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Domino's Pizza: 50% Cashback (up to $50, Instore and Online) @ Dosh Card (Saturday 28 January)


Received via email but not targeted.

Dosh spending big on acquiring users. If you don't already have a Dosh card unlikely to be useful to you as no way you get one today.

Combine with 40% Domino's offer on Gourmet and Traditional pizzas offer to get effectively 70% off your pizza. Cheers honza for the tip!

Pizza party! After the success of our one-day McDonald's 50% cashback promo, we're doing it all again. This time at Domino's Pizza Restaurants.🍕

Head along to Domino's Pizza or order directly online this Saturday 28 January, pay with your Dosh Card and get 50% cashback!

Add money to your Dosh account then tell all your mates!

If you prefer to add money via bank transfer, make sure you do by this tomorrow ahead of the weekend. Otherwise, you can top up instantly in-app at any stage.

Here's what you need to know:

  • One day only 50% cashback when you pay with your Dosh Card at Domino's Pizza Restaurants
  • Runs from 12.01am - 11.59pm Saturday 28 January
  • 50% cashback on purchases up to $50
  • Cashback will be paid Tuesday 31 January
  • Cashback is not paid on refunds or reversals
  • Our 50% Domino's Pizza Cashback Deal is available in store and online only when the purchase is made with your Dosh Card
  • Online purchases must be made directly via Domino's.
  • Purchases made via third party delivery companies are not eligible

T&Cs apply. Valid 12.01am-11.59pm NZT, 28.1.23

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  • Does Dosh or any other similar card have a "virtual only" card as in a non-physical card and/or PayWave through a phone?

      • Wow I didn't know Wise had Apple Pay intergration!

    • not yet. hopefully soon.. :)

    • +1

      Hi ahmad, Dosh Card will be available via digital this year, just working through the formalities. cheers

  • +2

    luckily i have a dosh card.

    • +1

      me too :)

    • Ordered mine last week, got an email yesterday saying it will take approx 10-15 business days to get to me

  • Any good vouchers to really cash in?

    • 40% off gormet and traditional via the app

      • +4

        Pay with your Dosh Card and get 50% cashback on top of the promo price! How good. 👍

        • +1

          70% off basically!

  • +2

    Dosh rep, with online orders, do I need to pick up the pizza pie on Saturday to get the cashback or can I schedule it for a few days later?

    • There is no way for them to tell based on the transaction. Unless dominos agrees to share order details, which I find highly unlikely for a minor issue.

    • as long as the payment goes through on the 28th you should be in the clear

    • +1

      Hi Martinprince,
      The transaction on your Dosh card needs to be on Saturday, to get the cashback.

  • is this cashback available for purchases made through the dominoes app?

    • +2

      Yes according to their terms:

      Only purchases made directly from Domino's Pizza restaurants in store, online or via the Domino's app are eligible.

  • Hi bigcheese,
    Dosh Cashback deal is available direct from store and driect online via app. But not via uber eats and other 3rd party platforms.

    • How do you treat third-party payment providers like PayPal? Would a purchase directly from the retailer, but made via PayPal count?

      • Dosh is the payment provider. They are not a cashback company like cashrewards.

        • Dosh is a card provider. You can link the Dosh card to PayPal but statements would appear as “PAYPAL *DOMINOS”, instead of “Dominos” for example. Just curious if they would honour the cashback.

          • @coach: Is this a theoretical question? AFAIK you can't pay Domino's via PayPal in NZ and I doubt Dosh will honour the deal for Australian orders.

            • @Nil Einne: Yes, since they do have cashback rewards for retailers that do accept PayPal e.g. Platypus

      • Probably not via PayPal.. Pay direct

  • Domino's app is not letting any orders go through. Returning a payment error regardless of what payment type you choose.

    • Worked for me

  • T&Cs went 404.

    Trying to check if I order more than $50, does it only do the cashback up to $50 or they won't honour it?

    • Only up to $50. Any above won’t be eligible to Cashback I would presume

      • Shit mine was $50.28 but cannot see the T&C's on website or app

        From the wording it would make sense that they would only give cash back upto $50 meaning you can spend upto $100
        Otherwise cash back would only be upto $25 if the purchase was only $50 and under
        but idk 🤷‍♂️

        • Yeah it’s not clear.. I went conservative and interpreted as $50 spend ($25 credit)

        • Looks like I interpreted it wrongly. Up to $50 cashback aka up to $100 spend to get the max cashback.

          Good work :)

          • @bench: nah i only got $25.00 even though i spent $50.28 so 14c short so seems it was upto $50.00 spend meaning $25.00 max cashback

            • @Huntakillaz: Weird. I got $25.56 Cashback for spending $51.12 (in 3 separate transactions)

  • I wonder how dosh makes money with deals like this.

    • +2

      Fairly sure they're losing money on these deals. As the OP suggested this is effectively part of their marketing to get people to sign up for and to remember to use Dosh cards. If these sort of things succeed they'll make money from people using their cards. If they get big enough they may also be able to negotiate some sort of cross promotion with retailers where each takes a loss. They could possibly also negotiate direct payments bypassing Visa or the card providers taking their cut. Potentially Dosh could also add other features e.g. credit cards which will help them make more money, and being larger is likely to help them with that.

      Although they already have a fair degree of market potential. Notably a combination of factors has meant so far NZ has hadn't any real non bank instant or mobile payment system have success like it has in a lot of the world e.g. PayPal in the US and later Venmo. (In many developing countries mobile payment systems are actually a far bigger deal than cards even for retail transactions.) Instead for small stuff it's been bank to bank transfers which have dominated e.g. what people use for TradeMe etc and with even some vendors at the Auckland night markets etc doing that. And some use of WeChat among the Chinese community and various other things at a small scale. This seems to have been Dosh's original target and if Dosh is able to convince people to use Dosh for such things they'll likely be very successful. It's a big 'if' IMO but getting lots of people to have Dosh will help. And there's also the target market for that, I suspect these deals actually fit well with it.

      • Completely agree. Fingers crossed the next promo is KFC? (Maccas -> Dominos -> ???)

  • I just ordered a dosh card. Is there any way I can use this offer via online payment through dosh?

    • Unfortunately not

  • @DoshNZ

    How long does BNZ to BNZ transfer take for topping up?

    • Fyi: Took about 20mins

  • Just got my cashback :)

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