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[Auckland] $25 for a $50 Voucher @ Participating St. Heliers Restaurants (Dine-in Only)


August Restaurant Month Deal

Automatic discount applied at time of check-out.

This voucher can be used at one of the 7 participating St Heliers Restaurants:
La Vista
St Heliers Bistro
Curry Village

Terms & Conditions

  • eVouchers will be available to purchase online at shop.stheliers.com from Monday 08 August - Sunday 04 September.
  • eVouchers will be available online only in batches.
  • One eVoucher per customer purchase.
  • Each voucher holds a retail value of $50 NZD, and is purchased for $25 NZD.
  • Voucher can be used at participating restaurants as stated: ‚Äč‚ÄčAnnabelle, Moretons, Scallinis, La Vista, St Heliers Bistro, Curry Village, and Meadow.
  • One eVoucher may be purchased per person.
  • Vouchers must be redeemed by people aged 16 and over.
  • Vouchers must be used within two months of campaign completion, with all vouchers expiring by October 31 2022.
  • Vouchers are for dine-in only and not takeaway or food ordering Apps e.g. Uber Eats.

How to Redeem:

The eVoucher will be instantly emailed to you. You can also save the eVoucher on your Apple or Android wallet. Present the Voucher QR code or number to the staff at the restaurant. You can redeem part or the full amount and split the payment with cash, eftpos and credit.

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  • I am aware this deal for last Monday's batch of vouchers was posted. But I thought I'll post a new one for today's batch since last week's post has been expired. Wasn't sure if this is ok though. Admin: Please edit/delete if not :)

    • All good, glad it was reposted

      • Cheers :)

  • Cheers i forgot about these.

    • Cheers :)

  • Interesting.. the page says "all vouchers expiring by October 31 2022" but the email I got after buying a voucher says "This gift card expires on 2022-11-29."

    Anyone else experiencing the same?

    • +1

      Same for me. Might be worth confirming with them - has an email address to contact about any queries regarding it at the bottom of the email: [email protected] :)

      • This is the response I got

        Technically the last day is the end of November to allow room for those who purchased towards the end of August.
        Yours will be 29 Nov.

        • Cheers for this. I actually forgot to email them so it's good to know. So until November it is :)

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