This was posted 1 year 3 months 10 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Get $20 Credit for $10 @ Onceit


Limited to 1 per person.

Buy one of these vouchers for only $10 and we will email you a unique voucher code for $20 that you can add to your Onceit account.


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$20 credit for the referrer when referee makes a $60+ purchase.

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  • Any good deals at Onceit, maybe Black Friday?

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      There are some decent deals on Under Armour and Puma shoes

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    Thanks Wakrak. This is the last time I purchase this deal… At least until the next time.

  • Wow managed to snag this just now. Thought it would have been sold out. Thanks Wakrak

  • If you claimed this deal last time around do you reckon you can claim it again?

    • +1

      If you're referring to the following

      then yes, you can claim it again.

      • Yup that’s the one. Sweet, cheers for clarifying.

    • I have been able to - its loaded as a product to add to cart, each time this deals come up its been a different 'product'.

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    I need 7 of these so I can buy a Blunt umbrella at effectively half price. This is my 5th voucher.

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      Surely two more will pop-up before Christmas + might get lucky; Flybuys might put out another discount code for Onceit.

      • I have a voucher bought in August that is due to expire in a few days. Is that true that if I load it to my cart I'll have another 3 months to use it?

        • @bigcheese you might know the answer?

          • @Wakrak: I’m not sure.
            It used to be the case that you could hold the voucher codes until you were ready to use them and only start the clock ticking when you added the code to your account.
            Might be worth adding the voucher to the account to make sure it can still be used.

            I still have unused credit but it’s all on my account now with between 2-3 months until expiry, so I need to buy something soon.

        • I bought one at the same time. I tried loading it yesterday and got a message saying it had been used or expired, but when I checked the 'your credit' section it showed with 3 months until expirey. So 3 months from when its activated.

          So now I know, but the race against the clock has started

    • Will you stop at just the 7? I find I just keep buying them. Except for that one time they put the price up haha

      • I’ve finally stopped.
        Still got heaps of credit that I haven’t used so think it’s time I use it up first.

        • I ended up buying Beanz indoor/outdoor bean bag (also sold by Mitre 10). See how it goes.

          • @Wakrak: Perfect for lounging about while posting another great deal at 2am.

            • @bigcheese: I had to wait 😪. Reached my two deals an hour limit and then stumbled across that gift card.

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      Extra 10% off with code SAVENOW

      • Does Onceit usually have BF sale?

      • +1

        Thanks. I ended buying a Blunt metro umbrella. $119 less 10% plus $2 shipping=$109.1. I have 5 vouchers worth $100 which I have bought over the last 6 months. So I effectively paid $59.1 for the umbrella. I already have a classic one which is still like new after 7 years, while other umbrellas have gone to the bin. I get a metro this time so it can fit in the backpack for everyday commuting and traveling. (I don't have enough credit to buy another classic.)

  • Wonder if you can use the $20 credit to get two of the $20 for $10 credit. Infinite money glitch.

    • 1 per account. If you've already bought one this morning, try adding another to your cart. It won't work. And I doubt that you could buy credit vouchers with credit vouchers.

      • You’re right - you can’t buy credit with credit.

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