All Car Washes $16 @ Z


Available at any Z₂O car wash

Use the barcode in the picture to get the discount, Good for anyone who uses their car wash.

A clean car is a good car. Well, it sure beats a dirty car anyway! So if your car could do with a good clean, head in to Z and try their Z₂O car wash. There are plenty of options – from a standard wash to supreme, and all yours for just $16.

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  • How much are they without the deal?

  • +3

    i think the most is 20-22 bucks, mobil new customers on thier app get a free car wash if that helps.

  • +14

    Friends don't let friends put their cars through car washes.

    • Just make sure it’s a touch less car wash and should be alright, right?

      • Have found they aren't as effective and don't remove a lot of dirt that gets more baked on from the sun. But any car wash doesn't wash a car as well as handwashing. You get what you pay for. It is fine if the car is reasonably clean already.

        • Oh I totally agree! If you don't have time to wash your car (if you have kids like me), and you don't want to scratch your car in a car wash, then a touchless car wash is the next best option :)

    • I would only use it on an older car.

  • Lol how did you source this?
    Will Z rep be surprised if I ask him/her to scan this barcode or this is an actual promo they are running atm?

    • I have this (or something identical) from work benefits. The few times I've used this, only one cashier asked to see the email it came from as they weren't aware of this discount. I told him I couldn't find it and he was pretty chill about it.

  • I have always been skeptical about car washes. My laziness was not letting me wash my car, and suddenly it was a year without washing it. Gave up and took it to the BP car wash. Well, I was happy as with it. haha

  • If you are tactful with soap distribution, you can get a decent wash at Self Service Carwashes for $4-$6, but I guess it involves getting out of the car

    • +4

      Eww - you mean walking around outside of your home? How 2019 :-)

    • +1

      Just not a fan of the big soapy/foamy broom brush. I reckon it leaves scratches.

      • And sprinting around trying to wash off the soap within 60 seconds.

      • I BYO large car brush bought from SCA after witnessing some folks using the selfwash brushes on their muddy tyres eww, never ever use those brushes. Also witnessed a guy using the complimentary window squeegee at petrol station forecourt to wash their dirty tyres wtf no.

  • +7

    since when cheapies pay for car wash

    • Yes, I have used 2 free washes from their app. Would never pay for it as t doesn't work well enough.

  • +1

    That's the Boost (N3) Code, just be wary they may ask you to open it in the Boost Application to prove your a member.

    It's part of the terms and conditions of use.

    (I am a Boost\N3 Member)

  • Meh 10c sim cards + mobil smiles = almost free, almost endless car washes. Alternatively plenty of $1 sims out there.

    • which ones? warehouse sim is 5$ now

      • +1

        Harvey Norman often have SIM cards discounted. Right now the following are $1 until Wed 22nd Feb (limit 2)

        • 2Degrees
        • Skinny
        • Spark
        • Vodafone

        Otherwise, Warehouse Mobile SIM is $2.79 using CSCBG Main membership at Noel Leeming.

        • +2

          I went in a few weeks ago to buy 4, 2 and 2. they had vodafone on special for 10c each. i asked what the limit was, no limit so walked out with 40, currently making my way through $200 worth of birthday moolah with waitomo. Not to mention $200 voda credit with IOU's and possible 40 car washes and coffees with Mobil. Not bad for 4 bucks and a few hours of setup time .

          • +1

            @honza: Dedicated cheapie!

          • @honza: Voda One has made changes to their app, now no longer works boohoo

            • @The Hound: Have they stopped the IOU up to $5.00?

              • @Alan6984: no, just the daily deals in the app if you don't top up (excluding IOU)

                • @The Hound: I am still seeing the daily deals in the My One NZ app?
                  Sim has no credit - only registered to the app.
                  I can spin the daily deals and last week I got a free 500Mb of data which I was able to claim.

                  • @bigcheese: I meant only applies to new accounts. But hold up! Seems to be working now 😁 App still buggy perhaps since the changeover 2, 3 weeks ago.

                    • @The Hound: I only registered the sim a couple of weeks ago so it is a new account.

          • @honza: dont forget $600 off on menulog

  • Awesome, thanks. Some how it was free for me.

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