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Tesla Referral Credits / 1,500-2,500 Credits on Selected Models


As an owner, every time you bring a new friend or family member into the Tesla community, you and your friend both earn credits — you earn Referral Credits and your friend earns Buyer Credits.

The Referral Program is subject to the Terms and Conditions


Model X, S = 2,500 credits
Model Y, 3 = 1,500 credits


Model X, S = 3,500 credits
Model Y, 3 = 2,000 credits

Owners purchasing again/Loyalty

Model X, S = 6,000 credits
Model Y, 3 = 3,500 credits


Click REFERRAL LINKS at the bottom of this post.

Redeem Credits


3000 Credits - 1,500 KM
1500 Credits - 500 KM


8000 Credits - Gen 3 Wall Connector 7.3m
6000 Credits - Mobile Connector
4000 Credits - Model Y Illuminated Door Sills
4000 Credits - Model 3 Illuminated Door Sills
2500 Credits - Model S/3/Y Pet Liner
2000 Credits - Model Y Glass Roof Sunshade
1500 Credits - Model 3 Glass Roof Sunshade
1150 Credits - Model Y Gemini Wheel Cap Kit
750 Credits - USB Drive 128GB
550 Credits - Model 3 Aero Wheel Cap
500 Credits - Model 3/Y Center Console Trays


3000 Credits - Diecast 1:18 scale Model 3
3000 Credits - Giga Texas Belt Buckle
3000 Credits - Decanter
1500 Credits - S3XY hoodie
1000 Credits - Cyberwhistle
850 Credits - Desktop Supercharget
800 Credits - Umbrella
650 Credits - T Logo Cuffed Beanie
600 Credits - Travel Mug/Tumbler
500 Credits - Men's 3D Large Woodmark Tee
500 Credits - Cybertruck Icon Sock set
500 Credits - Stainless steel water bottle
500 Credits - Kids Scribble T Logo Tee
500 Credits - Woman's 3D Small Woodmark Tee

Referral Links

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Referee/Referrer get 2,500/6,000 credits Model S, X.
Referee/Referrer get 1,500/3,000 credits Model 3, Y

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  • Does 1 credit equal 1 NZD?
    Are the items in the Tesla shop listed in NZD anywhere online, or only in USD?

    • +3

      Its not credit to dollar.

      For example:

      3000 credits gets 1500km of supercharging
      8000 credits for a Gen 3 wall connector
      6000 credits for a Mobile connector
      2000 for Model Y Glass roof sunshade

      And a few more

  • +2

    Friends don't let friends own Tesla's.
    Worth looking into Tesla's history when it comes to their vehicle quality and such.

    • +1

      Those are not true for Shanghai made Tesla. Lots of people look at reviews on youtube which are from US and cars made in Fremont factory. I know atleast 5 people who own Tesla including myself and no issues so far. Everything is great. And tesla will fix any issues if reported within a day.

      I am not going back to ICE car.

      Again quality issues mostly where for first batch. Over time they have improved. Also all car companies have some issues. Things that matter is how they are handled after being reported.

      • +1

        perhaps one day I'll make use of this referral …

        Just happy with the savings so far with the Leaf, only regret was to not do it earlier.

        Next thing is to get the reasonable range version at reasonable price…

        • Sure EV's are expensive still compared to ICE car. But total cost of ownership over time will be much cheaper. Almost zero maintenance, very cheap fuel economy if mostly charging at home.

          For e.g. I have spent only $132 for 3500 kms so far and I tend to have heavy foot on accelerator.

          • +2

            @ace310: Oh for sure.

            For a year of possessing the Leaf, I have:
            * spent <$20 for charging for ~4,000kms.
            * letting kid sleep with full blast aircon in the middle of summer inside the garage
            * drive aimlessly just to get the kid around and not stuck at home watching TV
            * do a 10km pizza run just to get a BOGOF deal (due to the local one not honoring the deal)

            When RUC is introduced it'll increase cost but I doubt it will be higher than if you're still using a similar ICE.

      • +2

        No one is saying going back to an ICE car, funny take away that you think criticism of Tesla's are criticism of EV's.
        There's more EV's than just Tesla, but there's a myriad of reasons to pick another manufacturer over Tesla, and there's a myriad of evidence out there to do so. You can fool yourself into ignoring buyers remorse all you want by claiming the quality control is only for the US, but it's not.

        • I never said EV means Tesla or vice versa. Check above, I compared EV with ICE cars not Tesla. I am all in for the criticism for anything including Tesla. Also, never said it is perfect or best EV out there. As a matter of fact, I have driven Lucid, EQC & EV6 and all are nice cars. I would have chosen Lucid over tesla if it was available here and the price was comparable. I disagree on picking another manufacturer over Tesla, cuz lots of evidence(myths) are made up by people who don't like Tesla. Again, I don't say there are issues but they have managed to solve them. How many EV manufactures came and went down under. Sure there are big players now and competition like this is very healthy.

          And I have absolutely no buyer's remorse. I am happy with my purchase.

      • Confused. Are you recommending Tesla or not?

        true that.. i agree.. reason why not to..

        I totally agree on points 1, 2, 3. I have faced Tesla hate couple of times, including once waiting at a signal and getting a finger from a V8 commodore next to me without any reason what so ever. I am happy not spending that much money on petrol. He was jealous probably lol.

        • i am with you on that. Lols. Happy with the savings i get by charging vs petrol. Got the finger a few times as well for no particular reason, jealousy perhaps. But no issue - i am happy.

  • Here is the handy tool to check how much it will cost own a vehicle.…

  • +1

    Lol, a loyalty program for Tesla owners. That Musk guy…

    • +2

      Buy a Tesla before March 31, 2023, receive a free Twitter Blue Tick subscription until 2024.

      • Take my money!

  • I have a Model Y. Very happy. But this is dumb. If Tesla want me to become a car salesperson, pay me like a car salesperson. This isn't like getting your parents to try Spotify.

    In other news if you were buying anyway HMU!

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