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Market Kitchen Sauces 350-400ml Range (e.g., Garlic Aioli 400ml, Red Wine Vinaigrette 350ml), 3 for $8 @ The Warehouse


Market Kitchen Garlic Aioli 400ml 3 for $8 (1 for $4) @ The Warehouse

  • Garlic Aioli 400ml
  • Tomato Sauce 400ml
  • BBQ Sauce 400ml
  • Asian Style Dressing 350ml
  • Sweet Chilli 400ml
  • Balsamic Dressing 350ml
  • Red Wine Vinaigrette 350ml
  • Italian White Wine Vinaigrette 350ml
  • Hot Tomato Sauce 400ml

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    Have tried aioli and bbq and both are great. Aioli is the best aioli I’ve bought off shelf. For 8 bucks you can’t go wrong

  • I believe the same outsourced company who manufactures Culley’s also makes these so they’ll be a quality product

    • Interesting. Any source on this?

      • I am aware Culley’s doesn’t own any manufacturing facilities as they use an outsourced manufacturer which is why you see their flavours chop and change so much because if a particular flavour doesn’t perform, they’ll just tell the manufacturer to stop making it. All the bottles in this “Market” range are exactly the same as Culley’s bottles… just putting two and two together

        • Yes I believe you’re right @w4tchm4an.

          The company also makes Simon Gault’s sauce/s I believe. The name of it will come to me!!

  • Well I got some ailoi, tomato sauce, and bbq sauce. Will give it a go and see what it's like.

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    Hi, can some please tell me if the Garlic Aioli is as strong as the Heinz Seriously Good Garlic Lovers or closer to Heinz Seriously Good Garlic Aioli. Thanks

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    They are good sauces - we use alot of the BBQ - but it is worth pointing out that when they changed the packaging from pouches to bottles they shrunk from 500ml to 400ml - and the standard price did not reduce at all. This is equivalent of a 20% price increase. Edit: Just checked Jan, Feb and Aug 2022 I was paying $2.49 for the larger 500 pouches. so its likely the price went up when the packets got smaller

  • Anyone know if you can mix and match 3 different ones for $8?

    EDIT: I just tried it and yes you can !

  • Aunt Betty's Creamy Rice Vanilla 100g 4 Pack $1.97

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