This was posted 1 year 3 months 7 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Reebok Classic Leather Shoe (White) $19.99, On Cloudnova Shoe $19.99 (RRP $279.99) + $12 Shipping ($0 with $150 Spend) @ Hype DC


Updated within the last hour or three. Quite a few sizes available depending on what shoe you're looking at.

Spend Shipping Service
Over $150 Free Express Shipping
Under $150 $12 Express Shipping
This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals.

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    *Adds four shoes to the cart. Goes to pay.
    One item is unavailable in your cart.
    *Removes item, goes back to pay.
    Some items are unavailable in your cart.
    *Closes tab.

    10/10 would play this game again.

    • Yeah, I put 11 in the cart by mistake, went back and added a size 12 and the 11 was already sold out and couldn't be bought. Managed to get my size though, yay!

      • Aaaand they're gone. Was sent a refund.

  • wow that went fast. Great find OP

  • Yes really quick. Ty

  • Thanks Wakrak. Got a pair of Reeboks, Slippers and a couple of pairs of nike air max for the nephews. Didnt make it to free shipping but still an incredible deal for $22.50 pair.

  • Thanks, OP, bought a couple of items.

  • got a few. cool.

  • +3

    Am I getting old or are these clown shoes?…

    • It's your coulrophobia kicking in.

      • I've been hiking for decades and I've never felt the need to put anything that looks like that on my feet.

        • +1

          The colourway has too much of 70s vibe. Maybe the demographic was clown from 70s.

    • +1

      Mother of god…

  • Thanks OP brought 2 shoes.

    • +4

      I find it's always best to buy shoes 2 at a time, unless you only have one leg of course.

  • I bought 7 shoes to get the free shipping! Keep on refreshing the cart. Your unavailable items will be in stock again. I wasted about 10 minutes but the Order was placed at the end. Thanks, great deal.

  • +1

    Thanks snagged a pair, should be easy to recognise the cheapies crew around town now too lol.

    • OOS

    • Interesting. That shoe was there last week but it wouldn't let me complete the checkout process.

  • On Running’s Cloud Sneakers: Do They Live Up To The Sky-high Hype?

  • Great find op. Never heard about 'on' shoes, anyone's got some experience with it pls?

  • +1

    With this many orders going through, I guess don't be surprised if your order gets cancelled.

  • Thanks heaps! snagged the rebooks for the wife and I

  • Scrooge McDuck Ebenezer Scrooge Adrian Orr was cooling the jets on shopping with items unavailable for Click & Collect.

  • +1

    thanks grabed 2 pairs, funny it often say not in stock at check out but if i remove it and go back to add again it let me.

  • +1

    U a g Wakrak

  • Couple of pairs snaffled up after a bit of persistence, cheers OP

  • +2

    One of the first orders and it just got cancelled. lol.

    • Same here. 4 pairs cancelled and refunded. Could have been a pricing error that they decided to call an OOS to cover their arses I’m thinking?

    • Why? It still shows as available and with stock. Wouldn’t they fix the pricing before cancelling?

    • Mine got cancelled as well, I only ordered a 3 different shoes. RIP Thanks anyway Wak!

  • There are no stores with enough stock for your order.

  • Order cancelled

  • Mine cancelled too.

  • got cancelled, but the items are still in stock apparently. i’m gonna take a punt and put the order through again, what’s the worst that can happen ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  • Purchased 2 pairs only to have email 2 hours later with refund and apologies they no have stock.

  • Which shoes are getting cancelled?

    • +2

      My order was for the On Cloudnova (white, women's US10)

  • +1

    i just spent 3 hours of my friday night buying 12 pairs of shoes and i am going to be so distraught if they end up cancelling ANY of my items

    • 3 hours? Must have been a meticulous approach.

      • was calling my family and extended family for a good hour and a half, then spent another hour refreshing my cart trying to make it through payment because every pair of shoes was “sold out” on rotation and then spent some more time looking through their catalogue again in case i missed anything else and now i’m spending more time freaking out that i’ve wasted all this time because apparently everyone’s order is being cancelled

    • Be par for the course.

  • +3

    cancelled…sent a 20% discount code. ban list.

  • +3

    Both of my $19 size 13 pairs got cancelled, but they did send me a 20% off full priced items code which is a complete joke looking at their usual prices. Don't think I'll be shopping with them again.

    • did you just order those two shoes? or were there more? did they get cancelled?

      • I only ordered those 2

        No shoes for me


        • girl i’m so sorry 😭😭😭 this is so ratchet of the store if they end up canceling all these orders like can we start a union or hate club because im not ok with this

  • Cancelled mine too.
    They gave me a discount code if anyone wants it.

    • sure DM please

  • Order got cancelled, which is a bummer. What's incredible is that you can still buy this on their website. What gives?

  • +3

    what was the actual point of their “sale” ??? like did anyone actually end up getting their order fulfilled ??? wasted basically 4 hours of my evening on these shoes and they couldn’t even fulfill 1 of 13 pairs ??? and everything is still available on their website ??? i cant express how annoyed i am about this like i kept my mum up asking her what sizes everyone was and then screaming when they were showing up as out of stock ??? only for everything to be cancelled ???

  • A bit annoying but order again.

  • +3
    Is this a scam business or something? All orders getting cancelled but still shows in stock on their website!

    • +1

      they’re a real business and a big one at that but they most certainly deserve to be r4m r4ided for wasting all our time

      • +2

        These people are stupid, cancelled everything in my entire 150$ order but decides to not cancel that 99cents shoe lace???

