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SCA Tool Cabinet & Chest Combo 22" $199.99 (60% off, RRP$539) @ Supercheap Auto (+ Club Members $5 Credit with $100 Spend)


Product Info

Are you looking for a complete tool chest and cabinet combo to help organise your garage space? SCA Tool Cabinet Combos come in two sizes, 22 inch and 34 inch to fit a wide range of applications. Featuring a hinged lids with gas struts, smooth ball bearing roller drawers and a bulk storage cabinet in the base theres enough room to house a wide range of tools and accessories.

All sitting atop swivel castors these combos boast easy manoeuvrability even when full. Finished with a gloss blue powder coat and chrome coated fixtures, these tool boxes are protected from scratches and corrosion present in daily wear in tear around the workshop.

Cheapies link for bonus credit: https://www.cheapies.nz/node/35932

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  • Does anyone know if the top 'chest' comes away from the bottom 'cabinet'?

    It looks like it might, as there appear to be handles on the side of the 'chest', but none of the photos show them separated, and you'd think if that was a feature, they would show and / or state that explicitly …

    • One of the reviews said on delivery the tool chest is packed inside the base unit and from the photos it looks like there's a rubber mat on the top that the chest sits on, but as you say there's nothing that explicitly states it's separate…

      • Well spotted!

        I guess that still could mean that you fix it (permanently) when you first assemble. I guess that would mean you could choose not to, but then it could impact on the structural integrity of the whole thing if you don't.

        • +2

          I have a similar SCA brand one, and the top chest does indeed just sit on top of the bottom cabinet. I would imagine this to be the same.

        • Can't imagine something sitting on the top would be structural at all but who knows :D Sometimes the lid is linked into some sort of locking mechanism

          • @SloBurn: Makes sense - thanks :-)

            • @Alan6984: I bought one on the weekend, yes it just sits on top of the main cabinet.

              Good tool cabinet!

  • +1

    Been eyeing one of these for a while. Just bought two.

    "Choice Cheapies: helping inflationary spending since ages ago"

    • +1

      Two? Now you're just showing off regarding the size of your tool kit!

      • +1

        Mum always told me that size doesn't matter. But Dad always told me that he who dies with the most toys wins. 🤔

  • How about the comparison with the tradetested one? (using BLACKFRIDAY coupon the price dropped to $206.1 + shipping)


    • That one is explicitly a 'two piece unit' - might be a safer bet for a $16 or so difference.

    • +2

      30 K as opposed to 50 kg for S C might be a better indication of value

      • More metal in the SCA = Better quality?

        • Thicker gauge steel?
          I've had cheap toolchests gifted to me which I had to return because the metal was so thin it bowed and twisted opening a draw even when empty.
          It was also very loosy goosy in the draw runners.

  • Thanks!

  • +1

    Judging by the 2 carry handles on the side of the top tool chest I would say this is removable.

    • Yes - as I posted above, but odd that the photos don't show it separately too.

  • At this price couldn't resist as always wanted one.

  • Hmm. $89 shipping to Queenstown is a little bit ouch.

  • I still remember scoring a two drawer tool chest for $35 from the warehouse. This was in 2020 pandemic era. Its about half in height of the one listed here, so basically the bottom half. But it's quite sturdy and I like it.

    I would've grabbed this one but the garage has limited space now, what with the car and the home gym all in there.

  • +1

    Confirming that the top tool chest is seperate to the bottom tool cabinet, and just sits on top.
    The quality of this tool cabinet has exceeded my expectations! Very happy. Thanks @SloBurn for posting!

    • Excellent :D

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