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Crucial BX500 1TB 2.5" Internal SSD $89 Delivered @ PB Tech


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    Similar price Amazon AU whenever you want

  • Is the lesser read/write speed of this compared to the MX500 noticeable if I just do day to day office/gaming stuff?

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      got curious what the difference is and the main points are
      bx500 has 3 year limited warranty whereas the mx500 has 5 year limited warranty

      The main difference is that mx500 is TLC and bx500 is QLC.

      So the lifetime of bx500 is lower than mx500, but bx500 is cheaper because it can store more. This is because QLC can store 4 bits per cell and TLC only 3 bits per cell.

      Because QLC can store more bits per cell, more cells are rewritten per write operation, since an SSD can only ever read/write to a whole cell and not each bit individually.

      That's why the bx500 dies first.

      The bx500 is also slower because you have to overwrite 4 bits compared to the TLC.

      Now you could think that it should be faster when reading because it reads 4 bits instead of only 3 bits. I can say, yes. But since the controller of the MX500 is superior, the bx500 is also slower in this case.

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          The 2022 revisions of the bx500 use QLC. That being said the biggest difference between the bx500 and mx500 is that the mx500 has DRAM.

      • MX500 also has a dram cache which increases performance and longevity significantly.

      • I bought the MX version to compare vs DRAMLESS 500gb SSD.

        DRAMLESS transferring 5gb 8 file TV show onto 980 pro = 250mb/s
        Cloned drive onto MX
        DRAM transferring exactly same 5gb 8 file TV show onto 980 pro = 450mb/s

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    I have several of these drives and performance wise they are closer to HDD than SSD. MX500 are much faster.
    Only use for infrequently used files.

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    A good second drive?

    • for media yea but anything else you should get the mx range as said above.

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        I want to use it as an achieve for photos

        • depending on the size of photos you want to look into a mechanical drive for archiving. Many stores will soon have a end of year sale so they will come around.

          • @coffeee: HDD is a no no for me. I am just not a big fan of the noise. The size will be ~60mb per photo. And I would say 200 new photos per week will go into the archive. So I would prefer the cheap per-TB price for an SSD.

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