This was posted 4 months 18 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Unlimited Gig Fibre (869/506Mbps) $67.95/Mo (12 Month Plan) BYO Modem, Signup via Broadband Compare @ Slingshot (New Customer)


Link is direct to Slingshot as required by Cheapies so is $10 more. Sign up via Broadband Compare… for the headline price $67.95 / month.

Was looking at to see if the 2degrees deal was really the best unbundled (i.e. no power, mobile plans etc) deal for 950/500 fibre and found that Slingshot are actually better. $67.95 means even treating the Prezzy Card as cashback, it's still better over the 12 months as you'll pay $815.40 compared to $960-$100=$860. This is a 12 month contract with $250 early termination fee.

The Slingshot deal does not include free modem rental, if you want to rent the Orbi modem for $5 it ends up $875.40 (ignoring shippping as both are pretty much the same) so becomes a worse deal. Likewise no Prime Video so if you value that this is probably a worse deal. (If you already have Prime Video via Amazon Prime US, Australia, Türkiye then I imagine you don't care much about Prime Video from 2degrees.) On the plus side, Slingshot still doesn't use CG-NAT AFAIK.

For 300/100 fibre, Slingshot are $57.95 so taking the Prezzy card into account are worse $695.40 vs $680. Although maybe still better if you want to avoid CG-NAT or are an existing 2degrees customer and they refuse to match. Note however I didn't look into 300/100 fibre prices.

As said like with the 2degrees deal, you need to sign up via BB Compare for an additional $10 off. When you use them, it adds a long token to the URL which is needed for the extra $10. This token never changed for me even with a different IP, different details and in private mode but I don't know when or if it might change so for that reason & out of fairness to BB Compare didn't include it in my link. If you do it properly it should show this initially

Broadband (Fibre)
Unlimited Plan $89.95/month
Broadband Discount -$22.00/month
Broadband $10 credit for 12 months -$10.00/month

The last line is missing if you don't signup via Broadband Compare. (Middle line is missing if you don't use the code.) You can switch to gigantic (their name for 950/500) and it will add $10 more.

You will get additional discounts for bundling but I don't consider these worthwhile. Note while I didn't look into power bundle deals at all, but it seems possibly better to skip BB Compare if signing up for a power bundle. Despite the attractive $37.95 headline rate, you get a $250 credit if you don't use BB Compare which all up means I think it's $469.40 over 12 months vs $455.40 on Broadband Compare. But you also get either a Bose Bluetooth speaker or Nespresso if you don't use BB Compare which I suspect you can probably Trademe for more than the difference.

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    slingshot termination notice 30 days, so remember to call them to cancel 30 days before your contract ends.

    they also do partial refund if you go over your 365 days contract

    • 100% this - except they are useless so get a email or confirmation and if you dont call back straight away- I had to call them 3 times - and they kept billing me even thou I have swapped. Promised refunds, that never came. They seem to have a rule that is if they waste enough of your time you eventually give up, which is the case for me. They also seem to employ some of the least intelligent people you could ever hope to speak to who dont even understand the basics of the systems they seem to be using. Unless the savings are vast, you will probably end up wishing you paid more if you ever have to deal with their customer people (its definitely not customer service)

      • I can confirm, cancelling with them was an absolute joke. I cancelled before I even started, they still went ahead and ported my connection and took 2 months to get resolved, plus side is they gave me 2 months free internet, but it took hours off my life sorting the mess that should have never started

  • As slingshot are owned by vocus, the product should be the same as 2degrees/orcon?

    • Hard to say IMO. Orcon and Slingshot have been together for long enough that most of their network is operated the same. 2degrees is a more recent addition so I'm not sure if this is the case. OTOH, someone claims here… that new 2degrees customers are being placed on the Vocus network although as another commentator mentioned, that does raise the question of whether that also means they're no longer on CG-NAT.

      Note that AFAIK the front line support are still operated separately. I think this is the case even for Slingshot & Orcon.

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      The merger is relatively recent and it often takes years and years for the actual products to be identical. I'd be quite surprised if the former 2degrees/snap network and the orcon/slingshot networks are actually merged at any level beyond ownership at this point.

  • Thanks for the write up OP very nicely done. Gonna have to give this a good thought and maybe take this deal on.

    I'm currently on Skinny, any idea if that modem will work with this plan?

