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Crack the code to be in to win $5,000 with Lotto



Closing Date 10/04/2023
Draw Date 17/04/2023


Description $5000
No. of Prizes 1
Total Prize Pool $5,000.00

Entry Requirements

Entry Limit One per person
Entry Methods Website
Prerequisites n/a

Will you crack the code?

If you can successfully find the hidden word on the winning Powerball ticket above, you could win $5,000.

Think you have the answer? Enter the word along with your details below and you’ll go in the draw to win!

How to solve:

Convert the circled numbers to their corresponding letter and you will need to unjumble the code word from the letters.

The answer:


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  • +4

    How on earth did you decipher that? That’s pretty clever! And also pretty decent of you to share! 🤩

    • +8

      You could tell the numbers related to letters of the alphabet. If you throw the letters into an unscramble word site then it's the only word that the letters make. Well that's what I did anyway.

      • +1

        Clever. And kind to share.

  • Has anyone had issue completing this? I have tried a few times (upper/lower case) and it keeps saying ooops that's not the code word we're looking for. Strange

    • I had no problems.
      Just tested again, entering with my wife's details and it worked fine.
      Maybe try a different device or incognito mode?

  • Does someone no the code 😂

    • +1

      It's written in the post

  • The code was simple to crack, what's not simple is finding where Lotto has published the winning result. Has anybody cracked that code?

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