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[Chch] $20 off Initial ACC/Private Appointments (Book Online or via Phone) @ Elite Physio


From their email newsletter:

As a thank you to our valued customers, if you, a family member or friend need to book an appointment in the future, please used the code BONUS when booking online or via phone 03-348-9036 for $20 off your initial appointment. This can only be used for Initial ACC or Private appointments.

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  • Any idea as to how much an appointment costs?

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      A bit confusing, but on their website:

      "ACC Initial Consultation 45 minutes $45 Surcharge and Follow up appointments 30 minutes $40 Surcharge…Private Initial Consultation 45 minutes $105"

      — So a $45 a Initial Consult would seem really cheap (specially extra $20 off), so assuming that Surcharge value is on top of the $105 private initial ?

      • That $45 is the ACC covered price, ACC pay the rest. If you state you are making an ACC claim then you will have to sign something saying that if they don't agree to cover it you'll need to make up the difference.

        So you'll pay $45 - discount initially and then the $50 balance if it's not covered, or $105 - discount without ACC coverage.

        $40 - $50 is pretty common for ACC covered initials from what I've seen.

        • So not a deal then?

          • @L3tstaxth1s: Depends on whether it's covered by ACC or not as to how good of a deal it is, but I'd certainly jump (Well, maybe, depending on the injury) at something like this if it was in the same city. Getting an opinion on an injury for $25? Couldn't complain about that these days.

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