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Huggies Ultimate / Ultra Dry Nappies & Nappy Pants (14-28pk) $5 @ PAK'n SAVE, South Island (+ Pricematch Chemist Warehouse)


Decent price. Ultimate newborn 28pk for example, $20 for 112.

Available at:
Blenheim, Dunedin, Hornby, Invercargill, Moorhouse, Northlands, Queenstown, Rangiora, Riccarton, Timaru, Wainoni

‣ Ultimate Nappies Size 1 Newborn 28pk
‣ Ultimate Nappies Size 2 Infant 24 Pack
‣ Ultra Dry Nappies Boys Size 5 (13-18kg) 16 Pack
‣ Ultra Dry Nappies Boys Size 4 (10-15kg) 18 Pack
‣ Ultra Dry Nappies Girls Size 4 (10-15kg) 18 Pack
‣ Ultra Dry Nappies Girl Size 5 (13-18kg) 16 Pack
‣ Ultra Dry Nappies Girl Size 3 (6-11kg) 22 Pack
‣ Ultra Dry Nappies Boy Size 3 (6-11kg) 22 Pack
‣ Ultra Dry Nappies Girl Size 6 (16kg+) 14 Pack
‣ Ultra Dry Nappy Pants Girl Size 6 (15kg+) 16 Pack
‣ Ultra Dry Nappy Pants Girl Size 5 (12-17kg) 18 Pack
‣ Nappy Pants Ultra Dry, Size 5 12-17kg Boys 18 Pack
‣ Nappy Pants Ultra Dry Size 4 Toddler Girls 20 Pack
‣ Nappy Pants Ultra Dry Size 4 Toddler Boys 20 Pack
‣ Boys' Convenience Nappy Junior Size 6 14 Pack
‣ Boys' Convenience Junior Ultra Dry Pants Size 6 16 Pack


Chemist Warehouse

The Warehouse won’t do a pricematch online because they're currently running a special on Huggies, but I was able to do it in-store. YMMV.


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    wasnt able to get price match at the warehouse due do multibuy

    • Thought as much. Wonder if we’d have better luck in-store.

  • I'm heading to chemist warehouse at lunch to give it a go, will report back!

    • Most CW can only give you one item for price match. I'm not too keen as it's a small pack. Better to grab 4 from PnS directly.

      • That’s what happened to me just now. Could only get one and she wanted to argue that it must be a clearance product. Got it for $4.20.

        • I thought you can only price match in store if the retailer is in the same city?

          • @xsolider: No idea + I make an effort to hide the store location in general.

            • @Wakrak: My local CW always checks the price on their own PC.

    • I got the price beat no issue but they blocked me on multiple of the same item though. Good thing I needed 3 different types.

      Got cheeky and asked what if I walk out of the store and back in and do it all again, they said no citing they'd already seen me that day.
      I mentioned to the supervisor that there's no clause preventing multiple transactions a day.

      They did however happily put the balance of what i wanted aside for me to do it all over again tomorrow.

  • Is the only way to price match with chemist warehouse in store?

  • +1

    Successfully pricematched in-store at The Warehouse. Bought 8 (newborn 28pk) for $40.

    • Nice. make sure you don't overstock the sizes. 8 packs seems too much to me. Babies grow fast before you know it. Just my thoughts.

      • +1

        Thankfully I stuffed up. Got five packs size 1, three packs size 2.

        • Worth stocking up size 3 as your child will need to them eventually.. As this is the lowest ever price for the last 2 years.

      • +1

        Once you hit size 3 I've found you stick with the same size for ages, but my kids were all on the smaller side so ymmv

        • +1

          I got stuck with size 4 for awhile so yes, it happens.

          • @ace310: We got stuck on size 3 for awhile for the younger one, finally up to size 4 pull ups now which are way easier! The Older one actually got stuck on size 6 for ages due to his lack of wanting to use the toilet……

  • nice find, waiting for the warehouse to come online so i can get them to match

    • Think you won't have much luck pricematching online.

      • yep failed because they have a multi-buy offer on it

    • no luck, cited multibuy special so can't pricematch. awfully convenient for them.

      • yea i thought that was a bit off. Didnt think their price promise said they wouldn't match if they already had a promo

  • Could someone please explain how to use pricematch in chemistwarehouse online? Thanks a lot !

    • It's instore only

    • +1

      You could do online price match however it is a bit involved. From their FAQ:

      At Chemist Warehouse if you find a cheaper price on the same item at another New Zealand Registered Pharmacy or New Zealand Retailer with a physical store in NZ we will match it and give you 10% off the difference.

      The price matching policy is limited a maximum quantity of one of each product.

      In Store:
      If you would like to price match in store, please bring a catalogue from the other retailer containing valid proof of their price. The discount will take place during the time you purchase the product in store and our staff may choose to contact the competitor to verify their price before granting the price match.

      Online and Click & Collect:
      If you would like to price match online, please send us a direct link of the product on the competitors’ website it is being advertised on and your order number. Please note we require notification of your price match request within 24 hours of placing an order with us.

      You will need to pay for your order in full, however after your price match has been approved you will receive a refund for the matched price.

  • Willi be able to price match this at Auckland CW store?

    • Yes I just did at CW Westgate and Glen Innes, both stores just cited my phone with the Pak n Save page loaded showing the price.

  • Anyone successfully price matched in Wellington?
    Looking to save some time and energy by heading to the same store and get it.

  • Unsuccessful with price match at warehouse auckland store for size 2 nappies. Person said pak n save item is called "ultimate" and warehouse nappies wasn't "ultimate" and hence different product

  • managed to get price match from chemist warehouse without much fuss.

  • +1

    Thanks op. Price matched at Royal Oak warehouse. Worth checking stock on website before going to the store you are planning to go

  • Got 8 packs size 4 at CW st lukes.

    • did they allow you to price beat the same items more than once at the same time?

      • Yes they did. My wife came back the following day for another 4 packs.

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