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3 Months Free Power for Customers with a Newborn (From 1st Feb 2023, Limited to 1,000 Contact Customers) @ Contact Energy


Contact Energy is wiping the energy charges for three monthly bills in a row for 1,000 Contact customers with a baby born from 1 February. This applies to both estimated and actual usage bills as invoiced at the time and excludes bottled gas & broadband charges
Applications open 1 February 2023

Who can apply?

  • Fourth Trimester is available to residential Contact customers who have a baby born from 1 February 2023.
  • You can apply anytime from 1 February 2023.
  • You’ll need to provide relevant documentation, such as your hospital discharge notice and an email address.
  • You need to be on a monthly billing cycle. Fourth Trimester is not available with certain billing and account types.
  • Fourth Trimester is limited to 1,000 customers and will be given on a first in, first served basis.
  • Please note, if you move house or leave Contact during the Fourth Trimester it won’t apply from the date that occurs.

Important things to know

  • Fourth Trimester is a plan add-on available to Contact customers who have a newborn in the primary household. It is limited to one offer per newborn and per household.
  • Customers who received the Fourth Trimester cannot receive another one within 12 months of this one ending.
  • You can apply from 1 February 2023 onwards for babies born from that date.
  • You’ll need to provide documentation to prove that there is a newborn in the household. For a full list of accepted documentation, please check out the FAQs.
  • Fourth Trimester is limited to 1,000 customers and will be allocated on a first in, first served basis.
  • The Fourth Trimester provides around three months of free energy and energy related service fees to eligible customers in the form of bill credits taking the relevant charges to zero for three consecutive full monthly bills after acceptance and does not include broadband, bottled LPG or outstanding debt.
  • If you leave or move house, the Fourth Trimester will end and no credit will be given for any remaining period.
  • This will apply to both estimated and actual bills and no credit will be given for any estimated read which is subsequently adjusted.
  • Because the free energy will be based off your standard billing cycle, you may receive more or less than 90 days’ worth of free energy. Where you receive less than 90 days, we will apply a further credit on your bill following the end of the Fourth Trimester which will be based on your average daily usage.
  • It’s available at the customers primary residence where the newborn baby is residing in.
  • Not available to PrePay, ControlPay, SmoothPay, weekly or fortnightly billing, collective or multisite billing customers.

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  • Awesome initiative from contact energy

  • +4

    Dagger. Should've told my kid to wait a few months.

  • +2

    Dang breeders get all the kickbacks 😁

    • -2

      According to Elon Musk, we need more people, breeders should be encouraged.

  • Last time this was offered

    • +6

      If you don't want to share that information, then you don't have to apply?

    • +1

      No I don't think it's a breach.
      A breach would be if they got your medical discharge notice or other details without your consent.
      If you don't consent then they won't receive this information - but of course you also won't get the deal.
      They need to have a way to verify you qualify.

    • +2

      There's many ways to prove the birth of a child - the first page of the Plunket book IIRC is pretty simple. We were in this scheme last year and we sent through a letter with the due date which was well within the window and didn't include any "private medical information".

      It's not coercion, that list is things they'll accept, not a fixed list of the only ways to show the birth date. Like I said - all we sent was a letter with the expected DOB.

    • It's completely up to you - same as any other agreement between two consenting private parties.

      You could go to market, and offer any of the power companies a deal for you to sign up with them for five years at any price you like to name, and in return they have to supply you with the full medical records of their CEO.

      Doubt any would agree (I would not if it were me running a power company), but you are free to make the offer, and they are free to accept or not - nobody is 'coercing' anyone else.

  • +1

    Dang I wonder if it’s worth switching from PowerShop if the 1000 spaces run out.

    • +1

      Yeah I would also have to switch from powershop, was hoping someone would help with the analysis there. If you switch and miss out that would be a big fail.

      • Exactly. And we have a lot of power packs pre-purchased through PowerShop. Assuming you can get a refund but then can't re-buy if you switch back.

        • You will get refunded on any unused powerpacks.

          Although if you end up moving back to powershop that one pack that offers a discount based on how long you have been a member will reset.

          Has anyone compared the rates between powershop and Contact?

        • +1

          Can confirm that you get refunded with your unused power packs as I was with powershop prior to Contact for this offer last year.

          I didn't like the way powershop calculate their rate with the powerpacks discount etc.
          It's really confusing and I think I found out that I was paying more if not for the cheaper guarantee and their join credit.

  • Joined them last year when they offered this. Really helpful to not worry about crancking the heatpump for the baby etc.

    Looking at the requirements, it slightly different as I was able to just provide the midwife letter saying the baby ETA and his birth certificate when he's born from memory

    • Looks like it's still the same in terms of documentation.
      The discharge letter was just an example.
      Acceptable documentation list includes:

      • Hospital discharge notice
      • Plunket Well Child Health Book (first page)
      • Baby’s birth certificate
      • Confirmation of baby’s IRD number letter
      • Adoption order letter
      • Oranga Tamariki letter custody/guardianship letter
      • I guess the difference is a letter of ETA can occur while you are still pregnant. The requirements now are after the baby is born, so can't get in as fast.

      • Yeah, I was able to apply before he was born but only applied to the born month from memory.
        Like Mikeynz, I think it's around 500-600 dollars that we got from the trimester last year

  • +2

    Hmmm, it looks like the difference between this year and last year is that this year you can't apply until after your baby is born, whereas last year you could apply if you had a baby on the way (within 3 months of the promo start date, I think?).

    We've got a bub due late April so I think we'll probably just miss out on this…
    My rough maths:
    ~1150 babies born per week.
    Contact has a 20% share of households - so maybe 230 eligible babies born per week (1150*0.2).

    Even if 25% of eligible customers miss the memo, this promo will likely run out around mid March (1000/172 = ~6 weeks).

    Ah well. 😁

  • We did this last year, and it was great, especially as we had it in winter, so the heat pump , dryer was working all the time, very hand for a new born. At the time we were NOT with contact, but joined the day it went live and managed to sign up, saves us around $800 so was a great bonus.

  • +1

    Does a newborn baby cat count?

    • Maybe, if you can get a birth certificate or adoption letter….🤷‍♂️

  • We did this last year, it was even better then because it was in the colder months. Great to have a promo that doesn't just target new customers.

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