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60+ $0 Udemy Courses: Website Design, Python, Java, Public Relations, Communication, Plumbing, WordPress, Cloud, SEO, Cisco


$0 Udemy Courses: Website Design, Python, Java, Public Relations, Communication Skills, Plumbing, WordPress, Cloud, SEO, Cisco Networking & More

1000 redemption per code.

  1. [2h 35m] Responsive Website Design With Bootstrap 4 For Beginners
  2. [2h 2m] Image Processing Masterclass in Python For Beginners
  3. [8h 2m] Complete Java Programming Fundamentals With Sample Projects
  4. [7h 1m] Complete Python Programming Fundamentals And Sample Projects
  5. [53m] Public Relations: Speak Effectively at Press Conferences
  6. [52m] Public Speaking Contests: You Can Win
  7. [54m] Communication Skills: Be a Star Presenter on a Panels
  8. [57m] Presentation Skills -Deliver an Excellent Ceremonial Speech
  9. [1h 28m] Public Speaking: You Can Speak to Large Audiences
  10. [1h 2m] Sales Skills Training: Free Sales Generation Seminars
  11. [6h 46m] The Complete Facebook Traffic Ads (Facebook CPC) Course 2023
  12. [10h 21m] Local SEO 2023 Made Simple & Fun + Google Maps & TripAdvisor
  13. [12h 5m] Best of Google SEO 2023: SEO & Copywriting Made Simple & Fun
  14. [6h 29m] The Complete Marketing Strategy with Hands-on Exercises
  15. [3h 25m] Cloud Computing
  16. [9h 58m] Personal Branding: You Deliver a Great Elevator Pitch
  17. [10h 6m] Journalism Careers: You Can Be a TV Talking Head/Pundit
  18. [1h 1m] Public Speaking for High School Students: Speak Well Now
  19. [4h 33m] Startup Marketing 0 to 1 Million Startup Entrepeneur Revenue
  20. [2h 7m] Plumbing Storm Water Mastery: Effective Design & Maintenance
  21. [1h 36m] The Zen Methodology Secrets To Habit Formation
  22. [3h 7m] Shopify Management For Freelancing
  23. [1h 23m] Car Flipping : The Art of Car Business in 90 Minute ! |2023+
  24. [44m] Reverse Engineering .NET For Beginners (Visual Basic)
  25. [45m] QR Code Generator Using JavaScript
  26. [45h 18m] Project Development Using JAVA for Beginners - 2023
  27. [1h 47m] Angelic Ho'oponopono Practitioner
  28. [3h 24m] Learn Web Design using WordPress & Start Freelancing
  29. [2h 13m] Streamlit Bootcamp
  30. [1h 29m] Create a Low Poly Game using Unity, Blender and MagicaVoxel
  31. [1h 22m] Complete Python Challenges: Python MCQ& Python Recap in 2023
  32. [4h 48m] Build an Amazon Affiliate E-Commerce Store from Scratch
  33. [1h 15m] Learn jQuery - For Beginners
  34. [1h 31m] Install NGINX, PHP, MySQL, SSL & WordPress on Ubuntu
  35. [3h 10m] Learn How to Earn Cryptocurrency Worldwide in 2023
  36. [3h 18m] Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) Beginners Certification
  37. [3h 9m] CSS & JavaScript - Certification Course for Beginners
  38. [3h 36m] NGINX, Apache, SSL Encryption - Certification Course
  39. [58m] How to Install a Free SSL Certificate using Let's Encrypt
  40. [3h 52m] Internet and Web Development Fundamentals
  41. [2h 23m] Learn XML-AJAX - For Beginners
  42. [12h 6m] Practical Cisco Networking Labs in Cisco Packet Tracer
  43. [1h 55m] Myyshop-China sourcing course for your social sales
  44. [1h 38m] Public Speaking Skills: Deliver Great Technology Talks
  45. [54m] Public Speaking Disasters: Recover from Your Speech Blunders
  46. [56m] Investing Presentations-Deliver an IPO Roadshow Presentation
  47. [46h 12m] Best of SEO: #1 SEO Training & Content Marketing Course 2023
  48. [16h 40m] Facebook Ads Copywriting & Facebook Ads for Real Estate 2023
  49. [5h 10m] Facebook & Instagram Dynamic Ads: Dynamic Retargeting Course
  50. [31h 47m] Sales Skills and Soft Skills For Marketing & Negotiation

