Black Friday Sales

Anybody Know What Stores Will Be Having Black Friday Sales This Year
Any Good Sales?

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals.


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    Pretty sure there aren't any sales this year, no more deals for no one

    • look like this years black Friday is not great

      other times like a day or two before black Friday people would post catalogs from some stores showing deals that would be coming up
      but not seen any this year

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    It feels like most of the stores showed their hands early this year and left nothing for Friday. Here's hoping at least a few stores have some good doorbuster deals for tomorrow, then again, if they don't there's always Xmas sales, then Boxing Day sales, then New Years sales, then Waitangi sales, Valentines Day sales, Easter sales….. they never f'ing end do they?

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      Does feel kinda flat this year for BF sales - no Sony XM5s heavily reduced. Last year I remember staying up to midnight to get the Adidas BF sales I already loaded into cart (not this year).

  • They probably cleared their stock out early so they could replace it with international Black Friday deals.

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    Definitely agree it's been somewhat weird and unimpressive this year. Like the $519 Switch OLED that was randomly listed for a few hours earlier in the week at Noel Leeming, regretting not grabbing it as price hasn't budged today at all.

    • It happens, I was going to grab a couple of memory foam pillows from Briscoes that were on sale last week but thought I'd wait for Black Friday, and now they're on special at 60% off for their Black Friday sale and more expensive than they were last weekend.

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    Have been waiting for a while for a good deal on lawn mowers and chainsaws. Why they are all focus on impact/screw drivers, I never understand. Oh look - they have deals that give you batteries! With the purchase of full kit with batteries! How many batteries do you need? When you finally found a 'discount' - then you compare with prices from US, UK and AUS… and cringy face… yep… better import from out of NZ, hell all with the warranty.

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      "Why they are all focus on impact/screw drivers, I never understand. Oh look - they have deals that give you batteries!"

      In terms of power tools, the deep discounting is set up to bring new people into a particular battery ecosystem.

      I.E. dewalt's $298 drill, driver, 5ah battery, charger kit. Given they list the same battery for $204, is is no secret that they are running low or negative margins on that kit. So the play is to get people into the ecosystem, and make a profit from subsequent purchases. For example, the cheapest Dewalt recip saw bare is more expensive that that entire kit.

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        Thanks for the explanations but unless not obvious, i dropped /s.

  • Tried price matching an item with Noel Leeming and customer rep said that Noel Leeming doesn't price match Black Friday deals. I'm pretty sure this wasn't the case last year. Probably a good thing. Might as well save up for travel instead.

    • TWH said the same for their Lego 20% sales - would not match others (and I tried several times). what were you after?

      • It was one of the Philips Sonicare electric toothbrushes.

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    Cyber Monday here we come!

    To use a fireworks analogy for those of us old enough to remember Poha's, I have a feeling Cyber Monday might be a fizzer this year.

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      Given that the Market had 11% off for Singles Day and 10% for BF, does that mean 9% off for Cyber? ;)

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