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Free Selling on General Items, Cars & Motorbikes @ Trade Me


free selling on general items, motorbikes & motors @ trade me on 3rd December

General items:

  • This promotion is available to casual sellers only (not in-trade).
  • Applies to general item listings only.
  • Discount applies to success fees only, any other applicable listing fees still apply.
  • Relists started on Saturday 03 December 2022 are included, but relists after this date are not.
  • Only applies for the first listing period.
  • Car parts are included, however large machinery listed in the 'Business, farming and industry' category are not (e.g. tractors and trailers).
  • Full terms and conditions


  • This promotion is available to casual sellers only (not RMVT registered, and lists less than 10 vehicles in any 12 month period).
  • Applies to used car & motorbike listings on a basic listing type only.
  • Relists after 90 days aren't included. Only applies to used car & motorbike listings created on Saturday 03 December 2022.
  • Applies only to cars & motorbikes (not to other vehicle types, e.g. campervans and boats).
  • This offer is non-transferable.

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  • Thanks OP.

  • +8

    the only website that makes NZ looks like third world country lol

    • +3

      They are following windows approach, add a new ui ontop of the old one and still require the other for certain things.

    • +7

      Exactly! It's such a bullshit website. Private equity company that bought them is just holding it without any further investment in trying to modernise the site (and functionality) until another company wants to buy it off them. They're complacent because there's no other viable competition other than Facebook marketplace. The owners of Tardme are scumbags.

  • Is it just me or did TM remove the ability to search by new/used once inside a section? You can now only use the filter if doing a search from the main search bar.

    • Still showing for me

      • Once you are inside a specific category? It works when searching All categories. Doesn't show on web or mobile app for me.

        • Yep still showing inside categories too, that’s weird!

  • +1

    Thanks OP, looks like ive got a busy day selling shit today!

  • I've got a car listed, anyone know if how to get it to relist free again for basic?

    • Car listings don't expire?

      • The listing only let me goto
        Closing: Fri, 13 Jan

        so was hoping to be able to redo it to have it go further out

        • I think you can renew it. You paid the upfront cost for it right?

          • @Bill: only paid for the background check, listed it for free last time too.

            Guess I'll wait till jan and just pull it and redo the listing next time if free selling comes up again.

            • @Huntakillaz: Relisting within 90 days should be free. If you listed it for free last time it is the same as paying for the listing cost. Trademe should email use sometime close to the end date telling you to relist.

              • @Bill: ok cool will see what happens, never used it for cars before.

  • Anyone know if products listed through MyProducts count?

    • you can ask them on live chat

      • Thanks. It does count

  • cheers

  • Anyone notice you are no longer able to withdraw a listing by making it end in the past? I get "choose a later closing time" now

    • The entire site is a bit buggy, especially when you start cross editing listings from myproducts

  • Any guess on when the next one is? Any pattern that someone has picked up?

    • +1

      No obvious pattern but on average it looks like "once a month" (but then there are some times where is are none in one month, but 2 in another…). Best tip is just make sure you list your item on Saturdays as it is always on those days. Relists are included in the free fees if it sells.

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