Cheapest Way to Travel to AKL Airport Early Morning

Wanting to know what's the heapest way for a family of 4 to travel to AKL int airport early morning.


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    From where. What time.

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    If you have mevo credit they charge a $30 fee to leave their cars at the airport. That makes it roughly $50 for an hour's drive.

    A super shuttle is not a lot more so better if you have credit.


      $10 + $20 referral plus some other codes in the comments could be a free ride.

      • I think you may not be aware that Mevo have implemented airport pickup / drop off charge since about 8 months ago?

        $9/pre-booking surcharge
        Pre-arrange a trip using Mevo Flex Collect in-app, and your selected mevo will be available for you at your chosen date, time, and location.

        $30/airport surcharge
        Take your mevo one-way between the city and our dedicated Auckland Domestic Airport parking. Click here for details and directions.

        Also you cannot use your Mevo credits towards pick up / drop off fees or anything other than usage fees

        • Check my first comment. Seems like the surcharge cannot be paid for with credit? Where did you find that last line from?

          • @Bill: I missed your first comment, but yes, the credits can't be used towards flex costs (i.e prebooking or airport surcharge), so it's at least $30 each way that you have to pay in addition to any shortfalls from free credit

            • @jinxnz: the last line is my own comment. It's in terms in conditions of the free credits / codes (not found in website T&C unfortunately). I found it out the hard way and cursed the last guy that suggested that airport trips would be free with Mevo.

              • @jinxnz: That's pretty unfair as you don't notice their terms and conditions when redeeming. It is in small text under credit history. Thanks for letting me know.

  • Depends on how much hassle your willing to put up with, how much mucking about , how much baggage etc

    I live on the Northshore and go to the airport around 5 or 6 times a month, Uber can be the cheapest (and the least hassle) - in a quiet time as low as $55 - but its random and can jump around a lot, the other morning it was 50 - then $110 - then $70, then $100, then back to $55 (which seems to be the base fare) in the space of about 30mins. For $55 for 4 you cant really get better than that.

    • I noticed that if you book the uber in advanced they charge way more. From my house to Wellington airport it was $45 booked three nights before or $25 in the morning.

      • Yeah, im only guessing, but I would guess that if there is a driver in the area - Uber send them and keep the diff, but if there is not they need the extra money to incentivize the driver to go pick you up. Normal cab companies dont have that issue, they just order their cabs there and they have to do it.

        The book on the day mode has never gone wrong for me, but it is a little risky so I tend to leave a bit of buffer in case of very high prices.

  • If you're not going for too long, paying for parking at the airport works out relatively cheap if you book in advance - and most convenient.

  • is my go to for airport trips

  • If looking for airport parking check this

  • The cheapest way I know from akld cbd is public transport.

    Train from britomart to puhinui station then airport bus. Half price fares so cost is $2.70 adult and about 1 hr travel time.

    You could also train to onehunga and bus 38 to airport but bus trip is slow. I think trains to onehunga may not be working at moment

    WARNING…DYOR research as rail network turns to custard over holiday period so check the web site and you can do the journey planner for the time you want to arrive at airport

  • Honestly, probably walking is the cheapest way

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  • Guys it's a family of four.

    If you have little kids then Uber / cheapcabs if you are travelling for many days that make long term car park not worth your while.

    Alternatively if you are not travelling for too many days; then prebook any airport carpark places for a few dollars a day and come back (i.e. or a dozen others who share a similar name).

    Mevo can work out okay but only if you can get to one without getting your car towed while you are away lol. Once again if you have little kids, not worth your while making multi trip stops to get to one.

  • Supershuttle is always well priced and a good compromise between public transport and a uber. If you are trying to travel internationally and depending on how much luggage + car seats / strollers etc an uber / taxi may not work as you have too much to fit in. While you may want to save money, often the hassle is not worth it - particularly with kids. The stress pre-flight makes you wonder why you just didn't spend the extra $$$

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