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Zinger Burger $6.99 @ KFC App (Wednesdays Only)


Normally $9.99. App only. Accessible on Wednesday. Might be able to choose pickup for another day.

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  • Wow didn't know these were normally $10 will look forward to winning freebies when the cricket restarts.

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    SKU is PLU380

    Also the rest which all expire 24/04

    Snack Attack - PLU377 - $10.99
    Get your snack on with the Snack Attack with 2 Snack Burgers, reg Chips and a reg Drink.

    Wicked Winger - PLU376 - $8.49
    2 Wicked Wings, mini Popcorn Chicken, and reg Chips, the Wicked Winger is sure to satisfy those pesky lunchtime cravings. This coupon is available daily until 4pm

    Hot Wings - PLU374 - $26.99
    6 spicy Wicked Wings, 4 pieces of succulent Secret Recipe Chicken, lge Chips and a 1.5L Drink

    Zinger Classic - PLU373 - $15.99
    Zinger Burger, a Snack Burger, reg Chips and a reg Drink

    Allstar Snack - PLU359 - $5.99
    1 piece of succulent Secret Recipe Chicken, 1 spicy Wicked Wing and reg Chips

    The Sliders Box - PLU330 - $15.99
    2 Sliders, 1 piece of succulent Secret Recipe Chicken, reg Potato & Gravy, reg Chips and a reg Drink.

    The Ultimate Date - PLU304 - $25.99
    Zinger Burger, a Colonel Burger, 2 reg Chips, 2 reg Potato & Gravy, 2 Bread Rolls and 2 reg Drinks.

    Poppin Chicken - PLU303 - $11.49
    2 pieces of Secret Recipe Chicken, mini Popcorn Chicken, reg Potato and Gravy and reg Chips

    The Second Five - PLU375 - $46.99
    12 pieces of Secret Recipe Chicken, mini Popcorn Chicken, a lge Potato & Gravy, 2 lge Chips and a 1.5L Drink.

  • These deals seem to have progressively become less attractive.

    • Sums up most fast food deals these days IMO. The odd BK BOGO excluded.

    • Inflation? Yes this price used to be for the combo on special.

      • Use the survey code to make it a combo 👍

        • yes i had thought of that!, but cant do unfortunately as this is app only and survey code doesnt work in app.

          • @nachos: Can quote the code PLU380 over the counter and hand over receipt with survey code. Will try that today or next week.

            • @The Hound: Ok let us know if that works

              • @nachos: I used the code (PLU380) in the Drive through no issue on Wednesday - didn't do the survey thing though.
                On the plus side they gave me the wrong burger and I got a Zinger Stacker instead so I was a happy chappy.

              • @nachos: Works fine (show code via app + receipt)

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    I could understand $10 if they werent so dismally pathetic. But its pretty much a chicken nugget in a bun these days.

  • Jesus, the chicken on the burger I got today was so thin, it was like a Mcds big mac single patty, $6.99 actually turned into a rip off, not a deal. Lesson learned, kfc been getting worse and worse over time.

    • inflation, expect things to get smaller.

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