Amazon - Python with Examples (Free with Kindle Unlimited or $2.99)
Amazon - Web Design with HTML5 and CSS (Free with Kindle Unlimited or $1.99)
Youtube - [30m] How to Build a Pure CSS & HTML Hero
Youtube - [40m] Ultimate Guide to Copywriting

Popular Discounted Courses from US$9.99

  1. [82h 38m] Complete Codecamp On C, C++, C#, Java & Python Programming! $9.99
  2. [10h 58m] Computer Vision In Python! Face Detection & Image Processing $9.99
  3. [15h 51m] Website Design With HTML, CSS And JavaScript For Beginners $9.99
  4. [15h 38m] Practical C Programming Practices (130+ Common Projects) $9.99
  5. [88h 58m] Best of Digital Marketing: #1 Digital Marketing Course 2023 $9.99
  6. [79h 46m] Complete Digital Marketing Course for Local Businesses 2023 $9.99
  7. [18h 40m] Big Data Complete Course $9.99
  8. [10h 34m] Business Analytics Complete Course $9.99
  9. [4h 1m] Clubhouse App - Master Clubhouse for Marketing & Connecting $9.99
  10. [15h 6m] Confidence Mastery Course: Unleash Your Hidden Potential $9.99
  11. [4h 48m] Complete Sourdough Bread Baking - Levels 1, 2, 3 and 4! $9.99
  12. [3h 22m] Complete Positive Thinking Course - Happiness Psychology $9.99
  13. [92h 12m] Ultimate SEO, Social Media, & Digital Marketing Course 2023 $9.99
  14. [31h 52m] Best of Facebook Ads: Facebook Ads 2023 Ultimate Pro Edition $9.99
  15. [88h 14m] Digital Marketing Course 2023: Be a Digital Marketing Nomad $9.99
  16. [3h 22m] Complete Positive Thinking Course - Happiness Psychology $9.99
  17. [3h 1m] The Complete Motivation Course: Motivation for Your Success $9.99
  18. [2h 59m] Complete Hypnosis Weight Loss Course - Dieting Psychology $9.99
  19. [27h 18m] The Complete English Language Course Improve Spoken English $9.99
  20. [2h 45m] Complete Goal Setting Course - Become Your Own Life Coach $9.99

Free Courses in Other Languages

1. [3h 35m] Crea paginas de ventas para vender productos digi en Hotmart
1. [2h 42m] Cómo Crear una Landing Page con WordPress Desde Cero 2023
1. [7h 7m] Aprende MATLAB y Simulink de CERO a EXPERTO
1. [18h 34m] Curso completo de Javascript. Desde 0 hasta Proyectos reales
1. [7h 54m] ArchiCad. Modelado BIM impartido por Arquitecto
1. [14h 48m] Lumion Pro. Software de Visualización Arquitectónica.
1. [44m] Curso Básico de Canva 2023: Crea Diseños Gráficos Desde Cero
1. [44m] WP Rocket 2023: Mejora la Velocidad de Carga en WordPress
1. [1h 11m] Cómo Crear una Página Web con Hostinger Desde Cero
1. [8h 10m] Entrenamiento de Base de Datos Microsoft SQL Server
1. [4h 45m] Visual Studio 2022 C# - Nivel Básico


  1. [9h 23m] Blender 3.0 - product preview
  2. [19h 33m] 3D retail stamps with Blender


  1. [8h 5m] Amazon FBA learning With Dragons Ecommerce


  1. [9h 51m] The Android-Kotlin Development Guide
  2. [12h 19m] The Complete Dart Learning Guide

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  • Some which are No longer Free: 3,4,15,19,21,32,33,36,37

    • Yes, they go fast being free! I missed out on many by time I got here!

      • yeah saw on the ozbargain one that only 1000 available of each

        • Also, those 1000 redemptions are worldwide.
          These courses are listed on many overseas bargain sites so you need to be in quick.

    • Some are still 85% off though… which is something. I have no idea if these are regularly on sale.
      Another option for anyone who misses out is Khan academy which I believe is 100% free anyway

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