• long running

Spotify Premium: Individual TRY₺30 Per Month (~NZ$2.60), Family TRY₺50 Per Month (~NZ$4.30) (Android and VPN Required)


I will start by apologising for the awful title and description - it's been a while hahah.

ANDROID WORKS - took me 1 to 2 minutes total to sign up. Apple, I don't know if there's a method - could android vm or use someone elses phone as a one off?

Roughly a year ago Spotify and Google Play Store made a press release stating that they were going to be trialing Google Pay and Merchant Pay. I checked it regularly and within the last week or two it has finally been added!

Pre-existing spotify account:
I Smell Pennies @OB

New/ Free Accounts

Blue Stacks (PC) - IOS alternative/ android back up method:
Iangh @OB
- Set up a Google Play account with a Turkish payment profile - after looking to save myself some effort this deal by alcheron's comment explains it pretty well - thanks SuBw00FeR for helping me find the correct one
- Download and/or open Spotify
- Go to the get premium tab on the bottom right of the home screen
- Select any plan
- Scroll to the bottom of the payment where it says your country
- Change country to Türkiye
- Click the change plan key (had one account have issues signing up which this solved)
- Select the plan you want
- Click Google Pay
- Select your Turkish payment profile
- Select/ enter the card you want to use

To add family members:

  • On the head account go to: https://www.spotify.com/tr-tr/account/family/ and get the link
  • Follow that link on the child account, enter in the same address as is on the head account (I used an NZ one and it worked, just make sure they are the same)
  • I experienced issues adding one account, it was saying it was from a different account to the head - if you get this issue on their account go to: https://www.spotify.com/tr-tr/account/profile/ and check what country is listed. If it is New Zealand/Aus/anywhere other than turkey get them to connect via turkish VPN (I used PIA) and it'll give them the option to change it to Turkey
  • They can then follow the same family link and use the same address as the head account and it should work now

And you're now sorted with what I believe is the cheapest Spotify Premium price currently available.

This method is imo less effort, cheaper, and doesn't need to be renewed, like the previously available cheap Spotify option posted on OzBargain

Any issues feel free to comment and hopefully we can troubleshoot it.


I Smell Pennies @OB - links to other forums for troubleshooting issues
Useful comments from other users I would like to highlight:
j1mmy @CC
AverageShopper @OB
htommo99 @OB
tripp @CC
Rowjo @CC
Leoneo123 @CC
illusion99 @OB

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  • Do you know if this can be changed on existing plans? Rather than go through setting up a new spotify family, losing playlists etc

    • +1

      Im pretty certain it can, just let the plan lapse then renew using google pay - just awaiting my friends subscription to lapse

    • +2

      If not, it's relatively straightforward to copy over your playlists.
      Use: SpotMyBackup
      Just be aware it does reverse the order of your playlist. In my case I copy them twice to switch it back to the correct order.
      If you use shuffle then I guess it doesn't matter.

      • thanks!
        do you export the data twice or import the data twice?

        • +1
          1. Go to SpotMyBackup and login with your account that has the playlist you wish to copy.
          2. Export this playlist. (This will be saved in reverse order)
          3. Import the above reverse order playlist back into SpotMyBackUp
          4. Export the playlist again (This can now be imported into your new Spotify account and will be in your original order)

          Hope that makes sense.
          Once you have the hang of it it's quite straight forward and not as awkward as it sounds!

    • I just shared my playlists in my old account (sent through by email), then clicked on the link and added them to my new account. Worked for me.

    • tough keeping up over there oh my! and many thanks for all the adjustments to the post formatting and wording <3

  • +1

    +1 for the effort (don't use Spotify).

  • +1

    This might make me consider paying for Spotify rather than repeating free trials all the time!
    Good job.