    • +1

      Possibly. You need to check if you can change the WAN to use DHCP and Vlan tagging. (Spark including Skinny etc uses PPPoE.) Those old and not very good Huawei HG659 can do, but no idea about the new Spark Smart Modems. Surprisingly couldn't find anyone discussing it. (It definitely could do these, just depends if Spark have locked down the firmware enough that you can't change to them.)

      See… for some basic help.

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        I was able to do it for ek. The config settings are on the website. Check if they are the same as 2D

        • +1

          I am stupid, so had to Bing "ek". It didn't help.

          Did you accidentally forget some characters?

          • @boldbilly: Electric Kiwi?

          • @boldbilly: Electric Kiwi - I would guess?

          • @boldbilly: Yep is electric kiwi.

            My bad as got used to using the initialism from lots of talk in the forums.

  • Can't seem to get the last $10 discount, going via the link…

    Monthly Charges
    Broadband (Fibre)
    Unlimited Plan $89.95/month
    Fibre Speed Boost $10.00/month
    Broadband Discount -$22.00/month

    • Based on the above - that is correct.

      You have to use the link provided if you want the extra $10 (and don't value the other items).

      • got it !!

        • Cool :-)

          Seems like a good deal to me. I am already with Slingshot, but they might lose me elsewhere if they won't honour it for existing customers. I'll have to see when I get into it in early Feb.

  • Any recommendations on a mid-range modem that would be suitable for these speeds? I'm currently with Skinny using their Arcaduan smart modem. My usage is mainly for Netflix and online gaming (Playstation).

    • Oftentimes the supplied modem is good enough, especially for Neflix. Others here will know more though.

      • +2

        All of these posts months after they were discussed in the forums.

        • To be fair this deal was sort of posted before although the time it was $15 more for gigabit fibre so was $5 more and you could bypass Broadband compare completely. (Probably you still can, I suspect that long tracking number might just stay working for a long time and has nothing important in it.) But also I don't pay much attention to the forums so found this independently after seeing the 2degrees dealing and exploring. For various haven't churned for a while and kept missing the good deals too.

          More generally, I think the reason these deals are attracting more attention is because there seems to be fewer options now. With Skinny now down to 1 month, these seem to be best deals by decent margin if you aren't bundling. When this was posted in April last year, it was only a few months from Skinny's 6 months, and they were still offering 4 months free. Notably anyone who signed up for Skinny's 6 months free probably came off their contract quite recently so is in the market right now. (Sadly that isn't me.)

    • Do you know that you need these "speeds"?

      A lot of people get bandwidth confused with latency.

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    Thanks OP. $10 reduction if you only want 300/100 it looks like at $57.95 which is not bad but the gigabit one is great bang for buck.

    Has anyone seen an expiry date anywhere?

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    So, for 300/100 is this correct,
    2degrees - $58 per month + amazon prime + free modem rental, but does CG-NAT
    Slingshot - $58 per month + no CG-NAT

    • +1

      Did you include the modem delivery fee for 2degrees in your calculation? 2degrees should comes out slightly cheaper otherwise although you're right it doesn't make sense to exclude the fee if you're going for the free modem. I think you can probably tell 2degrees you don't want the free rental and save the $15 if you don't want the free rental modem. But this does demonstrate we're talking very small differences so it probably comes down more to CG-NAT and Prime and I guess other minor things like the hassle or benefit of the Prezzie card, and Slingshot's 30 day vs 2degrees day before billing for cancellations.

      Note if CG-NAT matters to you, you might want to explore more if 2degrees are still CG-NAT. It was mentioned here new 2degrees customers are generally put on the Vocus network suggesting they might not have CG-NAT… unfortunately no one seems to have confirmed this. You could try asking 2degrees however there's a fair chance unless you can get past the low level help desk you'll just be given the bog standard answer which might not have been updated in a while. Frankly posting on Geekzone with a specific question might be the best way to get a decent answer.

      • yes I did add the $15 modem delivery fee in the calculation.
        Thanks for the geekzone link, I'll ask 2degrees as well and ask geekzone

        • I am sure 2Degree does CG-NAT. You have to pay extra $10 to get a public IP. I just switched from 2degree to Slingshot one month ago because of CG-NAT

          • @sankim2: Sometime late last year (might have been Nov 2022 - can't recall exactly), I had a client that was with 2Degrees, and asked for a fixed public IP, and was told they had none available at that time.

            I can only guess that they could have supplied a dynamic public IP, just not a fixed one for whatever reason.

            Probably fine now, but might be worth making it explicit that you need one from whatever date, and that it is a critical / required part of the service provision.

