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HP Pavilion X360 11.6" 2-in-1 Windows Laptop (4GB, 128GB) $585 Delivered @ Dick Smith (Kogan)


Same model selling for $690 at PB Tech. Plus you get free delivery.
Great proper windows laptop for school.

Good stuff:

  • New (you can get better specs for as much if you go ex lease)
  • HP (may be a personal thing going back to my corporate days)
  • 11.6" flip laptop (compact works well for school)
  • IPS touch screen
  • Memory upgradeable to 8Gb (at least my quick research suggests that it is)
  • proper SSD, not eMMC storage
  • windows, not Chromebook
  • price with free delivery

Not so good:

  • DSE/Kogan
  • only 4Gb ram and 128Gb SSD (both upgradeable though)
  • HD resolution (not a massive problem for 11.6")
  • 220 nits only
  • Pentium Silver duh

I have an older x360 which I too bought from DSE for my then 13yo for about as much. Still going strong 4 years later despite multiple accidents. Touch screen is brilliant for art and means you can get by without the mouse. Was running slow with only 4gb of ram but I stuck another 4 in and as new now.

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Dick Smith / Kogan
Dick Smith / Kogan

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    I think you'd have to be some kind of masochist to run Windows on a CPU that was low-end in 2019.

    You're right that ex-lease gives far better value. This one would be a good alternative:

  • Think it'll be ok for school work.
    Somewhat faster than AMD 3020e which runs everything school related just fine including Minecraft. From first hand experience.

    I had overall negative experience with used laptops. Anything from mouse pads, screens, keyboards, charging all developing problems within a couple of years. In contrast no problems with servers or desktops sff and full size.

    • Yes,you have no idea how much coffee and softdrink,etc has been poured down the keyboard .

  • +3

    Jesus they're still putting Goldmont in new machines?

    Goldmont is Atom from four generations ago and it's deathly slow in this modern age, the first Goldmont chips were made in 2016.

    It's an architecture older than gen 7 core. It's no different to paying full price for a new computer with a Gen 7 i3/i5/i7, as the low price is basically where the processor is tiered, and not due to it using an incredibly old processor.

    I wouldn't wish that on anyone. If it were like $200 it would be passable.

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    Again, not sure why you guys are so fixated on CPU. I may be showing my age but I stopped caring about CPU some 10 years ago. Even with my gaming PC builds I was quite happy with low end i3. I eventually upgraded to 6 core i5 but made no noticeable difference.

    Point being it is all about use case. The link above is a good deal and I would seriously consider getting one.
    Still prefer mine for reasons of smaller size, IPS and touch screen.

    • For the use case you outlined, that processor is garbage.

      The lowest end i3 of the current generation (12th) gets a Passmark score that is almost 3x the single threaded performance, and more than 4x the multi-threaded performance of that chip. Imagine the low-end i3 you bought 10 years ago took 4x longer to do anything.


      The processor governs everything including website load times, application load times, application task processing and whether you can perform a second action while updates are running, or whether your computer is a paperweight while Windows 11 is updating (which is always).

      If you want to run multiple tabs, and they have ads, then other site tabs can stop you from working.

      And countless other processing that the CPU does in the background which becomes the foreground.

      Atoms and their derivatives are only good for content consumption (watching movies/TV shows) and not any sort of work.

      Not to mention the modern web is now APIs for everything, so all of the site actions are now offloaded to the client rather than being processed on the server. So they aren't realistically any good for just web browsing these days.

      Buying that to avoid, say, a used EliteBook G4 is trading a rare but possible problem (general used laptop issues) with a guaranteed problem (a slow as (profanity) computer)

  • +1

    I would also suggest looking at Amazon and the recertified laptops(returned/repaired goods), most power bricks should support 240v too requiring a new power cable only. Best to confirm before purchase.

    ie if you must have this style of laptop then for $140 more you can get:

    HP EliteBook x360 1030 G2 Notebook 2-in-1 Convertible Laptop PC - 7th Gen Intel i5, 8GB RAM, 512GB SSD, 13.3 inch Full HD (1920x1080) Touchscreen, Win10 Pro | Thunderbolt (Renewed)

    Intel 7th Gen Core i5-7300U Kaby Lake Processor (2.6 GHz, up to 3.5 GHz, 3MB cache) + Intel HD Graphics 620
    13.3" diagonal FHD (1920x1080) BrightView LED UWVA ultraslim Touchscreen with Corning Gorilla Glass, Premium Collaboration Keyboard - Spill-resistant backlit keyboard with drain and DuraKeys, Weight: 2.82 lbs, Thickness: 0.59 inch
    8GB RAM, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.2 Combo and Near Field Communication (NFC), Touch Fingerprint Sensor for fingerprint authentication with Windows Hello
    512GB Solid State Drive (SSD), 1 USB Type-C with Thunderbolt; 2 USB 3.1 (1 charging); 1 HDMI 1.4; 1 external micro SIM; 1 AC power connector; 1 headphone/microphone combo
    Windows 10 Professional 64

    People here will still moan the CPU is 4-5 years old etc but it's premium specs at that pricepoint and it will still be running great after a few years.

  • not really that good of a deal ive seen better laptops new for not much more with better specs

  • here is another deal, ram is fixed at 8gb, will have to contact pb tech for more info.

  • Now $585

  • Oh my . Should have waited :)

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