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Tidal Monthly: Hi-Fi Arg$99 (~NZ$0.85), Hi-Fi Plus Arg$145 (~NZ$1.24), Family Arg$225 (~N$1.93) @ Tidal Argentina (VPN Required)


Good deal I just signed up with - courtesy of OZBargain!

NOTE: If you are having issues with payment method, on the C.C. confirmation page, disable VPN before confirm to pay

Sign up is very easy. Note this works for new accounts only.

  1. Turn on VPN to Argentina. Tunnelbear worked for me (Nord VPN didn't)
  2. Click on deal link to pricing page, or here: https://tidal.com/pricing
  3. Ensure pricing shows ARS currency. If not, try a different VPN.
  4. Click through registration process on the plan you want. Note if it shows up with $145 in the later steps dont worry, the system clearly means ARS 145.
  5. New Zealand credit visa worked fine for me. Trial period is 30 days, so you won't be charged till then anyway.
  6. After sign up, you can turn off VPN, verify your email address (email comms will be in Spanish). Sign into your devices and play like usual, without a vpn required.

Please share your experiences with what VPN/cards you used to help others.

If you want to transfer your playlists over from other services, go to https://tidal.com/import-playlist

Hi-Fi plus is usually $29.99/month NZD.

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  • Is this the OzBargain post @KT?

    • Yes that's the one! Fortunately the exchange rates have improved so it's even cheaper since then too

  • Think TunnelBear worked for me too when I tried this a few months back.

  • +1

    Worked for me using SurfShark - just had to disable VPN at payment screen. Thanks team,

  • +1

    Worked for me. Cheers OP.

    I used VPN Unlimited + Wise card.

  • Thank you OP! VPN unlimited and Wise card worked for me also 👌

  • Working got premium thanks for this

  • Tidal-gui comes in real handy too :D

  • I think it has worked for me using Surfshark and deactivating it at the payment screen as per @Mikeynz.

    I got the family subscription which the website told me was 225 but at the payment screen it said it was 145 and now when I look at my details on the website under "Your subscription" it is saying "Price $999/month". So I guess we will see what happens after the free trial

  • "Hi-Fi plus is usually $29.99/month NZD""
    "Now thats expensive!!

    Apart from higher quality audio (which i think the average persons ear can't really tell the difference anyways?)
    What other benefits are there compared with Spotify?

    Thanks :)

    • +1

      For most people listening to music through Bluetooth headphones, you cannot make use of the lossless audio.

      Bluetooth bandwidth can't do lossless bit size.

      I have tried tidal in the past and went back to spotify. I prefer spotify's algorithm and overall feels better to use.

      I get both for free so it doesn't matter to me which costs more.

      • +2

        I am not an audiophile but I have the Sony WH-1000XM4 headphones and although they don't support lossless audio they do have the high quality LDAC codec if you play through a device that also has that (my Pixel phone does). To my layman's ears, Tidal definitely sounds better than Spotify but Qobuz sounds way better than both of them. I do listen to a lot of metal and drums, particularly symbols sound way better. Discovery and app experience are miles ahead on Spotify though. Your mileage may vary though!

        • Agree with Qobuz sounds way better, the difference is so obvious when I listen with my HD800s.

  • Just found out Tidal is not compatible with Alexa outside of the US

  • Worked great for me using SurfShark, thanks @KT

  • +2

    Nice, just signed up using Tunnelbear. I didn't need to disable my VPN during payment (but I used a Wise virtual card so shruggie)

    • My exact experience too. Great deal can't believe how cheap this is. Perfect for the odd few dollars that end up in your wise account.

  • I'm having some trouble getting passed the payment page.
    I've tried Wise (physical and digital card) and ANZ. Tried while connected to VPN and disconnected.
    Still no luck.
    Any suggestions?

  • No luck, anyone tried this recently and had any success…??

  • All good things must come to an end…
    I have been doing this successfully for over a year. However, my latest payment was refused and I can't add any new payment methods. Ozbargain comments say the same thing.

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