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Free Ice Cream @ Ben & Jerry's (In-store)


Free cone day is being celebrated around the world & we’ll be giving away free ice cream. Every time you enjoy a scoop of Ben & Jerry's, you're showing us how much you care. We love you too, & Free Cone Day is our favourite way to show it!

Do yourself a favour and add Free Cone Day to your calendar so you won’t forget! It’s hard enough to remember what you’re doing tomorrow. Now you can focus on which flavour to choose.

Free Cone Day is being celebrated in Scoop Shops around the world, & we'll be giving away free ice cream at a host of locations. Don’t forget to tell your friends!

Ben & Jerry’s wouldn’t be the same without our awesome fans, and Free Cone Day is our way to say thanks! Monday April 3rd is the day to get your free scoops.

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    OP - Why do you never put the start / finish dates in your posts?

    • oops…always forget..updated now

  • +1

    Click the 🔔 Reminder button located between the description and the comments section to set yourself a reminder.

  • +2

    Still going through the almost $800 of ice cream tubs I won from a post on cheapies.

    • +1

      Sounds like a hindrance to your life. Let me know if I can help <3

    • One pint is under 500ml so it's not too bad, they'll go fast (won the years supply a few years ago).

    • $800????

  • +1

    This is not what I was expecting when I read free cone day.

    • 17 days early

    • That's on the 20th of April, or as the Americans would say 4/20.

  • how busy are they?

    • Wellington Cuba St doesn't open until midday

      • sorry just assumed they would open ealier time. I see most Auckland store open from midday too.

  • how busy are the stores in auckland rn

  • Riverside in ChCh currently about 20+ people lined up

  • Can repeatedly line up and get as many as you want

    • cheers

    • Have u tried lining up again?

      • Yeah. I lined up 2 more times. So I ate 3 in total. Not many people lining up tbh.

  • Went in to Auckland Ponsonby branch. no line at 3pm. staff very friendly! these guys are great.

  • Line of about 20 on Cuba Street at 7pm. Moving quickly though.

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