Bulk Nappy purchases

Any recommendations for bulk nappy purchases. Online is preferred thanks


  • Babyonline.co.nz (although having a quick look it looks like their range is reduced and prices have increased)

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    Ive ended up with the Pam's range.
    Good price point and hold up fine overnight.
    Couldn't find anything in bulk that beat it for value and quality.

  • Iā€™ve purchased through Noopii. Sign up as a first time user for a 10% discount code which you can then add to their subscription discounted price and get free shipping. Simply cancel the subscription after it arrives. They are probably a bit dearer than other brands but great quality and less likely to cause nappy rash. https://www.noopii.co.nz/collections/subscription

  • We've had trouble finding a well-priced nappy that doesn't give my son a rash - for us we found the more the nappy cost, the worse his skin reacted! We've ended up really liking the Babywise nappies from the Warehouse. They're $22 a box (60-90 nappies per box depending on the nappy size) and often go on special with Market Club

  • We buy a box from Terra every few months, probably not the cheapest but they're great nappies. 20% on subscription, I just change it as required. We use reusables too sometimes which are a good investment.

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    Been getting Huggies Jumbo Ultimate Newborn 108 Pack. $28ish after pricematch at Chemist Warehouse (with PNS). Haven't tried many others at this stage.

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      Congratulations.. Wakrak with your newborn.. Your approach may be best as the huggies jumbo boxes often go on specials somewhere at paknsave. Then price beat and stock up then when they go below $25 if possible. Otherwise buy as needed. Lowest possible price before inflation last year or so was $20.

      Do not stock up too many newborn boxes as your child will outgrow them very quickly.

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        Cheers for the congratulations. I've had a few mishaps so far with nappy coming off and the kid deciding to turn on his fire hydrant, but other than that, nappies have been good.

        • There is a learning curve with nappies. To limit accident. Make sure the edges around legs are well covered etc.. Fire hydrant issue is common, and needs to cover or control the angle of the organ during nappy change. All part of the fun. Things will get better at least from sleep point of view.

  • Have tried almost all the brands available in NZ. I can say Huggies & Rascals are the best for our 2 kids. Have moved to Rascals since last 15-18 months and have been very happy with them. Somehow I feel Rascals are better then Huggies for us. Every alternate week either PnS or NW have it on sale so not really stocking them up.

    Gotta say, we use nappy pants rather than regular nappies. Regular nappies used to roll up around thighs where the sticky tab is after awhile, which made my daughter uncomfortable. This doesn't happen with nappy pants.

  • I usually stock up when there is a sale. Most recent for us was with the lead up to xmas and huggies nappies were $6.99 per pack normally $12 - $14 at New world.
    I over stocked and have unopened nappies in 2 different sizes and contacted my local pak n save and they said i can take them to the customer service area and exchange for the next size, no receipt required they just can't refund which im stocked with.
    For newborn i preferred huggies, but going up in sizes i much prefer rascal and friends.

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    Disregard pricing, I quite like Kiddicare, slim design and holds long hours.

    • Yes kiddicare seems one of the best available in NZ Japanese ones are even better but lot more expensive

      I also like the cheap nappies from warehouse they are ok for day use

  • OP https://www.cheapies.nz/node/38487#comment-163661

    Hopefully you log in this week šŸ˜„

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    I know some people hate them and can't get in with them but we saved an absolute fortune using reusables. They weren't actually that bad if you buy flushable liners so can get rid of most of the mess straight down the toilet. Just got in to the habit of washing them every night. Always felt justified when she decided she needs to take a dump within a minute if getting the nappy on and we'd have to chuck a disposable after no usage.

    Only brand we tried for disposables I absolutely would not suggest is the budget Huggies essentials ones. The things absolutely stank of harsh chemicals after the smallest wee and I'd read stories of them leaking that stuff on to kids. Not sure how they are getting away with something that harsh in a product designed for babies.

    • We'll be using reusables soon. Just waiting for the kid to get a bit bigger (don't quite fit yet). We'll be using reusable pads too. See how we get on.

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