  • Anyone tried the family plans before? Do we put a turkey address too? Haha 😅

    • +1

      I just added a section on how to add family, one of my accounts had issues joining, explanation on how I fixed it is above.
      I used my NZ address for both accounts, but probably going to cause less potential headache if you use a turkish address

  • +1

    Hmmm not working for me.
    I got up to "Click Google Pay".
    After that it shows a screen which says "Subscription not available. The subscription isn't available in your Google Play country. You can update your country in Google Play settings or go back and choose Spotify as your billing option"

    I even made a new Google account for it haha. Don't know where I went wrong!

    • +2

      First: Check https://www.spotify.com/tr-tr/account/profile/ make sure this has turkey - if not use a vpn and it will let you change it - I had to do this to add an account to the family plan
      Second :
      Under google play store - settings - account and device preferences - country and profile
      Double check it is showing your Türkiye profile
      and way back when I first set it up I had so many issues - restart your phone once youve done this then try spotify
      I think you may need to use a VPN once off to set the google play country from memory but don't need to use a VPN anytime after that
      Makes it easier if all other payment profiles are deleted also
      Other option others found - sometimes it is just easier to make a whole new google account to create a turkish payment profile from

  • +1

    I wonder, could you just fire up a Bluestacks VM and then use a normal Windows VPN to create a new account.

    Might be easier than trying to juggle Google accounts, your home country on Google Play can wreak havoc on your app availability, I signed up for the cheap YouTube Premium via Argentina back before they did the price increase and all of the banking apps stopped working and disappeared from the app store when I had the idea to reinstall them.

    Had to add an NZ credit card in order to restore my home country back to NZ to install them again.

    So I wouldn't recommend doing this on your normal Google account.

    • +1

      I now have four Google accounts in various countries, I'm from the UK so my original is still set to there, then I had to get one for oz when I spent time there and another for here when I arrived. Also set up an Indian one when I had issues with YouTube music subscriptions and I think I have some money still loaded on that one. It's a faff really, but the UK banking apps are locked to the region, whereas here it's weird things like dominos that are locked to the country.

      With an Android phone though you can at least just stick on multiple accounts and jump between them easily. The apps are all there so didn't matter what country you downloaded it from.

  • I have a Philippines family account. Feeling ripped off at $6.30 a month!

    • +1

      Thats just over 2x BOGOF ghost pepper whopper deals extra over the year!
      Actually now I put it like that maybe just overpay on spotify ;)

  • +1

    I don't see the option to pay with google play.
    Any suggestions?
    I've herd using wirex (crypto is an option) might give it a try if I have no luck here.

    • Same problem, borrowed an android phone and have every app set to Turkey. Even changing between Spotify countries I get different payment options but none of them are Google Pay.

      Something I read said you need to download Spotify from Google Play with that account which I did

    • Same problem. no Google Pay option :(

      • Got it to come up on a brand new account, but disappeared after 10 minutes - error was still Google Pay not supported in your country.

  • Will have to give this a go when my plan expires

  • +1

    No Google pay option, it was showing this morning but not anymore..

    • Any idea how to get the Google pay option back, created a new account and tried a few times before it disappeared. Have just reset the phone lol

  • +2

    Just keep getting Google Play purchases are not supported in your country (with it set to Turkey) and that google account (with a turkish payment method) set as the only account

    • somethings to try:
      make sure the app is installed on the google account that has the turkish payment profile (if you have multiple google accounts)
      Try with a VPN
      And finally try I Smell Pennies @OB instructions if you have an existing account, as they wrote a really nice explanation

  • I created a Turkish payment method and followed the instructions to sign up for a premium individual account (using SurfSark VPN). I only get two payment options presented (No google pay option).

    When I choose the CC option I get the error " Your payment method and country don't match"

    Not sur what I am doing wrong.
    By the way - When you sign up for spotify, do you need to chose "Sign in with google" Option?

