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Bonus Apple Store Gift Card ($45 - $450) with Purchase of Selected Apple Products @ Apple NZ


For a limited time, get an Apple Store Gift Card to use on a later purchase when you buy an eligible iPhone, Apple Watch, Mac, AirPods and more.* Mark your calendar — our special shopping event kicks off 25 November.

Full T&C’s

Product Category Eligible Products Apple Gift Card
iPhone iPhone 13 $90
iPhone 13 mini $90
iPhone SE $90
iPhone 12 $90
iPad iPad mini $90
iPad Air $90
iPad iPad (9th generation) $50
Mac M1 MacBook Pro 14″ $450
M1 MacBook Pro 16″ $450
Mac M2 MacBook Pro 13″ $360
Mac M1 MacBook Air $270
M2 MacBook Air $270
iMac 24″ $270
Mac Mac mini $180
Apple Watch Apple Watch SE $90
AirPods AirPods (2nd generation) $45
AirPods (3rd generation) with Lightning case $45
AirPods AirPods Pro (2nd generation) $90
AirPods AirPods Max $135
Beats Accessories Studio3 Wireless $90
Solo3 Wireless $90
Powerbeats Pro $90
Fit Pro $90
Studio Buds $90
Beats Accessories Flex $45
Accessories  MagSafe Duo Charger $45
Apple Pencil (2nd generation) $45
Smart Folio Keyboard $45
Accessories  Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro $90

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  • I posted this on Geekzone too. Some of the conversation that may occur over there might be useful

    And don't forget CashRewards cashback

    Last year's discussion

  • Will this apply for purchases from Apple education store?

    • +1

      Here's the TLDR;
      Resellers, public entities, government entities, nonprofit organisations, educational institutions, education purchasers, enterprise purchasers and business purchasers do not qualify, and Apple reserves the right to cancel purchases made by such purchasers.

      • I am a student. Will that mean i am falling under "Education purchaser"?

    • +1

      If you purchase the item from the education store, it will not be eligible for the promotion.
      So when you add the items to your education cart, no promotional gift cards should appear.
      If you purchase the items from the normal store, you will be eligible for the promotion so they should immediately appear in your cart.
      Once you have obtained the promotion items (once the gift cards are issued by Apple to electronically) they can be used to purchase items from any of the stores - normal, refurb, education etc.

  • +1

    Eligible Products and Promotion Products are subject to availability. For each Eligible Product Category, only two (2) Promotion Products per purchaser may be obtained during this promotion. You must be an individual end-user purchaser to obtain this promotional offer.

    This offer also cannot be combined with the Apple Employee Purchase Plan, or education or business loyalty pricing.

  • Does anyone know if the gift cards can be used by others? Or is it linked to the Apple ID / Apple Store account of the purchaser?

    • +1

      They can be used by others, just forward them the email with the code. Also worth noting: you can combine multiple gift cards + credit card to pay for an item.

      • You can use up to 8 Apple Store Gift Cards

  • Will you get gift card immediately after purchase? I want to buy second item and use the gift card from the first purchase.

    • In my experience, if you've shopped with Apple online before, the Gift card is issued within 24-36 hours. Normally within the promotional window. I did what you're trying to do last year, and it worked fine. You'll need to try your luck though as they may have changed it this year.

  • Can you use gift card for purchase on apple education store?

    • +1

      Absolutely. Parents & Grandparents get Apple gift cards for their grand/kids/teens all the time.

  • My family have asked me to look for the best deal for an iPad (no need for the flashiest one as it’s for my nan) and a MacBook for my aunt. Do we think this is a better deal than tech store offers for Black Friday?

  • Do I get multiple gift cards if I get multiple eligible products? I wonder…

    • If you add two eligible products to your cart, you will see two gift cards.

  • +1

    Refurbished products not included either.

  • The AirPods Pro 2nd gen deal is awesome!

  • +1

    There are some amazing deals in the Apple Refurb store which work out better than the Gift Card promo.

    I just ordered a 14" MBP which was $900 cheaper than buying the same config brand new, but obviously no gift card.

  • +2

    You are eligible for gift card if you have purchased recently. I purchased iphone13 on 12/11/22 and got myself $90 apple gift voucher. Customer care said you will receive gift voucher email within 7 days😊

    • Wow that’s awesome. Did you have to ring them? Either way, excellent customer service from Apple!

      • Yup i had to ring. Chat feature is not available in nz

  • Does anyone know when the gift card expires?

  • If anyone ever needs the Apple Lightning to 3.5mm Audio Cable (1.2m), it's $20 with CSC / Noel Leeming

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