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Samsung Galaxy Buds2 (Olive) $109.95 + Shipping ($0 with MarketClub+) @ Techunion, The Market (Requires MarketClub)


Currently $119.95 on The Market, using code Sorted10 brings them down to $109.95 - Olive color only.

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  • Good find. Out of stock however now with the Olive colour

  • I've had the buds + for almost 3 years and been happy with them, though the battery has significantly deteriorated. Would anyone that's tried these recommend them? Or are there any better options out there now - preferably something longer-lasting?

    • Ah just saw oos - maybe I should've gone for this when I saw it before it got posted here :') I'd still like to hear anyone's opinion on them though

      • +2

        I use mine a fair bit and they are decent enough. I'll preface my thoughts with this, I don't think any buds are worth the full asking price these high end models are meant to sell at, at $200+ I'd prefer full headphones that offer better sound and pair them with cheaper buds for the odd occasion I need buds for. Until I got these free with a new phone I was sporting a pair of haylou buds from Ali express and they were good enough for my needs.

        The ANC is the big thing you get in the good models, in these it drowns out most noise, I can wear mine in the office and not hear much if anything around me with it on. Sound quality is good enough, I don't find them too bassy or tinny which is a nice balance. If you have Samsung devices it's quite handy they switch between tablet and phone without needing to pair them again.

        I think I'd consider picking them up at $110 but $200 would be a hard sell, if I was in the market for buds now I'd really consider a fiio Bluetooth dongle a kz wired buds, but I don't do anything like running for the cable to be a problem. Then again I've probably been watching too many dankpods videos to be recommending that combination.

        • Thanks for sharing. I might order some kz wired buds or similar from china and use my dying buds while I wait for them - unless I see another deal like this one soon. Are you talking about this sort of dongle? I'm not sure I justify the price, but I can probably shop around and find something cheaper.


          • @BJ: I meant more a fiio btr3 or something like that, it's like a small Bluetooth dongle that can also be used as a USB DAC but can power high end headphones if you ever went down that pathway.

            I really recommend watching some dankpod videos, specifically his starter headphone, iem and any review of wireless buds. He loves his high end audio gear but highly recommends some entry level kit to get you in the door and not put you off.

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