Dashcam Recommendations ?

Wanting a front and rear camera. Preferably something that had the best chance of actually capturing licence plate numbers. The market in NZ seems pretty limited, is there one that someone can personally recommend?
No set budget but don’t want to spend more than $1K


  • https://comma.ai/shop/comma-three - A very fancy dashcam with assisted driving for your "modern" car (anything 2016 and up really). Currently use it on my 2017 Subaru Impreza. Doesn't have a rear unit per say, but does have a driver monitoring cam that can be used to look backwards.

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    Viofo a129 pro duo, with the viofo CPL Filter Lens Circular Polarizing Filters Lens Cover.
    Sometimes it's on sale from amazon au for under $300. Otherwise you can get it locally.

    • +1 for Viofo
      You can buy it directly from their website for a reasonable price shipping is about 2 weeks

    • Thanks for the rec, purchased the a129 pro duo from amazon au - installed the other day and wow. its awesome quality and excellent value for money.

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    70mai pro plus + rear cam, got mine from themarket with coupons
    or if you're feeling fancy, the 70mai a800s (4K version)
    I've had experience with both, and honestly I prefer the 70mai pro plus overall

    • I got this one recently and it's been so far so good.
      But for the life of me I can't figure out where it shows my current sd card storage status i.e how much gbs I've used up…. Any chance you know?

      One downside of the pro plus is it cant swivel the lense left and right. Only up and down, but you usually mount it in the centre so its all good.

      • It may be in the app but Im not too sure cause i havent really looked around the app that much

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      70mai pro plus + rear cam definitely the best combo dash cam for under $200.

    • I've been considering both of these. What is it about the a800s makes you prefer the pro plus?

      • Same question, I have a old discontinued 70mai camera and was looking at the 4k. but now curious if I should look at the pro plus with rear

    • Yeah that looks good..where is the cheapest place to buy it?

  • Another vote for viofo here.

  • I purchased the Yi Dashcam after reading feedback from TechMoan few years back and still going good.


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    Does anyone else here watch Dash Cam Owners Australia?

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      yep haha a true classic!

    • Always afraid of seeing myself on there….

    • never missed an episode :D

  • https://www.thewarehouse.co.nz/p/navman-mivue-100/R2815686.h…

    Thoughts on this? Only want something super basic

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      No idea what it's like, but it's also $99 on The Market.
      Means you can get it delivered free with MarketClub+ membership.

      Edit: Just found a video on YouTube to show what the video is like (put it on mute)
      The quality is pretty basic - you wouldn't want to rely on it for numberplate recognition or anything requiring a lot of detail.

      • Yeah definitely a $99 camera

    • Rather get something decent like 70mai from Aliexpress.

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