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Lenoxx 8L Digital Air Fryer $47.47 + Shipping ($0 with MarketClub+) @ Lenoxx Electronics, The Market


8L Digital Air Fryer for only $49.97 seems like a good deal to me. Plus can get a free shipping with Marketclub+. There is further 5% discount please use the code BXD5 at checkout.

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  • Cheap! And ordered one…. Ironically free shipping without MarketClub membership … From Australia??

    • I see the price has now been fixed, did they ship yours?

      • I wonder what was going on with the price. Doesn't seem to be a clear mistake since the new price seems unrelated to the old price plus Lenoxx have be doing strange things on the Market https://www.cheapies.nz/comment/160437/redir . With this on catch etc, I thought they were trying to get rid of them (although looking at reviews, it's been on Catch since at least 2020) but they seem to have ended the deal sooner than I would have expected and also they don't seem to have put it at a similar price anywhere else.

        Guess I shouldn't have waited so long. With reviews questioning the quality of this and being unsure if I wanted an 8L I was on the fence and since there were over 800 in stock decided not to rush. Probably should have just bit the bullet though. Most of the bad reviews i.e. died in a short time and non-stick coating flaking are the sort of stuff I'd expect you'd randomly get for most things in the sub $100 price range and I don't think you can really read much into the relative number, it's too few to draw any meaningful conclusions especially given the vagaries of people posting review. Only possibility is you might be able to avoid nonstick flaking if you can find one without (or at least a coating that besides teflon that doesn't work so well but doesn't tend to break down so easily). Also as mentioned by ggallin, analog ones have less to go wrong. Mostly I think you just have to hope if it is going to break quickly, it does it in the first year warranty period.

  • Also $169 AUD on their website?

  • i prefer the manual air fryers,the digital ones the buttons dont go eventually, a great deal though

  • Anyone know is this a good product? The 23L doesn't have a good reviews, I rarely see bad reviews for a air fryer so not sure should I pull the trigger for this?

  • Lots of good reviews ( 1100+ 5☆ ) on catch.co.nz where it is $113.95. Hard to tell whose reviews to believe these days but for the price it's worth a shot if you are interested I guess.


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    They cancelled my order today….. Bet your boots they screwed up their pricing!

    Love to see if anyone else actually get their order through.

    • My order cancelled also.

    • Interesting, wonder what the price was supposed to be since their later price didn't seem to be an easy typo for their wrong price unless they just gave up on discounting due to the mistake or it was some other item. Sorry for those who got their orders cancelled. Although guess I don't have to care I missed it anymore, even if some people get it, which unfortunately I'm guessing is unlikely, it's whatever.

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    Order cancelled today too.

    • My order cancelled also.

  • Cancelled here too :(

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