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648 Days of Xbox Family Game Pass $212 (Up to 5 Users, $42.4 per user) @ Various Sellers (Turgame/ByNoGame, VPN Required)


Xbox Game Pass now allows for family plans of up to 5 accounts within the same country - limited to certain countries.
New Zealand is one of these countries after 6 months in Europe!

Instructions for converting current Game Pass Ultimate subscription to family pass - $40:
Upgrading to Family Pass Game Pass Ultimate subscription seems to have gone though as a 18 days Family Pass per 30 days Game Pass Ultimate thanks @Bill Let me know if you have a different experience!

This can be done from the Xbox website

I used the above so the following will have some improvising:

Pricing Options
Xbox Game Pass Ultimate:
3 mon: 15.89 euro
6 mon: 39.57 euro
12 mon: 64.60 euro

Xbox Live Gold:
3 mon: 8.52 euro
6 mon: 13.84 euro
12 mon: 26.72 euro - Turkish location subscription
This makes Turgames 12 month Xbox Live Gold the best base to use
Other recommendations for where to buy: ByNoGame

New User Instructions:
Step 1: Buy the Xbox Live Gold key codes 3 x 12 mon: 26.72 euro each - $50.69nzd per year ($152.07nzd total)
Step 2: Log in to your chosen VPN (can be on a pc) and set your location to Turkey
(I used Private Internet Access way back - Cash rewards available, not the best it gets)
Step 3: Redeem the codes on your account at
Step 4: Upgrade to Xbox Gamepass Ultimate - This should be at a 1:1 Conversion for $20
Step 5: Upgrade to Xbox Gamepass Friends and Family - This should be at a 18:30 conversion for $40
Math for why the double upgrade is best at the bottom of the post

To add Family:
Step 1:…
Step 2: Manage sharing - in the top right of the screen - enter members' emails
Step 3: Other user accepts invite

Everettpsycho's post from 2019

My Questions:
Does Xbox Live Gold -> Familypass decrease subscription length?
Is it worth going directly Xbox Live Gold -> Family Pass?
Or paying $20 extra to go Xbox Live Gold -> Game Pass Ultimate -> Family Pass?
Answer: Going Xbox live gold -> Xbox gamepass ultime -> Xbox gamepass friends and family is best value

Xbox Live Gold -> Xbox Gamepass Ultimate -> Xbox Gamepass Friends and Family
$152.07nzd + $20 + $40 = $212.07
= 648 days + Upgrade bonus 30 days = 678 days
Cost per day: $0.3128

Xbox Live Gold -> Xbox Gamepass Friends and Family
$152.07nzd + $40 = $192.07
= 432 days + Upgrade bonus 30 days = 462 days
Cost per day: $0.4157

-Can you subscribe for a smaller duration?
Yes but the best savings are with the max duration and you can't add anymore subscription duration at reduced rate till your current subscription lapses
-What is the maximum time I can subscribe?
For up to 3 years
-Can I extend my current subscription with this?
You can change from Game Pass Ultimate to Family Pass, but adding Xbox Live Gold will add to Game Pass ultimate at a lowered rate, not the ideal 1:1 rate as talked about above.

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    Seems 30 days Xbox Game Pass Ultimate converts to 18 days Xbox Game Pass Friends & Family under FAQ's.

    Would be strange for it to be a 1:1 conversion.

    • +1

      So I assume that is like the Xbox Live Gold to Gamepass Ultimate where it depends what your current subscription is
      What I mean by this is: If you have Xbox Live gold and subscribe to Gamepass Ultimate it converts 1:1 however if you then redeem Xbox live gold you only get a proportion of the days.

      I could be completely wrong but my subscription went from expiring "04/11/2024" to "04/18/2024"
      So I potentially had 810 days remaining which would then become 366 days after conversion if what you said is correct - but to reflect that they would have had to change the date format randomly and then the dates still wouldn't add up - so I believe it's the same case as the Xbox live gold -> Gamepass ultimate situation

      I double checked my emails to check when I got my Xbox Live Gold and it was November 2021 so they did decide to flip the date format on me for whatever reason, you are 100% correct -_-

    • By my math you'd need to purchase 5 years + the one month to get roughly 3 years, so, to use the TRY amount converted to NZD including a 2.5% conversion fee it would be ((44.13 * 1.025) * 5 + 40) / 5 = ~53.23 per person for 3 years. Still cheap as shit if my math isn't wrong, but obviously not as cheap as 1:1 would've been.

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        it is limited by 36 months of xbox live gold so 648 Days of family pass

        • Ahh you're right, then it'd go down to 1 months to 12 days for gold to family after that, which I assume it lets you do and just converts it.

