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4 Wicked Wings, Regular Chips, Potato & Gravy, Bread Roll & Regular Drink for $8.99 @ KFC


4 Wicked Wings, reg Chips, Potato & Gravy, a Bread Roll & a reg Drink for $8.99 @KFC

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    I’m not able to find it? How do you get to it?

    • It's the $8.99 Wicked Box

  • Anyone can tell me why I can't order thru the app? I select order > pick up > click on "use my location", but then I'm unable to select my local store to proceed to order, been like this since I install the app

    • Not every store offers pickup.

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    kfc's not been good since 90's early 2000's

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      In what way?, I find its too greesy and soggy and barely hold its form, its the most unpresentable food i can think of.

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        Wicked wings are generally pretty reliable. Unfortunate that the potato and gravy goes straight in the bin now.

        • what happened to the the potato and gravy?.

          • @coffeee: To me it has a slight floral taste, or soapy taste. Even if i eat in store.
            I noticed it when they changed the containers.
            I know some people cant taste it, and kfc claim there is no recipie change and the containers are food safe, probably true but i cant not taste it.

            I hate coriander and reckon it tastes like it's been blended up in there.

      • KFC is so good and juicy, the chicken pieces are not soggy at all and are krispy

        • Which kfc?, So many are a hit and miss.

          • @coffeee: KFC Sylvia Park
            When I go there I always ask for fresh chicken and they cook me a new batch

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      The quality of KFC all comes down to the branch, time and a bit luck

      • Especially time, go at 10am when they open up for the krispiest chicken.

        • Last time I went that early for a burger and wings, the burger bun was obviously stake and left open from the night before lol

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        Yes, when i go i always assess the joint, check staff, how slippery the floor is,are the tables clean, how much is in the warmer and how busy, and how long it takes to get service.

        • lol this guy knows his KFC. So I take it you avoid the Birkenhead store like the plaque.

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    Just FYI this is also available directly in-store, without needing a coupon code or anything. Was at KFC Fort St today and it was on the menu

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