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Hyundai Ioniq EV $47,365 + ORC, after Clean Car Rebate. (Fieldays Promotion, $10,000 Discount) @ Brendan Foot Supersite


Hyundai Ioniq EV $47,365 + ORC, after Clean Car Rebate

Fieldays good as good deals promotion, $10,000 discount

Assume it also covers the elite trim, a $10k discount their would make $53,356 + ORC after rebate.

For background, the Ioniq (not to be confused with the SUV styled Ioniq 5), is a well regarded EV Current version sports a 100kW motor, 38.3kWh (useable) battery. Liquid cooled battery. WLTP range is 310km. It's main selling point is being one of (the?) most efficient of the cheaper EV's in NZ. Means it will provide lower power costs, and more km/min from the common 50kW DC chargers, than less efficient EV's like the MG ZS EV.

This discount, makes the car worth comparing with the new players from china. Prices before $8,650 rebate:

Ioniq: $55,990 +ORC
Ioniq Elite: $61,990 + ORC (assumed)
MG ZS EV Excite: $49,990 (No ORC)
MG ZS EV Essence: $53,990 (No ORC
Atto 3: $55,490 +ORC
Atto 3 Long Range: $59,990 + ORC

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Brendan Foot
Brendan Foot

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  • You can get that price fron any Hyundai dealership.

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    "Everyone and their mums is Hyund-ing round here."
    "Like who?"
    "Who else?"
    "Farmers' mums."

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        How does buying a Toyota corolla save the planet?

        • I would think a second hand manual trans corolla would be a much better choice for the planet than buying a new electric car

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            @Robbert: Only if it is going to be driven very little.

            In typical use, the energy consumed in a petrol cars operation dwarf's the energy used to manufacture a new EV. (I.e. at least triple).

            Source: page 50 here:


          • @Robbert: Why manual? They're not more efficient than automatic anymore.

            Way more efficient up to, like, the 90s. But automatics with like 6+ gears, and CVTs in particular, win since the mid 2000s.

            If anything, a used Prius (2011ish, 300,000+KM ex Uber/ex taxi) would be the least pollutive of all of the options. Relatively small NiMH batteries, energy recapture, and no engine starts from 0.

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        Award for the weirdest comment goes to:

        It's such an odd assertation, I can't even think of a funny satirical response that would make sense to letstaxthis' comment.

        I mean, if he had said like, take the bus, or ride a bike or something. But a brand new Toyota Corolla is apparently the planet saving solution the world needs?

        Edit: Ooh! Maybe he's a tuatara, and hoping to restore the world to the hot and heavy dinosaur era. Saving the world (for reptiles).

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    The Ioniq is the old platform, I wouldn't pay that much vs. the Ioniq 5, or the BYD.

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      Yip. Has been in production since 2016.

      Ioniq 5 is very nice, but is a substantially larger vehicle and $24k more expensive.

      Atto 3 is a nice car too. A lot more power & features than the Ioniq.

      Ioniq would appeal to those who want maximum efficiency. Or those who want a new, cheaper, non china EV.

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    Damn, thought it was the Ioniq 5 for $47k for a moment then.

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      how ioniq

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