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[Sharetank] Diesel $2.03/L, 91 Petrol $2.15/L, 95 Petrol $2.31/L @ Z, Palm Beach (Tauranga)


Limited time offer (based on market conditions.

A reminder that All Petrol will be increasing 12.5cpl + GST at the end of February, and another 12.5cpl + GST at the end of March, so these prices are very good.

There's new rumors circulating about new petrol taxes coming in April(New Financial Year) as well, so there's that.

You can find the Terminal Gate Prices for the various companies below (updated weekly). Gives you an indication AHEAD of time if there is likely a market movement going to occur:

Gull: https://gull.nz/fuelcategorylatest/tgp/
Mobil: https://www.mobil.co.nz/en-nz/commercial-fuels/terminal-gate
BP: https://www.bp.com/en_nz/new-zealand/home/products-and-servi…
Z: https://www.z.co.nz/for-businesses/fuels-for-business/termin…

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    Does anyone want to top up my account for me?? Happy to shout a coffee for your efforts

    • +2

      Yea I’d be keen for a coffee :P

      • Thank you! Sorry for the late reply to this, not sure if the offer is still there but will DM you.

        Edit: https://www.cheapies.nz/user/12394/edit/privatemsg if you wouldn't mind enabling messaging

        • +1

          Messaged you! Sorry weirdly assumed 95 out of nowhere haha

          Current prices:
          91 $2.179
          95 $2.339
          D 2.059

  • how does this work, is it location based to get this price in the app? or is this for spending at Tauranga?

  • Am based in Bay of Plenty, anyone who wants any of these deals, PM me.

    • please check your pm

    • I pm'd you as well, there is bonus L tomorrow, wondering if you could confirm if the price of 91 is still $2.17?

    • Most people who PM'd me asked me to figure out how we would go about it etc. Been busy and didn't have the time to figure out the best way for both parties.

      The current price is $2.329 however so not as attractive a location.

      • +1

        Lol, fair enough. I guess the biggest part of it is trust, however no money needs to be exchanged. This is how I had planned to do it:

        1. Provide my Z App email address to log into the Z app at your location.
        2. Send verification code to you to complete login (avoids having to share password / reset password).
        3. You initiate the top-up to agreed value in L or $ and use the saved card details to do so (no extra card info is required to purchase for ShareTank).

        Thanks for confirmation, price is similar to Auckland so yeah, not worth the trouble.

        • Makes sense, you were the only one who didn't ask I believe but I only saw your message the other day. Prices had gone up by then :( Apologies everyone, came at a bad time!

  • 95 is cheaper than 91 is in auckland

  • Keep in mind team, you can spoof your location using a third party app on the app store. Meaning you can get cheap gas no matter where you are.

    • +1

      Have you actually succeeded in doing this?

    • Would be keen to know how to do this, to take advantage of these prices, as not within 30km of this deal. Thanks

    • +2

      Which app do you use. I've been told Z can detect spoofing

    • -1

      Z can detect when spoofing on a rooted android device, Ive already tried this as im a hardout spoofer on Pokemon Go the game so tried to give it a go and it came with with this message "Spoofing your location in Sharetank is against our Terms and Conditions You won't be able to make a top up, until the software is disabled"

      I use GPS Joystick from APPNINJAS.

    • For iOS users, you’ll need a Mac and Xcode where you can change your GPS location without the Z app knowing. Been doing this for a couple years now.

      • Do you just spin up an iphone in xcode and install the z app? Or do you need to somehow link a device and debug it via xcode?

    • +1

      LOL, why have I been downvoted. It works, just got a tank of gas @$2.15L in Auckland & Rotorua.

      • Hey.. How did u do this? I tried and got msg saying spoofing not allowed.

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    Now (D) 206.9, (91) 217.9, (95) 233.9

    • Any idea if these are still the current prices?

      • +1

        Doesn't look like it. 91 = 235.9

        • Brutal!! Close enough to Auckland that is doesn't matter, 91 = 237.9. Many thanks for checking

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