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Finish Ultimate Pro Dishwasher Tablets All In 1 Lemon & Regular, 32 Tablets for $20 @ Countdown


Finish Ultimate Pro Dishwasher Tablets All In 1 Lemon & regular for $20 @Countdown


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Woolworths (Formerly Countdown)

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    $18.99 at certain PNS stores.

    Though these are at the top of Consumers list, don't think I can handle paying $0.62 or $0.59 per tablet.

    • Finish classic 110, used to be 12c now 18c same result in the real world. Some people just like shiny pebbles.

      • Do they work fine on quick cycle of 30+min or you need longer cycle ? I run quick cycle almost 5 days a week unless we have really dirty stuff to put in like pots or pans.

        • Don't know our dishes always dirty. A lot can do with the brand of dishwasher. We have a bosch and a F&P. The Bosch about 15 years old is way better than the F&P that is only about 10 years old and had problems over that time. A tiny bit of dishwashing detergent at the start of the wash as a wetting agent can improve the results especially for a short wash.

          • @pdevonporf: I have bosch (5 yr old) mid-range, and I put tablet directly on the floor so that it starts the action early. So I guess that should cover the wetting agent step. Guess, I will get the small box to try out.

    • We moved away from the tablet a long time ago. Dishwashing powder is a much cheaper option. Never noticed any difference between the washes using the tab and powder.

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        You are right as you can regulate the amount of powder used especially if your dishes are quite clean or half a load you can do a half measurement. But in the good old days when 1-day was selling 2 kg of tablets for $9 and $12, and you're mostly used fill loads of dirty dishes it was more economical to use tablets.

    • Thank you for sharing! I have been struggling to find the 0% fragrance ones for ages now, let alone on sale!

  • Moorhouse has it at 18.99

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