          • @Kiwi: Oh you're right I think I did my editted math wrong in the post (used gamepass ultimate conversion)

            • @Rowjo: From Bing Chat:

              So for the first 3 years of your subscription, you would get 18 days of playtime per month. That means in one year you would get 12 months * 18 days/month = 216 days of playtime. So for the first three years, you would get a total of 3 years * 216 days/year = 648 days of playtime.
              After the first three years and before the conversion rate changes to 1 month:12 days, there is a mandatory upgrade purchase that gives you an additional month (or 30 days) worth of playtime. So now your total playtime is 678 days.
              After this mandatory upgrade purchase, each month of subscription time converts to 12 days of playtime. So in one year you would get 12 months * 12 days/month =144 days of playtime.
              You want to know how many years you need to purchase to have a total of three years (or 3*365=1095 days) worth of playtime. You already have 678 days from the first three years and the mandatory upgrade purchase. So you need an additional (1095-678)=417 days.
              Since after the mandatory upgrade purchase each year gives you only 144 days and purchases can only be made in whole year increments with extra time being lost after conversion, you will need to purchase an additional (417/144)=2.9 or rounded up to 3 whole years.
              So in total, including the mandatory upgrade purchase and rounding up to whole year increments with extra time being lost after conversion, you will need to purchase approximately 6 whole years worth of subscription time to have a total of 3 years worth of playtime.
              Now let’s calculate the cost:
              Each year costs $44.13 *1.025 = $45.23
              The first three years cost: $45.23/year *3 years = $135.69
              The mandatory upgrade purchase costs: $39.99
              The remaining time costs: $45.23/year *3 whole rounded up years = $136
              So in total it will cost approximately: $136 +$40 +$136 =$312
              If we divide this by five people it will be approximately: ($312/5)=$62 per person for all five people.
              If we divide this by three for per person per year it will be approximately: ($62/3)=$21 per person per year.
              If we divide this by twelve for per person per month it will be approximately: ($21/12)=$1.75 per person per month.

              Description Cost
              Yearly cost $45.23
              First three years cost $135.69
              Mandatory upgrade purchase cost $39.99
              Remaining time cost $136.00
              Total cost for five people $312.00
              Cost per person for all five people $62.00
              Cost per person per year $21.00
              Cost per person per month $1.75
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                @Kiwi: Xbox Live Gold -> Xbox Gamepass Ultimate -> Xbox Gamepass Friends and Family
                $152.07nzd + $20 + $40 = $212.07
                = 648 days + Upgrade bonus 30 days = 678 days
                Cost per day: $0.3128

                Xbox Live Gold -> Xbox Gamepass Friends and Family
                $152.07nzd + $40 = $192.07
                = 432 days + Upgrade bonus 30 days = 462 days
                Cost per day: $0.4157

                I redid my math and found this what are your thoughts - thanks for pointing out the extra 30 days given for the upgrade to friends and family pass :)

                • @Rowjo: That looks about right, yup. I used the TRY price and factored a 2.5% exchange fee into my calculations, but without the store fees, so the numbers are slightly different, I also missed the upgrade to Ultimate cost.

  • Are the games suitable for 8 year old?

    • There is a wide array of games on there, so Im sure there would be some suitable ones, just greatly reduces the value of the subscription. I will link the list when I can get access to the site again. Also I believe there is a way to restrict the catalogue to child friendly games but I would have to confirm that for you.

      This is the PC games filtered to "Family and Kids":

  • can you link up multiple existing turkish xbox gamespass ultimate accounts to one plan if they have different expiry dates?

    • +1

      Conversion – Group Members: Conversion is not available for individuals joining a group. Before joining a group, an individual will need to cancel their existing Xbox Live Gold, Xbox Game Pass (Ultimate, PC or Console) and/or EA Play membership(s), or wait for those existing subscriptions to expire.

      • +1

        so i guess i could create a new plan when the first one expires, then add their expired account to the new plan and gradually add more as each expire?

        • That should work, yea.

  • Just skimmed through the faq and there is some things in there it's worth noting before committing to this,the main one is if you change region for any reason you are out of the family plan. So anyone who does some virtual tourism for cheap digital games will lose that ability.

    Also sounds like it's only the head of the family who's sub gets converted, everyone else loses their remaining time. So don't do this if you have time saved up on your own account.

    What I'm unsure about is it says you can no longer redeem live it gamepass codes, so in single gamepass I use rewards points to constantly push my expiry out to the 3 year limit. It doesn't sound like that's an option on this plan, shame if it's not as it would mean split 5 ways you'd only need 100 points a day each. Guess you could sign up with 6 months of gold to get 60 days, accumulate points and just take it in turns cashing them in each time it expires. 15000 points would score 30 days of the service, so as long as one of you has that up your sleeve someone could always cash in once it expires. Seems like a lot of maintenance and organisation though.

  • +1

    Anyone wants to host a family?

