This was posted 11 months 22 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Ticket to Ride Europe Board Game $45 Delivered @ Zeaway via GrabOne


Cheapest price ever I believe.

Free delivery nationwide. Banana Hammock.

Buyer beware: The authenticity of this board game is undetermined. It's recommended to purchase this item from brick & mortar stores for ease of returns or exchanges if your product is faulty (e.g Kmart)

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  • Last time a deal like this was posted, there was a yarn about them possibly being fake

    Was $45 then too. Cheapest ever on Cheapies is $37.17

    • Whitcoulls will do anything to get sales!
      But good advice, even though nobody said they had bought this product before and was found to be fake, take caution.
      Dont think the $37.17 price was delivered? And you had to pricebeat but i get your point on cheapest price.

      • I was the one that got it for that price. It was delivered because back in the days, there were plenty of free delivery code with warehouse. This one was a genuine one I'm sure but again, that was thewarehouse version.

    • I think $45 is not a rediculous price that should kick off a big concern about them being fake. They were on Amazon for that price from mid May to early August last year. Bought heaps of games on Amazon especially now that prices are often so great with a low threshold for free shipping from the au site, never had reason to believe any were fake. And there's plenty of patanoia from people wanting to know if games are fake due to minor issues where the conclusion is that no they're not. Or, where the fact that Amazon was willing to replace it is seen as some sort of evidence - they're just good at adressing customer concerns like that. It does happen of course but I think it's really overblown, and certainly don't think someone should just confidently just state that these will be fake.

  • Are these possibly counterfeit

    • +1

      Possibly. I purchased from the deal linked to by Warak and the game quality is such that I wouldn't have thought it was fake…except the manual has printing errors that make me think it is.

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