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Free - 9 Professional Certificates @ LinkedIn


Administrative Professional
Develop essential skills needed for administrative roles, including communication, writing, time management, and must-have software skills.

Skills you’ll learn:
• Strong communication and interpersonal skills
• Writing skills
• Time management tools
• Basic software skills


Project Manager
Discover how to manage projects effectively with scheduling, budgeting, and communication, and explore PM tools in Microsoft 365.

Skills you’ll learn:
• Scheduling, budgeting, and plan building
• Stakeholder management
• Assessing and managing risks
• Project management software


Business analyst
Explore foundational business analysis concepts and understand key processes. Practice using software tools for common business analysis tasks.  

Skills you’ll learn:
• Agile principles
• Requirements for gathering and analysis
• Data science basics


Systems administrator
Learn about this multifaceted role — from managing on-site, cloud, physical, and virtual implementations, as well as storage security.

Skills you’ll learn:
• Server and operating systems basics
• Basic networking
• Cloud admin
• Backup, recovery, and security


Data analyst
Explore foundational concepts used in data analysis and practice using software tools for data analytics and data visualization. 

Skills you’ll learn:
• Data gathering and cleaning
• SQL queries
• Quality data sets and visualizations
• Data analysis software tools


Software developer
Understand the core concepts and structure of programming languages and learn how they’re applied.

Skills you’ll learn:
• Programming core concepts
• Working with collections
• Using external code
• Finding and fixing bugs


Digital literacy and productivity learning pathway
Explore the fundamentals of working with operating systems, applications, and productivity tools to confidently navigate online.

Skills you’ll learn:
• Computer basics such as parts, OS, and security
• Safely accessing information online
• Collaborating with others using online tools
• Word, Excel, OneNote, Outlook, and PowerPoint basics


Soft skills
Excel in any job with these essential skills: emotional intelligence and critical thinking to unconscious bias and teamwork.

Skills you’ll learn:
• Emotional intelligence and resilience
• Communication and listening skills
• Collaboration skills
• Critical thinking and decision making


Discover what you need to succeed as a small business owner from finding and testing your business idea to raising capital.

Skills you’ll learn:
• Basics such as pitching and prototypes
• Creating a business plan
• Raising capital
• Marketing your small business

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  • Thank you OP!

  • Thanks OP - are these free up to 2025 or am I reading that incorrectly?

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    also good to know that you can get free access to linkedin learning using Auckland Library card

    • Thank you so much!

  • This is great, thank you!

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    I tried the sysadmin one, but part-way through was presented with:
    Sign up - To access this content and benefit from learning features, sign up today!

    What am I missing?

  • Thanks OP, been wanting to learn excel formulas for analyst role

  • damn, I just took the sysadmin exam and passed without watching the videos and they won't issue the cert unless I watch the videos lol

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