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Xbox Gamepass Ultimate - 3 Years for $180.51 (VPN Required) @ CD Keys / Gamivo


Bought a new Xbox Series S and was looking at the cheapest way to get ultimate and came across the below, requires a VPN with South Africa, I used my Nord VPN subscription.

  1. Account with no active subscription
  2. Purchased 3 x Xbox Live Gold (South Africa) keys from CD Keys (currently $58.59 each) https://www.cdkeys.com/12-month-xbox-live-gold-membership-za
  3. Purchased 1 Month Xbox Live Ultimate from Gamivo ($4.74) https://www.gamivo.com/product/xbox-game-pass-ultimate-1-mon…
  4. With a VPN connection to South Africa, redeemed the 3 codes in #2.
  5. Disconnected VPN and redeemed the code from #3
  6. I now have XBL Ultimate until 9 January 2026

$58.59 x 3 + $4.74 = $180.51

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    What about Turkey via Eneba OP? (12 x 3 = $147.71)

    • and if anyone else signed up to bynogame:
      Turkey also: (12 x 3 = $137.79nzd) - so likely other sites around this price
      I mean even at the $160ish nzd I paid two years ago - I have been very happy (although I dont use it much at all)

    • Is there a particular reason to do it 3 years at a time or can i just do 1 or 2?

      • It's the maximum you can do in one go.

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    Has anyone heard of user's accounts being suspended/restricted/banned for doing this? It is tempting, but the loss of saved games and purchases etc from my account could never justify it.

    • I've personally used this method (but using Turkey instead of SA) since Dec 2021. For some reason some of my gamerscore records are in Japanese but other than that all the games work perfectly.

    • I think the ones that got suspended purchased ultimate (not gold) keys that were acquired illegally using some bug then sold on

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    I think I'm over 3 years in since I signed up via brazillian Xbox live gold codes and keep applying more time as and when offers appear so still got a sub until 2025. Microsoft haven't said anything to me yet.

    Anyone signing up it's very worth joining Microsoft rewards as if you can earn 300 points a day you pretty much have your gamepass paid for perpetually by buying a 3 month Xbox live code that converts to 50 days of GPU. Sounds hard but you can get points from:

    54 bing searches a day @ 3 points each-163 points
    Clicking links in the rewards page - 80 points
    Clicking a link on an msn page - 10 to 50 points
    MSN shopping game - up to 100 points

    Add on Xbox quests and rewards and you can clear 300 a day easily with about 5 minutes of effort all from your phone.

    • If you redeem your gold code after your sub has lapsed, you should get a 1:1 conversion rate.

      Every 36 months you just have to pay for a month of ult and you only need to use half the points.

      Speculative only.

      • I'm still kind of paranoid the gold conversion won't be around by the time my sub runs out so favouring keeping the expiry date as far out as I possibly can. Microsoft can't be making money on people buying gamepass this way so it can't last forever. At this point my subscription is about 5 years long for $150 and a couple of minutes effort a day.

        I also did a couple of conversions using ea play when that got rolled in and added a lot of time cheaply using that but they shut that loophole down.

        You can always save up the reward points and if they ever say gold conversions will be changing just cash in the lot as a top up.

      • It is NOT a 1:1 conversion rate when you have an active Gamepass subscription, it's only about 3:1 (i.e. 12 months Gold becomes 4 months Ultimate)
        See: https://www.xbox.com/en-NZ/live/gold/upgrade

        The trick only works when you don't have an active GP subscription.

        • Please read my entire comment before you reply.

          You must have only seen "1:1" and "redeem" because you somehow missed the "after sub has lapsed" part, which I go on to reference further as well.

          The comment I am replying to also recognises the inferior exchange rate.

          • +1

            @Bill: You're right, sorry, read it too quickly!

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