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Free Leg of Lamb Valued at $50 When Spending $150 (Excludes Gift Cards) + $0 Shipping / $10 CC @ Pure South


Saw on Facebook. Free leg of lamb with $150 purchase, valued at $50 (excludes giftcards).

Free shipping with spends over $99, $10 click and collect from courier.

Gift cards are now excluded. While they do prompt to add a free leg of lamb, I doubt they will be honored from now on.
Only says for a limited time so I have put 1 week.

Gift cards are delayed while they fix the site.

WELCOME10 might stack for an extra $10 off

This also applies to gift cards.
Buy $150 gift card, get $50 leg of lamb. Free shipping.
Spend $150 gift card, get another $50 leg of lamb. Free shipping.
End up with 2 legs of lamb and $150 of meat.
Not the cheapest meat available but I think it's worth getting considering 2x Free lamb legs.
Gift card emailed immediately.

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  • How's the quality of this meat compared to the supermarket? :)

    Also tomohawk steak is currently sold out 😭

    • The pure south lamb legs were available from super market last year at christmas.
      Quality was good.
      I've never seen or had the other cuts

  • So you buy the gift card then get a free leg of lamb for doing so , then spend the gift card and get another free leg of lamb ?
    i didn't see any mention of the gift card being elligible for the free leg of lamb (when $150 card purchased), on their site ?

    • Adds to the cart for free if you add a gift card though

    • As neil mentioned. Just add $150 gift card and the leg of lamb is added and zeroed after about 3 seconds of waiting.
      Then buy the gift card as normal.
      Then make another transaction using all of the gift card.

      The only Terms and Conditions I could see were spend $150 and get a free $50 leg of lamb (frozen)

  • Thanks for the tip. How long did the gift card take to get in your email?

    • +1

      About 1 minute. This was last night.

    • +1

      Yeah instant for me last night. I presume it is an automated process.

      • Thanks - been waiting an hour now and nothing - hopefully soon - cheers

        • Interesting - site updated now to read "excludes the purchase of gift cards"

  • +1

    "Spend $150 and Receive a FREE Pure South Lamb Bone-In Leg (Excludes the Purchase of Gift Cards) | Free Shipping on Orders Over $99" Now they have fixed the gift card loophole.

    • +1

      They've added the text but I don't know if they've worked out how to implement it as it still gives you a free leg in your cart when you just have a gift card.

      • They seem to have put the kaibosh on emailing the gift cards straight away though as have been waiting an hour and it should be automatic

    • Yeah still applies in cart.
      I will remove the gift card bit and leave it as normal.

      Fortunately i screenshotted the before state if they try and argue it.

      • Could you share the screenshot? I also ordered yesterday and used the gift card, but not sure if they will fulfill both orders.

        • Yes, but you will have to enable PM's for me to send you the link.

  • Received my gift card, order showing as partially fulfilled.

    • +1

      My order just shipped (departed) referencing the gift card free lamb order number.

    • +1

      And my $150 spend order has been shipped.
      Looks like their mistake has been honoured

      • +1

        Both of mine have just been delivered.

        Thanks Foodie!

        • +1

          Got my leg of lamb from the giftcard, and from my order spending the giftcard and welcome code. How good! Great packaging and the steaks look really good. Promo will probably work in their favour as I'll be a returning customer

          • @bargainfruits: Yeah, packaging was super good for my solo leg of lamb. My leg was 2.6kg.

            • +1

              @Foodie: Agree packaging was awesome. Two free legs of lamb in the freezer and some very spendy beef in the fridge lol - i'd have never tried the overpriced tomahawk steaks if it weren't for this deal. Thanks again OP.

              • +1

                @Savey: Mine just arrived, those tomahawk steaks look bloody good though! I've never had them before and I was drooling when I was unpacking them :D
                Also looking forward to the hand picked brisket on the smoker.

                4.5kg of lamb legs (~$14 per/kg at supermarket) ~$63
                2kg tomahawk steaks (~$30-$35 per/kg) ~ $65
                2kg brisket (~$21 per/kg at supermarket for a shit one) ~$42
                1kg lamb loin chops (~$30 per/kg at supermarket) ~$30

                About $200 of meat for $150 and I expect a lot higher quality looking at brisket and steaks.
                Savings could be greater if you didn't get those tomahawks steaks, but I'm so glad I got them.

      • should've taken the gamble and got it lol. I've still got it sitting in my cart, wonder if it would go through

        • +2

          After seeing the reviews i went for it. Looks like i've got 2 legs of lamb and a 55day aged sirlion on its way

          • @dave8501: looks like my attempt failed. Just got an email offering me a refund as i shouldn't have been able to purchase a giftcard

  • oh well it's probably academic anyway now as I didn't have enough room in the freezer (boo hoo !)

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