        • Just noticed my shoelace order wasn't cancelled too. What a joke

          • @BJ: Update: 99c shoelace out of stock and cancelled today

          • @BJ: You should be able to contact them to have that cancelled. Happened to me on their last sale on some clothing items, all but one item was cancelled from my order so I emailed them to tell them to cancel the item too or refund my shipping, they then cancelled the remaining item too.

            • @Is2u: @Is2u See my update ;) I'm guessing they got enough complaints from the others on here that they went and cancelled everyones laces or maybe everything for those mixed up in this

        • $1 shoelace plus $12 postage what a score

  • +1

    Ordered 6 styles and apparently all of them are out of stock. Still showing as in stock on the website, however.

  • +2

    Absolute scum of a scam, has to be the lowest of lowest, lowest common denominator. Your dealing with absolute freaks at this overhyped Washington DC.

    My bet is if you place an order of 2 or more shoes they will cancel.

    Probably best to place multiple orders of one under different names so they get fulfilled.

    Again your dealing with the lowest of low people at that overhyped DC

  • Ordered 5 pairs of shoes and as above my order got cancelled. I had the Reeboks and ONS but also air max 97 and adidas e5

  • Only ordered one pair…. cancelled.

  • Yeah canceled. ordered 20:40 two hour after - cancellation letter.

  • +1

    Is there any law in NZ that can hold this guys accountable for this behaviour ?

    • +1

      I think there is some consumer rights. It seems strange to hold a sale and then cancel all orders. Perhaps they are linked with the Australia website and orders there affected the nz purchases

    • Yep, I remember there is a law about how you are not allowed to sell items you don't have in stock which these people clearly knew. I talked to someone on chat and it was made clear that they know the items are out of stock but are still trying to sell it on their website. It is also crazy how it is not just one or two items but 6-7 different shoes I ordered were told that there is no stock. Now how is that even realistic for anyone who is trying to buy a pair of shoes on their black friday deals if anything you end up putting in your cart is like winning the lotto?…

  • I had 2 orders cancelled and they're still advertising the items :(

  • Same here, 3 pairs purchased, order got cancelled 2 hrs later, 20% discount code as compensation.

  • +1

    Tried to reach out in messenger and Made a complaint a comcom

  • Just received both refunds. They didn’t even email me about the second one (done after my first order was cancelled).

    • I actually haven’t received a refund yet, but I received reference to one being made for the first order I placed. Did a duplicate order after the first one was cancelled and while the status of that one is showing as cancelled in my account, no email to confirm this nor advising of refund has come through yet. Very strange. Have only had good experiences with them in the past, hopefully this is just a bad day at the office for them.

      • +2

        Same here. Nothing but good experiences with Hype DC and the two other companies in their group, Platypus & Athlete's Foot.

    • Already received your refund? how did you pay for them?

      • BNZ Debit card. Both appeared this morning.

  • I've purchased from them in the past, and got some really good prices on items - $50 vans pro skate shoes, for instance. And have never had any issues with them being delivered, most of my orders have come from Australia.

    But yes, this one seems odd - my order also got cancelled.

  • No email saying my order has been cancelled, no refund, however when I check my order online I get this ?
    I only ordered two pairs - seems they are cancelling items not allocated to my order and haven’t cancelled the others? Will be interesting to see if I get them!

  • I hope they actually refund the money after that debacle…

  • Oh bummer, I hadn't read all the comments. I just ordered the Reebok's and two ON shoes. I'm expecting them to be cancelled. I love ON shoes, so gutted. Does seem to good to be true though

  • orders got cancelled

  • +1

    They keep adding more shoes to the sale too.

    • Yea, I noticed a pair of shoes i purchased last night that got cancelled had the price reduced by a further $10. Purchased again to have it all cancelled again. Talked to chat about it and they made it clear that they knew the items were out of stock calling it "popular items". Basically saying that everything on their black friday sale is a chance of luck. You wouldnt know what you can actually get until a few hours after you purchased it and the email comes.

      • You would think that a group that owns three popular shoe stores in Australasia would be able to implement a system that could better show what is & isn't in stock.

        • +3

          My thoughts exactly. I'm thinking they are hoping on the chance that people would add in their carts some higher priced items so they could add up to $150 for free shipping then cancel the sale item but charge you for the remaining items. Since my entire order got cancelled except the stupid shoe lace that I didnt want but added so I can get the free shipping.

          • +1

            @Tomo: This reminds me of Kmart online shopping altho not as bad. They have cancelled approx 50% of my orders. This is what happens if you don't have a dedicated fulfillment warehouse. If you rely on shop floor stock then it's a lottery. Kmart has built a massive fulfillment centre in Te Rapa I think, things will improve on their end.

  • Cancelled, but I ordered one pair again.

  • Canceled like 15 pairs all different, don’t even try

  • +1

    This is fake black Friday sale! All my orders have been cancelled it is totally waste time. Shame on them!

  • +4

    Please make a complaint here

    this guys need hold accountable for this behaviour

    • +2

      Yeah I did this earlier today.
      Had they cancelled and then removed the items from their website or listed them as OOS, fair enough, but they kept advertising the products for sale at that stage, and cancelled my purchase three times due to “no stock”.

      If you have no stock, stop advertising and selling it….

      • +2

        I've filled out the complaint form too with screenshots

  • +1

    Did the complaint.

  • Still hadn't received the apology, nor a refund, emailed and asked where the order was last week got no reply. Tried calling - phone lines were down. Sat in live chat and was told the order will be cancelled and I would be refunded. Told them that was unacceptable to hold my money for 2 weeks not refund and simply offer a 20% as an apology. Showed them the stock online was showing as available and she said they weren't?

    Honestly haven't been more annoyed with a shopping experience in a long time. Any traction from Comcom complaints? Any other legal options i.e. disputes tribunal?

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