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Sistema Klip It+ Rectangle Container 1L 3pk $0.99 (Usually $12.85) @ PAK'n SAVE, Royal Oak ($0.85 via Pricematch at Mitre 10)


Decent for a buck.

Mitre 10 link
Mitre 10 Price Guarantee
^ They might say no if you're quite far away from Auckland.

Other price-matching stores:

Mighy Ape
The Warehouse?1

  1. Could try your luck pricematching here, but you might get unstuck on the fact that they don't sell the value pack per se. Instead, they have a 3 for $12 offer. Can't pricematch a multibuy offer. 

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  • That's an awesome deal

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      Good way for non-Aucklanders to take advantage of this offer.

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      This is cheapies buddy. You're in the wrong place.

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      Well clearly I hadn't considered local availability or convenience for obtaining items before I posted.
      I'll see myself out.

  • The Warehouse says no. Can't pricematch using their multibuy offer. Looks like a trip to Mitre or Spotlight is in order.

  • Whats the Max qualtity Mitre 10 will let you pricematch? just 1 3pack or could be up to 10 or more? Any experience?

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      I price beat something there the other day and they said the max is 2 as over that it could be considered as 'commercial quantity'.

      Granted, I haven't fully read the price beat conditions

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    Successfully pricematched at Mitre 10, Ruakura. $1.68 for 2.

    • I'd go there. But would probably spend 4-5 bucks on fuel :S

  • Attempted to price beat with Mitre10 Albany but they said that they don’t match or beat Pak N Save’s ‘Extra Low’ price.

    I then called up Pak N Save Royal Oak - they have sold out.

    • Thanks for the update. I’ll mark as out of stock. I was successful 5 minutes ago in Hamilton. I didn’t specify what PNS this offer was at.

  • Pricematch at mitre10.
    Does this have to be local?
    I mean can I price match at a store in wellington.
    The store rep says it has to be local where you can get it today.

    • Same with my local Mitre 10 branch in the Waikato.
      Manager looked at the price eyes open and said we will approve it, but next time it has to be local, as in the Waikato.

    • Their price guarantee doesn’t say it has to be local.
      However the Mitre 10 needs to have stock of the product and

      The same in-stock product must be available to you for same day delivery or collection. Includes GST and delivery charges.

      • Yeah, it is true. But I believe its just reasons for them not to approve the price match, just like how @weekendwarrior got told they don't beat 'Pak N Save's Extra Low Price'.

        But mine got approved so I didn't complain, just nodded and left.

  • Mitre10 wont price match it, they said they have a low margin on the product… and you are welcome to send any complain email.

    • That’s really poor.
      If it doesn’t meet criteria then I can understand but having a low margin is not one of the conditions for refusal. In fact low margin is not a condition on any published price match policy for any company that I am aware of.
      Take them up on their offer of an email: [email protected]

      • I am sure they will find another excuse for not doing price match.

    • That's lame on them !! Shouldn't advertise on pricematch then !

  • Not nearly as cheap as this but they do have stuff in stock, CrackerJack has the 3 x 1.2L containers packs for $4 atm.

  • Had match and beat price at mitre10. One person at the store said they wouldn't do it cos it might be paknsave getting rid of stock or liquidation (just to fit into their t&cs) but after getting another staff member they were fine to do it.

    • +1

      I was somewhat strategic when I did it. Asked at checkout (rather than at customer service), and same staff member took me over to customer service. Showed her the PNS price but didn't mention anything about store location. She was hunky-dory about it.

      If Mitre 10 was a no go, was going to drive straight to Spotlight.

  • Awesome deal! $3.36 for 4 at Mitre 10 Ruakura an hour ago. Not sure why the deal is expired….?

    edit: oos not expired

  • +1

    Spotlight denied their Bargain Guarantee on the grounds that it was above their cost price of $6.50.

    • Bummer

  • Pak'n Save has stock again. Just placed order.

    • It doesn't show the stock info online. You can order but they will refund you the money later.

    • Which store, no show on royal oak pns website.

      • I don't think there's a store specific website, it's just the same website but you choose Change Store. I haven't checked just now, but I had the Royal Oak store selected last night and it still showed the discounted price.

        • I did see Royal Oak site got that deal, somehow not today any longer. Maybe finished.

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