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Garden Time 40L Vegetable Mix $7.98 @ Bunnings


This is usually $14.98

Bunnings are likely beating Mitre10's $8 deal on 30L of veggie mix

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    Good spotting. Picked up three bags of Tui Performance Naturals Vegetable Mix 30L yesterday. Should last me a while.

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    Do you know whe the deal expires? Cant find it on thwir page.. ive jaust put in 2 veg gardens abd have 2 more to fill… itanot cheap, hopefully i get plenty of veg to make up for it 🤣

    • Find a landscaping store and buy scoops of garden soil/compost.

      Way too expensive buying bags to fill garden beds.

      • Be careful buying like this. You'll want to check for organic matter. Ozzie bloke on YouTube, I think called self sustainable me did a video on this.

  • How long can they last?

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