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Lenovo True Wireless Earbuds $27.14 @ Noel Leeming (CSC Membership Required)


$27.14 down from $99 with CSCBG Main. Can be purchased instore or online.

Seems like a reasonable price.

How to get CSC Membership

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Noel Leeming
Noel Leeming

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  • Some yarns about it here

    They'll probably ask for proof of membership if you purchase in-store.

    • Hi warak, if order online and pick up in store, would they ask for csc id? Thanks

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        I bought a sandwich maker online with CSC membership and picked it up from store couple of days ago. They did not ask for any proof of membership :)

        • You could also always get someone else to pick up up and enter their details. I have never been asked, although I am a member of one of the associations.

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        That is what I typically do and they’ve yet to ask me for ID.

  • This deals has been mentioned before.

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      I'm glad it got posted, great price and in need of new ear phones. Winning deal 👍

  • Does this have ambient sound? or does it go BOOM BOOM BOOM when you run?

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      Depends. Are you listening to The Outhere Brothers, Vengaboys, or Paul Lekakis?

      • hehehe

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        Vengaboys for me.

  • Cheers, got some.

    Pretty good sound with the DnB and Metalcore I tested with it. These were for my wife, I may just grab myself a pair.

  • Thanks, Also just ordered a pair..

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    Got 2 of these as I have a habit of losing mine all the time… listened to a set and they sound horrible, standard $10 headphones with less base :(

  • do these fall out instantly

    • They are not as secure as my Samsung earbuds but they do stay in my ears ok. You just need to twist them and find a good angle. I wouldn’t recommend using them for exercise as they may fall out. The design is a bit strange as mentioned in some YouTube reviews. The sound quality is ok and they are lack of bass. Certainly not worth the RRP but for $27, I won’t compliant. I could totally be wrong but I have feeling they are the 233621 Droplet Bluetooth Earbuds you can buy from Aliexpress or Amazon. Since Lenovo does not really design or make earbuds so they may have just ordered from the same factory and print their label on it. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005003212086368.html

  • I got these and think they are fine. But they dont' have any volume control, and the play/ pause, double tap doesn't work very well. . ALso I think the battery life isn't great, I had the buds and the holder all fully charged, used them for about 3 hours and the battery died. So I put them back in the charging holder and it showed that the charging holder only had half a charge remaining, when it should have been full. So it couldn't fully recharge them.

    They really need and app for them, to add functionality, like Samsung do for the Galaxy buds. The Galaxy buds are better, and have wireless charging holder, but a lot more.

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