! (tis the season afterall…)



  • FYI

    I had no luck with price match from the warehouse according to livechat.
    The product is "orange and milk" at PaknSave and warehouse is "orange"

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    Nice - thank you!

    Managed to get $70 worth of lindt orange for $9.90 via pricematch at the warehouse :-)

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    Henare at the warehouse price matched in live chat with no worries

    • This is the way

  • got 5x bags price matched

  • No luck price matching just now at the warehouse. "Product is a different flavor". Very quick no on that, I suspect the word is out.

    • Yeah TWH customer service is not happy with us today lol

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      Find a different agent. I first got someone starting with Y and they said the same thing. Tried arguing but they wouldn't budge. Closed chat and tried again but got the same agent so closed chat straight away. Waited a few minutes and tried again and got someone else who did it for me no problem.

      • yip had no problem with H, but J wasn't having any of it. Guess there are different types of "Orange" flavours….

  • T was great. Then I went back for seconds and J denied me. What is the maximum per order?

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    Just ordered 25 lol! Thank you

  • was able to do pricematch with T but its showing out of stock at check out

  • Out of stock on TWH website :(

  • I got price matched for 5 but before I place the order it was out of stock online. Bugger.

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      shows 43 in stock for me now, was 140+ before

      • Thanks Dunno. I refreshed my cart and all good to go. Bought 5 for $4.95. Thanks.

  • if you get price matched for 1 can you increase the quantity after the price match is applied? Or does it all need to be in the cart when the CSR applies it?

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      I used to not be able to increase quantity afterwards and get the discount applied to the additional quantity, but did so today with this and it worked :)

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        It depends on how the agent applies the pricing.

        In the past I have had them do it different ways - adjusting the unit price lets you change the quantity but if they apply a set dollar discount then it won’t work.

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    Thanks OP

    Love the Lindt orange balls, there was a long time where they weren't available in NZ so I'd always grab some in Aus
    Safe to say I stocked up

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    My 25 are already ready!

    • my order still says "in progress" so hopefully it comes through!

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    Not quite as good a deal, but PAK'nSAVE Taupo is selling Old El Paso salsa for 99c, which can also ve price matched at TWH:


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      and I've been buying Kan Tong sauces from Amazon AU for $2.50AUD/jar because it's $2 cheaper than NZ(if you are ordering $49+ order with free shipping)

      • Good tip! Watties big eat cans (sold as Heinz) are about $1 or so cheaper per can on Amazon too.

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          Amazon Aus is my go to now for Moccona, as can get a 400g jar for ~$25 and often with free shipping. Beats paying $11 for 90g at NZ supermarkets!

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            @wildchild: rermember to use subscribe and save for an extra 10% off then cancel the subscription after placing the order :)

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