  • +2

    I've rewritten the steps based on what I did, and has more detail with changing the accounts to Turkish :) Let me know if you get stuck

    1. Sign up for fresh Gmail + Google Play Account and set up payment using NZD or WISE card details, and turkish billing address
    2. IMPORTANT - Go to Google Play, and log into your fresh account, and LOG OUT of any other existing Google Play accounts
    3. Go into Google Play settings -> Account and preferences -> Country and make sure this is on Turkey / Türkiye

    Heres the important step - Log into your VPN and travel to Turkey

    1. Go to 'https://www.spotify.com/tr-tr/account/profile/' and login with Gmail account
    2. In the country dropdown, it probably auto defaulted to 'yeni Zelanda' which is NZ
    3. Click the drop down and select 'Turkey'
    4. Save / update the profile clicking the green button

    Now you have a Google Play account on Turkey, and Spotify account on Turkey so you should be good to go - You can log out of your VPN now

    1. Reset your phone and do a hard reset of Spotify if its in the background
    2. Re-open Spotify and sign in via your Gmail account and go to 'Premium' in bottom right corner
    3. Click any plan and click 'Google Play' then
    4. Your card should already be preselected in the drop down
    5. Cross your fingers and click on 'Subscribe'
    • tried exactly the same steps but no luck.

      • whats happening for you?

        • don't get Google Pay option

  • Do you have to keep using the new Gmail address on Spotify? Or can you change it so your login email is your normal/familiar email address and not the throwaway used to get on to the TR Google Play Store?

    • I mean you could try either of the "." or "+xxxx" trick

  • anyone having issues with greyed out/unavailable songs?
    the older fat freddy's drop albums arent available. thats a deal breaker for me

  • Tried again and followed the instructions to the T.
    No Google pay option.

    If someone can advise how they got the Google pay option to show up that'd be great.

  • It works. I have to delete all google account on my Android phone and leave the one with Turkey setting. Then need to add the Wise card to wallet with Turkey address.

    • I still cannot get the google pay option to show in Spotify under the Premium tab.

      I've tried 3 different VPNs and 2 devices. On the second device, I did a factory reset and created a new google account and used a Wise payment with Turkey payment profile.

      In Spotify, I consistently get the same screen which only presents me to pay 1) by card 2) by cell phone.

      • Only time I have had it was with a new google account and new Spotify account, appeared for first 10 minutes or so and I couldn’t get it working

  • Has anyone successfully subscribed through Turkey VPN?
    Mine keeps on failing.

    I am also trying to subscribe to YT premium via Turkey. Google webpage is crashing on me. Guess they don't like me.

    • The VPN may be at fault. They may have blacklisted the IP. Spotify wouldn't load with the VPN Unlimited VPN, but it did with Windscribe.

    • Most likely VPN issue, at least with YT. Have you tried YT via India?

      Change to different VPN.

      • I've got Nord VPN. India is not in the list and haven't tried another VPN.
        My friend up in Aucks tried India VPN through ExpressVPN. His NZ card was declined as India spotify would need indian bank card. After this account was blocked by ANZ due to presuming it was a fraudulent activity.
        It did the same with me on Nord VPN with Turkey. My ANZ debit/credit card was blocked twice. Had to call the bank. Trust me it is very very painful process to get through to someone and get card unblocked else you'll not be able to buy anything at shop.
        My two orders at Ali Express were with my debit card. Because card was blocked so the order cancelled due to payment not clearing. It was a hectic moment. Had to process transaction again at Ali Express.
        I'm not risking it. Will join Spotify at half price with Spark.

        • Use wise card. Don't have to deal with calling banks. I use new card every time I try something like this with vpn.

  • Can anyone confirm whether this is still working?

    • -2

      Sorry, it didn't work. Guess they are on to us. Most of the comment says it didn't work. Though if you have American express or Mastercard. Should work fine but with NZ bank card it will not.

      • There has been people continuously saying it isn't working for them, and there's still people getting it to work - so correction it is still working

        • Definitely not on NZ bank cards. My friend tried with Mastercard and worked just like that.
          So either have to use Wise or Mastercard.