            • @Alan6984: That's an important issue. I'm not sure if 2degrees actually offer dynamic public IPs. I think they might only of static IPs, that's all they mention in their FAQ… . IIRC, that's been the case for quite a few providers using CG-NAT they've only tended to offer static IPs. I assume they've decided there's little real cost or set-up advantage to offering a dynamic public IP.

              @sankim2 : 2degrees definitely did CG-NAT before, it's well documented and still what their site says. It sounds like the switch from the Snap network to the Vocus network (which might mean the end of CG-NAT on 2degrees although this is unconfirmed) for new customers only happened (if it did) maybe in late November last year. Old customers are very likely still on Snap, I expect they will be for quite a while perhaps unless they request a change. So if you didn't join then leave nearly straight away you probably wouldn't have been on Vocus anyway.

  • I would take the 2degrees offer, they give Orbi modem

    Whereas Slingshot gives Netcomm modem which will give alot of headache.

    • No Slingshot gives no router with this deal. If you sign up for the $5 router rental they give you the same Orbi as 2degrees. Probably exactly the same, from discussion on Geekzone it sounds like 2degrees are moving to using the Vocus network for new customers including supplied equipment. (Although Vocus doesn't only use Orbi, I believe Orcon still uses the Google Nest. But I do think Slingshot were offering the Orbi before 2degrees who stuck with the FritzBox that Snap chose.)

  • I started to sign up with the power bundle on their site. It initially shows as $59.95 a month but when I click Next the $10 credit for 12 months is removed :( I'm currently with Contact for power, fibre and gas (supplied by rockgas), fibre is $60 a month in the bundle, but I'm sure I saw it was going up soon so I'm keen to change. The gas bottles are the killer though, they were $105 2 years ago, $145 now.

    Broadband (Fibre)
    Unlimited Plan $89.95/month
    Broadband Discount -$20.00/month
    Broadband $10 credit for 12 months -$10.00/month

    • LPG costs aren't the same around the country, but I'm with OnGas and they put their prices up from $122 to $132 in July. $10 less isn't really worth bothering with though.

      • how many litres is that for?

  • Seems both 2degrees and Slingshot have pretty poor reviews on broadbandcompare, both 5.8/10.

    There's obviously an element of good customers rarely leaving good reviews which inevitably causes low ratings.

    I'm with Nova Energy currently, costs aren't great but literally zero complaints and they have even worse rating of 5.4.

    What are people's thoughts?

    • I was with 2Degrees for broadband prior to shifting to Skinny.
      No issues with the broadband itself with 2Degrees but when I had the need to get in touch with them it's awful.
      Emails not responded to and if you time it badly it could take up to an hour on hold via phone. They don't use a callback system so you have no choice but to wait.
      You will know the words to every Six60 and Drax Project song though from their repeating hold music!

      • Same experience with 2Degrees (on behalf of a client) late last year - the wait times were ridiculous.

    • -1

      who cares about customer service? In 15 years the only time I've had to contact my ISP is when I wanted to switch to another provider.

  • Just my 2 cents, steer well clear of slingshot for internet.

    Case and point:
    Stuff fibre had great customer service, no frills easy broadband using Devoli. Just went pretty much downhill after they got sold to Vocus and the moment they switched their backend.

    Recent Google reviews for Stuff Fibre are pretty telling of people’s experience.

    I’ve got pretty bad experiences with both Orcon and later Stuff fibre. That being said, if you’ve got no internet issues and never have to speak to anyone then this probably doesn’t matter.

    2degrees is also being merged with Vocus so curious to know how that has played out.

  • Oh dang, does this work for existing customers? I been with them for years with the $110ish per month for 1g fibre plus home phone

    • Oh dang, does this work for existing customers?

      No, but if you've got someone living with you with a different name, then yea. Just tell Slingshot you're moving in 30 days and have another provider lined up and then sign the other person up for this offer.

  • i don't know why it is but I was with slingshot last year and had multiple days of slow internet/ down internet. It resolved itself eventually, I didn't bother contacting slingshot, but it was noticeable. I'm with skinny now and I don't notice this anymore. I don't know if it's Vocus problem or chorus problem or on my end, but i didn't change my setup. also note internet was upgraded from 100mbs to 300mbs near the end of my contract with slingshot (chorus thing)

    • That was a vocus problem.

      • Yes - Pretty sure all my clients with any of the Vocus group experienced the same thing (might even have been a complete outage across Vocus for an hour or so, which is very unusual, on fibre connections at least).

  • Do we know if there is an expiry on this deal?

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