Will there be Ryobi discounts over boxing day?

I've got my eyes on a Ryobi one+ hedge trimmer. It doesn't seem like Ryobi ever goes on sale according to cheapies post except for their black Friday kits (one of which I recently bought).

Does anyone have any suggestions for the best time to buy new gear, or any ways of getting good deals? I've seen mention of Facebook groups and passes you can sign up for but previous threads indicate very little difference in price for this sort of kit. Any suggestions welcome!

This is part of Boxing Day Sales for 2022


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    Does anyone have any suggestions for the best time to buy new gear

    From my experience, it is as soon as possible. I bought a line trimmer for $250 and a few months later it was selling for $270.

    This is for individual skins.

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    The reason you won’t find Ryobi on sale is that it is exclusive to Bunnings.
    Without any threat of a price guarantee being needed for a competitor undercutting them they can set the price (within reason - they still want to sell it!)
    Sometimes you might be able to get an ex display or end of line cheaper but that is about it.

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    Bunnings make 3% margin on Ryobi tools as part of their exclusive sales contract, so no - you won't see them on sale. They are pretty bloody cheap compared to all else to be fair though!

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    The only other deal of notice with Ryobi used to be at the home show (hasnt been run since 2019)
    It would just be a bonus offfer, ie spend 300$ get a free tool.
    Spend $500 free battery etc.
    Iv got a list of tools I want, but have been holding out for the bonus offer..
    Been 3 years, so probably dont need them.

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    If you don't mind second hand, you can get some really good deals on used Ryobi gear on Facebook/TradeMe

  • Thanks all - really helpful comments. Might just make it an early Christmas present to myself! I'll also keep an eye out on trademe.

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    Purely FYI, I had a look at hedge trimmers on the powerpass app, and the discount is between 0-1% max. Example RHT1840Li20 RRP $219, discounted to $261.24
    So trademe is likely your best shot. Assuming you havent bought into the One+ family as yet, there are also some other decent options.

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      Note discounted price is 216.24

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    If you have a look on OzBargain over the last week or so there have been some quite good Ryobi package deals recently - some of the better prices ever and quite a few different sets and options - so maybe they will come to NZ?

    Heres is an example https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/745780

    • They do seem to have way better deals than us - I'll be keeping an eye out at Bunnings for sure though, thanks for the tip!

    • Frustratingly, the exact trimmer I'm looking at is about 30% off in Oz, and still full price here!


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