50 Flybuys Points off a 250+ Point Purchase @ Flybuys


After filling out a survey and not winning the prize draw, flybuys sent out this coupon code.
@bigcheese confirmed that they received the same code - post here

Perhaps pick up the HD chromecast at https://www.cheapies.nz/node/37580
Save 110 pts
Coupon gives extra 50 pts off
Works out to be 280 pts

It also seems to be reusable on the same account as per Jamesdeal - post here

Get 50 Points off your total purchase amount from the Flybuys Store when you apply the promo code FBX3VP8 to your shopping cart by 26 December 2022 (inclusive) ("Offer"). Minimum spend of 250 Points required. Offer applies to regularly priced and sale items but excludes Gift Cards and Points Conversions (BNZ Kiwisaver and New World Point Swap)

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    thank you

  • +1

    Awesome deal! Off to pick up my HD Chromecast - thanks!!

  • What are people getting with this?I have a load of pointz I've been sitting on

    • No idea.. all mine go to petrol discounts

      • Yeah same nowdays

      • +1

        Can you convert existing Flybuys to fuel discount? I ended up converting 280 of the 300 points I got from the last Disney+ deal to $50 worth of New World credit because I couldn't see any way to convert existing points to fuel savings.

        • +2

          Nah you cant convert after the fact. Have to set it up before hand

  • Looks like it isn't working anymore

    • Still working fine for me
      Discount (Take 50pts off thanks to Flybuys Viewpoints) -50 pts
      Total amount payable 989 pts
      Cash total $0.00
      Points total 989 pts

      What are u trying to buy?

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