CSCBG Noel Leeming - Query about When They Don't Have Stock Online

Hey team

I have the CSCBG discount setup on my online account, which is great. Can't even remember how I set it up, but thanks to whoever shared the info back in the day.

Anyway I was after these headphones for my daughter's birthday:…

The saving with the discount was $46.04 off the normal price.

They don't have stock in most of the country. Including the Waikato where I am.

I checked with online chat to see if they were going to get more stock, or if it was an end of line type of thing. They couldn't work out if there was an ETA. Told me to ring their 0800 number who could check with the supplier.

They said I could go to my local store, and ask them to transfer one from Levin. Otherwise it could take up to 2 weeks for stock from the supplier, maybe.

The question is, if I went into the store to do this, do I need to produce a card or something for the CSCBG discount? Or could I just mention it.

Any advice around this would be great. Thanks.

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Noel Leeming
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  • The last few times I have ordered online and then picked up or returned something they have asked for proof. When I picked up one order they didn't have that colour, I was happy with another colour but they needed proof of CSC to change the order. The National party membership number has worked fine for me in those cases

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      You could check if any of your other memberships are entitled to CSC discount, in the account settings page.
      I have Kiwifuel cards which is listed, and I know NZMCA membership has a good discount, you might already have a valid membership.

  • Oh OK, I've never been asked for proof before when I do an online pick up. But thought they would if I went in.

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    I can probably send you a screenshot of the CSC in store barcode that I have (i am a member of csc)

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      You usually show the barcode to them they try to scan it (usually doesnt scan) so just read out the numbers then it applys the csc discount.
      I always have the page up on my phone to ensure its the same price as online.

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    Thanks everyone. Realised I had access to a different code through my work. So went in, they organised to send it from Levin to my house, and I did have to show my proof in store.

    Oh and I used online chat to confirm what the price would be with this other deal. Didn't want to go in and find out it wasn't worth it.

  • fyi the cscbg code is actually put in at the very end after payment, phone number etc on their system unless it's sent over from a phone -> Till

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