This was posted 6 months 25 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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At Least $1000 off All Bosch Powered Electric Bikes from KTM, Haibike & Gepida @ Electrify NZ


Get big discounts on Premium European Electric bikes from KTM, Haibike & Gepida with at least $1000 off all Bosch powered E-Bikes at Electrify NZ's 11 stores nationwide throughout March!

Bike Was Now
Gepida Reptila 900 Electric Bike $4,999.00 $3,499.00
Haibike HardSeven 9 $6,999.00 $4,799.00
Haibike AllMtn 3.0 $9,299.00 $7,799.00
KTM Lycan 671 $8,999.00 $7,999.00
Haibike Trekking 9 lowstep $7,999.00 $6,799.00
KTM Aera 571 LFC $6,999.00 $5,999.00
KTM Team 693 $6,999.00 $5,499.00
KTM Chacana LFC 2022 $8,999.00 $7,999.00
KTM Aera SE2 LFC $6,399.00 $5,399.00
Gepida Berig ATB (All Terrain Electric Bike) $5,899.00 $4,399.00
KTM Aera SE3 LFC 2022 $5,499.00 $4,499.00

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  • I feel bikes that costs as much as cars are not appropriate for cheapies.

    • +4

      It is still a deal, is it not? I remember a post about Tesla that was quite popular

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        Was thinking of those deals when people were poo-pooing Tesla on that recent referral offer.
        June 2021 - 39 upvotes
        July 2021 - 34 upvotes
        June 2022 - 25 upvotes

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          You could easily find a similar ebike at 1/3 of these price.
          You can hardly find an eV as good as Tesla. And their price are not much cheaper.

          That's the difference.

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        If teslas costed as much as aeroplanes, like these bikes cost as much as cars then I'd say the same thing.
        Point I'm making is there are plenty of ebike at a small fraction of the price.
        While teslas aren't cheap for e-cars, they aren't priced absurdly and is intuitively reasonable and popular.
        Feels like this "deal" is worse than a briscoes 25% off"deal"

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    Gonna have to question how much margin you are putting into these bikes if you can chuck out 30% discounts like this.

    • If it was a big box retailer (Briscoes, anyone?), I'd agree with your sentiment. Unfortunately, specialist stores like this need to have markups in the 30-50% range (estimated) because they aren't selling dozens or hundreds of them a day all year round to pay the bills, and they also need to support warranty claims and a year round repair shop. 30-35% markup is easily justified in my opinion. In fact I'd be surprised if it wasn't higher.

  • I cant see any longtail cargo bikes there, anyone have any recommendations?

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