          • @Cheapiesquestion: Across the 4 accounts i have successfully used 1x visa, 2x Mastercard, and 1 x wise.
            And OB is having the opposite results with mastercard users having most of the issues.
            Its all just unpredictable

  • +1

    Finally managed to get this going, just some findings for others (I had an existing Turkish Google account):
    * Wasn't getting the 'Pay with Google' option - restarting the phone fixed this and the option appeared next time I tried.
    * Once the button appeared I tried for many hours but the transaction kept failing.
    * Tried multiple VPNs and multiple NZ bank cards but would not go through.

    Eventually it went worked:
    * The only thing that changed was my internet connection - I tried at work instead of home (Spark).
    * Being on a VPN should mean the connection doesn't matter - but it is the only thing that changed.

    Can confirm I am using an NZ bank card (ANZ) and have successfully added a second user to Family plan:
    * Google account is using Turkish billing address + Spotify home address is New Zealand.
    * Other user's Spotify account must have the country set to Turkey.
    * Not ideal but I just had them give me their username and password, connected to VPN, changed their country + accepted invite.
    note: the initial welcome email is in Turkish but that is the only noticeable oddity and can be ignored

    Feel free to ask questions - will check back in if I have any updates

  • This might be a stupid but once it’s set up on Android there’s nothing stopping you logging in with the account on an IOS device right?

    • Correct - which is why the ios tutorial talks about bluestacks :)

  • I finally got it to work! I kept getting the error "Google Play purchases are not supported in your country"

    • Connect VPN
    • Go to https://browserleaks.com/ip and verified that it is connected to Turkey
    • Open Play Store -> Settings -> General Account preferences -> Account and device preferences
      • In the Country and profiles section verify that it says "Türkiye"
      • The important missing part is that underneath where it shows Türkiye and your name you should have the generic message:
        "You should change your Play country only when you move to a new country. Learn more"

    When I first connected using Windscribe VPN, browserleaks correctly showed my Turkey IP address, but Google Play had a message about switching to a specific country (in my case, suggesting changing the Play country to Luxembourg?!?).

    What finally seemed to work for me was installing VPN.lat from the play store where Google Play then gave me the generic message above. I was then able to open Spotify while still connected to the VPN and pay using Google Play without getting the "not supported in your country" error.

    (I'm not specifically recommending VPN.lat as I have no idea if this free VPN is secure or not, but based off my experience it is worth trying a different VPN if you run into this issue.)

    • Interesting since i couldn't get it to work for the life of me..and then now I tried using VPN.lat and low and behold it suddenly worked, using the same Wise virtual card and a NZ home address, with a Turkish billing address.

      Obviously, another account will also have to the country set to Turkey but do you know how sensitive they are to the person physically being in a different country? e.g. do they monitor it like Netflix said they were going to (even though i never got an email personally) and appear to have backed off

  • +1

    I also managed to make this work, after a bit of flaffing around.. I also got the subscription unavailable /doesn't match your google play country error when trying to pay with google pay option..

    Here's what worked for me:

    I've got a 'burner' google account that I used for the YT Argentina hack, so I repurposed this account to include only a Turkey payment profile (as per above) - I preferred this option to deleting other payment profiles on my main google account.
    I set my spotify account to Turkey via VPN as per the instructions above.
    On my Android phone - I removed my main Google account and signed in with my burner account (I guess there's no reason why you can't just grab a burner android device and have the burner google account on it);
    With this set up, I was able to get past the google pay error and get Spotify to take my payment. This was all done while VPN was still connected.
    A few points:
    When in spotify and trying to choose a premium plan, if it's in Turkish, there's an option to change the language to English, it appears as a pop-down bar at the top of the page. Well it did for me.
    Also, there's an annual subscription for TUR299.99 (NZ$26.14) - you can find this annual plan in the more payment options for the relevant premium plan.
    My Spotify account/login is not 'signed in via google account' - i.e. I sign into spotify with an email/password not through google - so not sure if that's a factor, but I was able to use my burner google account as a payment option on my actual spotify account. Hopefully that makes sense…
    All in all, pretty happy with the getting spotify for a year at $26!

