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Chromecast with Google TV 4K (Snow) $55 + Shipping / $0 CC (Select Stores) @ EB Games (+ Pricematch at NL / The Warehouse)


$55 Google Chromecast with Google TV (4K) - Snow @ EB Games (+ Shipping from $5 or $0 Click and Collect)

Half price Chromecast 4K.
Cheapest ever?

Part of the Managers Specials

Noel Leeming
The Warehouse

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EB Games
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      Can confirm no issues with price matching at The Warehouse

    • Another positive price match with the warehouse here.

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    Got to be the cheapest. Good deal

  • Great find, exactly what I was looking for after my dog ate the remote of my current one 😂

  • if you want one do order quickly i called a few out east auckland to hold one and they have been soo busy with click and collect orders, people buying in bulk.

    • yeah got the last unit at my local store at 9:10am

      • same here, i ordered it online and it was ready for pickup 5 mins later.

  • Ordered for delivery, Thinking highly likely will be cancelled if all the stock is cleared out with C&C?

    • They may ship one from another store to you.

  • Been waiting a great deal on the 4K ones. Awesome find.

  • Great deal. The warehouse not being much help unfortunately:

    Hey there - unfortunately we are unable to match this sorry - The items are sightly different our one comes with extra parts and our system wont allow the match unless they are exactly the same product

    • Got matched at Noel Leeming no trouble

    • Got that from Henare, But Raewyn was a champ and matched with no issues

      • I actually got the price match from Henare - he seemed all good. I think it's because the pictures look different from the EB games one, there isn't any extra parts - it's exactly the same.

    • Warehouse matched me just fine

    • Try another online agent

  • Great Deal, my click and collect was ready within 5 mins of me purchasing from Riccarton EB

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    I already have an Apple TV. Any reason to get this?

    • Take on the road with you.

      • Good point

    • Which model of apple TV? The oldest apple tv don't support extra app downloads and only the very newest apple tv are 4K HDR capable. I also like that you can sideload apps on android tv which lets me get free movie and tv streaming apps

  • None in stock here but got one online. Thank you!!

  • Confirm NL price match :-) this is a GREAT deal.

    • And you get a whole Flybuys point to go with it!

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    I've already got Fire 4K Max, any reason to buy another one of these?

    • Brief yarns about the two here (Geekzone)

    • i also have one and i ordered this,

      will let you know when i play around with it!

      fwiw im satisfied with f4k max. used kodi and bunch of australian app/bbc with surfshark vpn on it

      only problem is kodi sometimes lag, vpn sometimes stop working (location error on other app) so have to exit app, disconnect and reconnect vpn

    • Despite the 4k max claiming it has auto frame rate matching it doesnt seem to work. So some movies (glass onion and others) will have jumpy playback. Some notice the occasional missed frame and others never do. It sticks out like a sore thumb to me. The Chromecast has a much easier way to adjust the resolution and hertz via the settings so you can easily rectify it if thats an issue for you

  • Tried price matching on Noel Leeming live chat, they told me they are having technical difficulties and cant do it but to try instore, so I've just been instore and they were very skeptical about matching it for me but after about 10 minutes they agreed, then when I told them I want 5 I had to wait again for a txt from someone just to give them the ok, happy I got them but I'm annoyed by all the bs to do so, I felt as if live chat isn't doing it because they think EB games has made a mistake themselves (this is also what they said instore) , it almost feels like they are waiting for them to correct it before they give people price matches.

    • Could tell them that one of their stores was selling it for $60 not that long ago,, so doubt it's a price error.

    • why do you want 5?

      • Gifts for my nephews, plus now I can have one in every room

  • Got two from Noel Leeming over chat no problem

  • Tried to price match with Noel Leeming. I got "Yes we can - please hold for 10 minutes while I create the code." from "Sweet-Ravenna L". Is 10 minutes normal?

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      Yes I was told 20 minutes and took about 15

      Interesting thing the code works with multiple purchases, so I brought two.

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        Thanks, mine took about 5 minutes. Wow awesome!

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      The CSR's on live chat are talking to 3-5ppl at a time and then sometimes need manager approvals so yeah can take 5-10mins

  • Thanks OP! Got one from Noel Leeming via pricematch/chat.

  • I tried to get a price match with Noel Leeming via pricematch/chat adn tehy came back with :-
    "Unfortunately EB Games have just sold most of their units so we are unable to price match from now on as stock is selective & limited to certain stores."

    • Got the same thing along with:

      "Unfortunately due to our policy - retailer will need to have on going stock to price match. EB Games now have limited stock to certain stores."

      Even when all my local EBs still have stock. "Using" / misinterpreting their " excludes limited quantities, localised events".

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        So ridiculous. They require a competitor to have stock in every store in the before them price match? What a joke. I was rejected the other day because pbtech said limited stock in their promotion. Of course it's limited stock, no retailer has unlimited stock of anything. Then they rejected a match to different store because Noel Leeming were offering a free product with purchase. So was all their competitors! Such a bad look for a retailer to say they're price competitive and then proceed to weasel out of it.

    • +1

      Interesting reasoning when considering the fact that you can just get it delivered.

    • Honestly I’m surprised they even price matched with this item being a ‘manager’s special’.
      I‘ve had Noel Leeming decline me a price match once because PB Tech used the word ‘limited time/stock’ on one of their many sales…

  • What is this good for or how can I use it? We have a smart lg tv (2016 model) which has apps on it.

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      I have a 2016 lg tv and a Google TV (HD) version. It makes streaming waaaaay faster compared to the LG app.
      Think Youtube, Disney+, Netflix etc. With the tv app, I'm seeing lag in seconds before it can do anything. With the app in Google TV, the lag disappeared.

      My justification is that this $50 device saves me from frustration and $$ buying new TV lol

    • +1

      Well worth it. Especially for old TV's this is the best you can have. Not just the fast loading. But also new technology means better support for existing apps.

  • I also got declinded from Noel Leeming online chat , so likely they have been told to not match it. Jumped over to the Warehouse chat and no issues , got it matched straight away. Great Deal


  • Successful price match with Warehouse online chat this morn, with Eileen.

  • Got declined this morning by Noel Leeming, but no issues with The Warehouse :)

  • To price match do I need to show a local store with stock?

    • Never mind, it shows out of stock now.

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        Looks like it’s back in stock from Hamilton and online.
        Could try your luck price matching now

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          Thanks, Raewyn pricematched :)

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    got a pricematch at warehouse just now with Raewyn

  • I’m so angry. I bought one reasonably fast after seeing this post. Click and collect from a store. Went to pick it up this morning and they packed up the HD version for me! And now it’s all gone. No more stock! So annoyed! But they not doing anything about it.

    • They should refund the difference… paying for one version but getting a much inferior one is just not on

      • I gave the HD one back and told them please order the other one in for me. But just got a phone call saying no they won't be able to order one in for me. It will be a refund. At least I get a refund, but now EB Games is out of stock :(

  • @Alias - the exact same thing happened to me at the Hamilton Central branch - so annoyed. Like you, told me the couldn't be placed on back order either.

    • +1

      So annoying right! Like we could have bought online and it would have been fine! It’s surprising it happened to you too! They obviously don’t scan it when they pack up the click and collect. Dangerous. I wonder how many people in our boat and might not have realised the difference.

      • It’s showing as available online at EB games right now if you want to try price match one at The Warehouse. Otherwise you could try purchasing it online

        • The warehouse is out of stock and Noel leeming is saying they cant price match because ebgames dont have "on going stock"
          They told me to buy it from EBgames!

        • +1


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