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Google Chromecast with Google TV - 4K $84.15 (Delivered) @ Warehouse Stationery


This deal utilises the current Shareholder Shopping Day discount as well as the WELCOME10 discount at Warehouse Stationery.

Both codes will stack, and as this is over $75 it can be delivered for free too.

Retail price is: $110 but you get 15% off for the Shareholder discount, and another 10% for the new account discount with WELCOME10, bringing the total to $84.15

Also available is the Google Chromecast with Google TV HD which you can get for $45.13 by stacking the above two codes.
Note: This is the pickup from store price. Delivery for this is another $7.

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    Also $85 delivered (if you have MC+) at 1-Day, The Market

    • Only difference I can see is the 1-Day model is parallel imported.

      • Does the parallel imported one use an original NZ charger from Google?

        • See this comment from ace310 on a previous deal for the parallel import model.
          Not an original charger but a compatible one.

        • One -day parallel just has a cheap no name brand brick replacement.

      • Don't think 1day model is parallel important since it's got tvnz1 preinstalled

        • avoid 1-day it seems like every time i get something from them there is a problem.

        • @blacksheep The 1-day description says:

          This is a parallel imported product.
          Condition: New
          Warranty: 12 months

          Package contents:
          Google Chromecast with Google TV
          USB C to USB A Power cable & NZ USB Wall Adaptor Included
          Voice remote
          2amp Charger

          Please note:
          Product will have the seal broken as US adaptor has been removed.

        • Tvnz is just installed due the Android region setting as part of set up.

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    You can also get the fire TV 4K for just $46.32 by using this shareholder discount code. It is nearly half the price of teh Google TV. Anyone have both and known how the Fire TV 4K compares to the Chromecast Google TV?

    • $41.69 = $54.50 × 85% × 90% with WELCOME10.

      • +2

        WELCOME10 doesn't apply with the Fire Stick, so would be $46.32.

        • Sorry my bad as assumed WELCOME10 applied.

          More than one way to skin a cat at The Warehouse.

        • Sorry my bad.

    • They about to be the same except chromecast may receive more up to date android.

    • +1

      I haven't owned a Chromecast Google TV but I have an upgrade from a regular Chromecast to Firestick 4k Max. I find Firestick way better because I can use it to install apps and connect my bluetooth headphone. The bluetooth mouse also works (so far it worked for me on the built in browser not on the Amazon TV main screen) on the stick making it easier for me to navigate the Amazon Silk browser for internet browsing and streaming 3rd party websites. My dumb TV turned into like a computer =)

      I haven't tried connecting it to a bluetooth keyboard because I don't have one. Anyone who has can share their opinion here.

      It's almost half the price compared to Google TV, I find the Firestick TV a better deal.

      • Thanks. Can the remote also control the TVs functions like volume and power? I have the Google TV currently on one tv, and it is good because it is so simple and controls the TV from just the one remote..

        • +1

          Yes, the remote controls my Samsung TV volume and power. I do however used a separate PC speaker connected to a 3.5mm jack which the Firestick controller can't change. It only controls the TV volume itself.

      • One of the major benefits of the Google TV is that it has a digital volume which the fire stick doesn't which could be a dealbreaker. You can also use keyboard and Bluetooth headphones. The firestick has an App, it's quite useful as it has a built-in keyboard. The firestick does recognise model brands which makes it easy to install. If you have a Google account as most people do these days, Google TV is a lot more user friendly especially with Google nest and Smart plugs lights etc. You can do the same with Amazon but I find Google home easier. Both models you can use the television remote control, Google tv and Firestick remotes are the same at controlling your television however Google has a button to control the inputs were fire stick you can command it through Alexa.

    • I have both.

      The Fire TV 4K has a nicer feeling UI - more fluid and responsive.
      I prefer the remote - the Chromecast's side-mounted volume controls are annoying.

      The Chromecast's better if you'll actually be casting to it from a phone/tablet. A few apps will also cast to a Fire TV, but it's hit and miss.
      The Chromecast's also better if you're using Smart DNS to watch foreign TV. Amazon are very aggressive now at detecting your location on their own hardware, but the Prime Video app on Chromecast TV is still fine.
      I sideloaded BBC iPlayer, FreeView & TVNZ apps onto the Chromecast. It's nice to have TV from several countries on one device, but the home screen only understands the built-in apps from your 'home' country, so I ignore this mostly.

      • Amazon are very aggressive now at detecting your location on their own hardware, but the Prime Video app on Chromecast TV is still fine.

        this is only for Amazon Video right?

        VPN on chromecast playing netflix should be the same as on fire tv playing netflix?"?

        • Yes, apps are fine on Fire TV, so Netflix and BBC still worked last time I checked. But channels, e.g. motortrend, acorn etc were not working.
          The block is very devious - it works for a day after you set it up, then the EPG stops letting you watch anything you can't watch on holiday. Using the Android app to choose your program then play to the Fire TV 4K still works though.

          • @ms264556: I read something about amazon tying the account watching prime video to the country where the account is made.

            Best to create new Amzn account if want to watch video

            • @justaddwater: Sure. I'm using a UK Amazon account to watch UK content. So long as the hardware isn't Amazon then the Prime Video app works fine.
              If your plan is to watch foreign TV then I wouldn't recommend Fire TV hardware vs Chromecast TV.

  • can you use this as miracast from laptop/desktop?

  • Got one of these for my parents a couple weeks back so that they could watch Disney+ on their old Samsung.

    Nice and simple. Good remote that controls the entire tv. Looks clean with ads/recommendations turned off. Live NZ TV, YT Premium, Disney+, Amazon Prime, & Netflix. I now understand the appeal of a cheap 4k TV from The Warehouse + Google 4K.

  • Doh, just placed an order on themarket for one before checking cheapies. Gonna try cancel themarket one and buy this instead :)

  • What's the difference between Google Chromecast with Google TV and Chromecast? Would Google Chromecast with Google TV add value to a smart TV?

    • Chromecast with Google TV comes with a remote and allows you to install apps like Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime and so on, so it can operate as a stand-alone device. With the standard Chromecast you need another device to start casting something to it/control what you're watching.
      If your smart TV is a bit older and no longer supports TVNZ+ or has a slow operating system it can be really handy.

      • Thanks for explaining. I think I'll stick with the standard Chromecast for my dumb TV for now. I think my smart TV is still smart enough for my needs.

  • Looks like WELCOME10 no longer works 😔

    • It’s still working - just tested now.

      Try clearing your cache or opening up an incognito window and try again.
      I have had this issue before when a coupon I know works won’t apply sometimes if I have already entered it previously.

      • You are correct. Worked fine on incognito. Thank you!

  • +1

    For those with a data cap (or slow internet), the cheaper HD GCCwGTV has a more modern chip which can save you bandwidth (the HD version supports the more efficient the AV1 codec, and the 4k GCCwGTV does not). Of course, not streaming at 4k will also save your GBs

  • Thanks been on the fence about getting one for a while now, this price sealed the deal :)

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