  • Spotify Kids isn't available with Turkey accounts, so if you need it Argentina might be better.

  • Anyone getting payment errors when they try paying with google pay?

    • I'm getting errors..
      I've read and followed as per the comments by Harebrainedkiwi but only difference is that I used NordVPN.
      But mine shows up turkey on web gps location and also getting the "you should… only when you move to a new country Learn more." message.
      BUT it still doesn't allow me to pay with google play…
      it keeps on saying 'subscription not available - update your country in google play settings or go back and choose spotify as your billing option'

      • Same, im using NordVPN. tried paying directly from spotify or google pay using wise or NZ bank card, both getting errors processing.

        • i used NordVPN with no issue just now.
          Already had the Turkey payment profile setup.

          Went through first pop. Card is WISE as well.

          • @icecold: Which payment profile did you use? via google pay and added a WISE card into the profile?
            did you connect to VPN while making the purchase?

            • @LazyBoy: Set up my Turkey payment profile using these instructions.
              VPN to turkey, go to https://pay.google.com/gp/w/u/0/home/settings and clicking the pen icon next to "Country/Region" and a link to create a new profile should pop up. You can then add details for the Turkish profile.

              I switched to my turkey profile on the phone by going, play store, clicking on your profile, settings, general, account and device preferences, i was able to select my turkey profile. (vpn must be on and set to turkey)

              Then followed the below.

              • @icecold: Have managed to set up a turkey payment profile but receiving a same error upon check out.
                Do you have to convert some NZD to TR in your wise card? Or just leave it in NZD wallet?

                • @LazyBoy: Have you got your VPN set to turkey and switched the profile over to your turkey one in the playstore app? Mine errored out before I switched the profile over.

                  Just nzd loaded on my card, it did the exchange at the live rate.

                  • @icecold: Yup, playstore showing Turkey.. Spotify showing turkey.. VPN connected to turkey while making payment but still get same error.. Stuck.. T_T

  • I got it to work on vpm.lat and wise card. It didn't work until i changed my spotify profile to turkey via this link

    • Man, tried using vpn lat and nordvpn, still getting the same error
      "Your transaction cant be completed. To continue please use a different payment method."
      Tried creating a new google and spotify acc and followed the steps with the no luck 😢

  • i setup everything with the VPN on, a fresh gmail account and spotify account with a fresh wisecard. And then purchased the yearly subscription, everything should be in turkish if working correctly

  • Here is the steps if you have a Mac.

    • Open a new payment profile with this Guide

    • change your Spotify country on the Spotify website under profile

    • Download Android Studio and install it

    • When you are opening it for the first time it will ask you if you want import Android Studio settings click do not import settings.

    • Just leave everything on the default in the installation wizard and agree to the Licence agreement and let it install then click finish.

    • Create a new project and pick no activity.

    • Let it download the SDK and when it is done click finish

    • Click device manager (icon is a device with the android mascot head)

    • Click Create device

    • Pick a device with the google play logo next to it.

    • Download the S system image.

    • Let it download then click finish.

    • Click next and make sure the S system image has been picked.

    • You can leave everything as default and click finish.

    • On the device manager screen click the play button next to the new device

    • Then click the cog button and remove from sidebar then click window.

    • Click the play store icon and sign in to the Google account with only the Turkey payment profile

    • Then install Spotify and VPN.lat

    • Then open up VPN.lat and connect to the turkey server.

    • Open Spotify and login with your account.

    • go to the premium tab and get premium if it opens a website try to clear Spotify’s cache.

    • sign up using google play and enter your payment information.

    • Tried this and got so close.

      When I go to pay it comes up with an error: "Couldn't complete your purchase. Check that you have the correct country selected in your Play account."

      I've checked that it's set to Türkiye, even used a fresh Gmail account with new payment profile, but no dice!

  • Will the recommended songs on Spotify be like Turkish songs?

    • +1

      Na, same as your regular subscription/ what you listen to for mine

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