St Heliers Restaurant Month Vouchers - Expiry Date

Hello, did anyone here get caught out on the actual date of expiry of these food vouchers?
I used the voucher this month only to find out by the staff at the restaurant that it had expired in October.
The voucher stated it expires 29th of November
so after enjoying the meal and going to pay i found this out, the credit was still there but i couldn't redeem it, i was told to contact the Association for the refund which i got back.
apparently a few others got caught out like this too.

Just wanted to see if anyone else applied for a refund.
Somewhat frustrating as i didn't actually use the $25 of free credit.



  • Your story reminds me that I had once passed the expiry date on $50 MTA voucher …very frustrated as it could have filled a half tank easily back then. I feel you :(
    From then on, I have to prioritize all my spends of giftcards, vouchers, redemption, points.

    • from my position its enforces the reasons not to buy gift cards as you have no consumer protection, i think its called unsecured creditors.
      reminds me when dicksmith were going out and they didnt honor the gift cards they were selling prior

  • There is a bill in parliament to remove expiry dates in gift cards etc.
    Dunno how its going tho. Seems sensible to me.

  • The pages said:
    Vouchers must be used within two months of campaign completion, with all vouchers expiring 3 months after purchase.

    I think this part is confusing the customers. People may not realise that they need to use it in 2 months.

    • yes that what got me, im fine with it expiring but the end date of all vouchers should have been october 31st not 29th nov as you couldn't redeem it afterwards.

      there was a quote about it below,they must have known since the gave me a refund straightaway.

      Technically the last day is the end of November to allow room for those who purchased towards the end of August.
      Yours will be 29 Nov.

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