    • I'd go in if you were keen @hhan7

      • sure

  • Hi there,
    Do I need to use VPN all the time when I play the game?

    • No. Only for the process above.

      • Awesome!Thank you so much!

  • Please pm me if you need 1-2 more for your 5 users

    • One more here waiting to join

    • same here!

      • Weve got 4?

        • Now 5?

          • @Gatkins: I think so. Who wants to be the host?

      • Cannot pm you

    • I'll join too

    • Cannot pm you.

  • +1

    I'm keen to join. Dm me please if you have a spot :)

  • Please PM me If anyone has a free spot, It would be great to join.

  • I think we have got enough people to start a new family. Who wants to be the host?

  • OK I'm very new to anything xbox I have been a playstation player for the past 10 years but now have a gaming laptop. So if I get this I can play all the xbox stuff on my pc? And it will only be a $35 payment for two years of gaming? Sounds like a too good to be true deal but definitely worth a $35 punt, whats the biggest downside?

    • i think you can just view the gamepass library on the site, its essentially netflix for games, has new games come every so often

    • Sounds like a too good to be true deal but definitely worth a $35 punt, whats the biggest downside?

      The biggest downside is that to get that price you need 4 others to split the cost.

    • The biggest downside is you'll end up buying a bloody Xbox, I did after getting it for the PC.

      Then again using rewards I found out I paid $1 to upgrade to ultimate in November 2019 and my subscription is currently stacked up until August 2025 for that $1.

      You di also get xcloud if that interests you for some games that aren't available in the PC version.

  • +1

    I'd be keen to share cost if there's a free spot. DM me Cheers

  • +1

    also keen to share cost if any spots open

    • +1

      Keen here too, will message you guys

  • Okay its impossible to message some of you. I'm happy to host and need 5 people, can you please message me if you are interested thanks

    • Pming you now.

    • pm'ed

    • Think we've got 5 people now thanks

  • Hey there. I'm keen to share the plan/cost if anyone has an extra spot. Please send a DM :)

    • Same here I'm keen to share 1 to 2 user cost.

    • hey, I am also keen to join if someone want to host? please DM me.

      • Hey looks like you've got messaging turned off. We've got a spot if you're keen

    • Late to the party but also keen to join if anyone has an extra spot, DM me :)

  • -1

    Am I soft in the head for thinking that this option would arguably be just as good value for an individual signing up with no extra “family” members? In the past, I think I paid a bit more than this offer’s outlay for a couple of years of Ultimate Pass for just myself…

    Am I right or am I missing something?

    • +1

      Without family this is the process for going from nothing > Live > Ultimate: It is quite a bit cheaper if you only have 1 person. Can use the Turgame URL from this post instead of the one posted in 2019 and it should work the same.

      • +1

        Only upshot of going in to a family plan alone would be if you really want to cheese Ms rewards. You can get about 350 points a day on each account and break even would be about 100, so 250 points a day to put towards store credit or other vouchers. That comes in to 1250 which isn't even $1 on Amazon. I think the Ms store credit has a better conversion rate but redeems against the account that earnt the points so you'd end up with games on multiple accounts.

        You could get a few months worth and cheese it to get more gold and keep reconverting it that way to get it perpetually for nothing on your own and leave your main account with all it's earnt points for games. Still seems a.lot.of.effort though for minimal reward. Less work if 5 of you are doing the rewards though.

    • +1

      Signing up to an individual plan is cheaper as the conversion is still 1:1 I believe vs the 18:30 for this offer
      So same price but almost double the amount of subscription time :)

    • Thanks for the feedback team! In case anyone is wondering whether having the dumb hurts, I would say likely much less me than my long-suffering better half…

  • Hi there, I used a Turkey VPN (Windscribe) but I still get the error in my Microsoft account "This code can't be redeemed. It was purchased in a different region from your account.", and it says my email address and country.
    Do I have to change my Microsoft country to Turkey before using the VPN to enter the code?

    • Changing Microsoft region to Turkey didn't help either

  • Get stuck at Step 4. Error: Change your Microsoft Store region

    You currently have a subscription from a different region. If it still doesn't work, please contact customer support.


    Mon, 06 Mar 2023 08:45:04 GMT

    Do I need to change the region back to New Zealand or not for this step? Do I need to use VPN for this step?

    • Step 4 shouldn't require you to be using VPN - VPN is purely for adding in the xbox live gold codes

      • What should I do now? I have got 3 years of gold on my account. And when I tried to upgrade I had the error

      • if I was going to upgrade using TRY, I do not have a credit card that can be accepted. If I was going to upgrade using NZD, the above error occurs.

  • Keen to join if anyone got a spare spot

  • wanna set 1 up - I need 3 for me&my kids, 2 spares let me know if you keen to share :)

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