Which Bank's ATM Allows PIN Changes (for Wise Cards)

Hi fellow Cheapies.

I need to change the PIN on my Wise card and it looks like you can't do it on the app/website. According to Wise, this can only be done at an ATM. I've tried Westpac and ASB and neither gave me the option, so I was wondering if anyone knows which banks have this ATM facility? (google wasn't much help either)

Thanks in advance


  • you can retrieve the pin via the app, but don't seem to be able to change it.
    I have no idea which banks ATM might let you change it.
    Perhaps open a support ticket with Wise?

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      Yep I already know the pin and don't need to retrieve it. I just want to change it to something else and Wise says to use an ATM as per link in the OP. I tried the two at my local shops (Westpac and ASB) and both didn't seem to have that option.

  • FYI when you order a replacement card they will let you choose a pin.

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